Poor Michael Vick Has to Answer for Dumb Brother

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 9.00.31 AMHe said what?

I actually feel bad for Vick here. I’ve been critical of him – both on the field and off – partly because he isn’t a very good quarterback, partly because his image is meticulously crafted, and partly because the V7 movement annoys me. But, Vick hasn’t had any major missteps, and he deserves credit for that. 

What he doesn’t need is his criminal brother, Marcus, spewing nonsense – about the elder Vick, the Eagles’ offensive line, concussions, and more – in a public forum. Vick’s younger brother may be one of the stupidest motherfuckers alive, and that’s exactly the thought that I imagine was running through QB 7’s head when he had to answer this question from Les Bowen after the game:

On Twitter, your brother was asking the Eagles to trade you, saying that “we want out of Philadelphia.” Is that the case? 

Poor Michael. His response: 

“You’re saying he tweeted that during the game? Sorry, I was unaware of that. That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here. You know, we out there fighting at hard as we can, giving it everything we got. That’s certainly not the case, not the case here. I love each and every guy in that locker room. And, if I could make every play right, I would. I know they would do the same. So, that’s certainly not the case.”


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  1. He was unaware of that and I can play the harpsichord with my penis. Bad QB and bad acting = great combo.

  2. There is no reason in the world to feel bad for the Michael Vick who has as much guarenteed money as he does. Go for the jugular media.

  3. When will Lurie backtrack and say 8-8 or even worse is still good enough for Andy to keep his job?

  4. They should replace Vick with a crash test dummy. Think of the lives that could be saved with that research.

  5. The look on his face is classic.
    “Muh brutha don’t know how to make words ‘n shit y’all lyin..”

  6. I’m no fan of Mike Vick, and that was BEFORE his foray into criminal behavior that got him thrown in the big house, yeah, in this instance, I do feel sorry for the guy. I mean, he spent most of last night getting pounded into paste, then, after yet another demoralizing Eagles loss, he has to answer questions about his dumbass brother who shouldn’t be allowed to own an Etch-A-Sketch, never mind a Twitter account where he posted nonsense all night long. A seriously bad night for Mike.

  7. It’s sad that Twitter exists and even more sad that some people wouldn’t have anything to do all day long without it.
    The first question of a post-game press conference from a respectable media member dealt with Marcus Vick, who’s not even affiliated with the Eagles, and his Twitter account. Then the next day, the radio shows, tv shows, blogs, newpaper articles swallow it up. Pathetic. Thanks for sparing us your repetitive drivel on the state of the Eagles and Andy Reid, and for doing what you do best: BREAKING DOWN TWEETS.

  8. Yeah Will because we all need to be updated on the obvious fact that the Eagles suck cock right now

  9. Marcus Vick
    Court Vick
    Eat dat Pussy
    Kyle what’s with the non-stop ignint homey postings???

  10. Oh he’s pissed…that exhale and and repositioning in his body language indicates that his stupid brotha is gonna get a stern talking to.

  11. naaah, matt, nah, I don’t need that update, that’s why I thanked CB for sparing us. But sports blogs should focus on actual stories and not brothers, sisters, cousins, and pets of sports figures and their respective twitter accounts, just sayin.

  12. I wonder if his brother was chained and electrocuted for those comments, but in all fairness I feel bad for Vick too. His history is a target, his family doesn’t help, his offensive line doesn’t help, and on top of that he’s not that good anymore.

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