Report: Phillies are “OK” with Josh Hamilton’s Salary Demands

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Here we go. Coming off a report from last week that the Phils kicked Josh Hamilton’s tire, Buster Olney tweets the following:


It’s always an issue of finding the perfect size and length, she said.

Reports say Hamilton is looking for a deal somewhere in the seven-year, $175 million range (aren’t we all?). At 31, that would lock him up until he’s – math man! – 38. That’s old. So, the question: Is 38 too old for a guy who used to stick needles in his arm at an alarming rate? 

On one hand, Hamilton, thanks to his drug problems, didn’t play baseball from 2003-2005, and started his Major League career in 2007, at 26. That means he has fewer baseball miles on his body than a guy who slugged around the minors or played in the bigs during his mid-20s. 

On the other hand… he was drinking and doing drugs those years. So, his body may be worse off than others his age. 

And that’s the issue– it’s not about money anymore. The Phillies have silly amounts of it and they’re about to get a massive local TV contract in 2015. They can afford another $25 million-per-year deal. But do they want to lock up another over 30 player, albeit a superstar? I says no. Hamilton is too risky. As we’re seeing with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, and Alex Rodriguez, baseball isn’t kind to guys once they start approaching their mid and late-30s. Literally the last thing the Phillies need is another aging star with a massive contract. And they certainly don’t need one who is a legitimate relapse risk, something Hamilton has done twice since recovering from his substance abuse problems.

Olney also mentioned that the Phillies are talking with Cody Ross, who can go fuck himself.


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  1. drug miles are much more damaging than sports miles
    Philly doesn’t need another multi-millionaire LOSER in town

  2. I would sign this drug addict fake Jesse freak in a second. Be good thing for this blog also

  3. You are fucking nuts. He’s one of the best hitters in the league. This team NEEDS A FUCKING HITTER! I don’t give a shit if he’s lefthanded, if he’s fucking on a corner smacking it up every offseason. I’ll take .310/40/120 for the next 3 years.

  4. I’d take him for 5 years. I don’t see who would offer him longer than that.
    And yeah, fuck Cody Ross. Dude is overrated as hell.

  5. I dont think Phillies phans hate many players more than Cody Ross. Fuck him.
    And no more than 3 years for the coke addict.
    But put a clause in the contract for unlimited hookers and blow.

  6. I also think what he has been through is a testament to his character and intestinal fortitude. Yes, he has put some drug miles on his body, and he put himself through a lot during his drug binge. But he has come back from it, and he has been on the right path since. Philadelphia is actually the place where he made the mental turn around, at a late night Wendys in Center City.. talking to a trusted friend… he talks about this in his book. I say go for it.. while we do have a shitload of aging stars, I still think theres a small window of opportunity the Phils have if they can get some offense to go along with this starting pitching, which I still expect to be good. I say its worth it to have Hamilton when he’s 36, 37, 38… if it can get us one or two championships in the next year or so. While he may be old and subpar by then, (which is still a maybe, he may be still worth the money then) the Phillies will still be adjusting their team and making changes around him, as some of those other older stars get phased out. Cmon, imagine what a guy like Hamilton will be able to add to that line up.. and imagine how much that could help guys like Utley and Howard in the line up….. lets pull the trigger! Take a chance!

  7. I’m totally with Heather – Josh is a hottie! Maybe he’ll take some more photos shirtless in an Olde City dive – ever since we got rid of Hunter and Werth – the gay male population of Philly is hurting!
    I mean, who wants to look at Ruiz, J-Roll, or Mayberry? (Wait, that kinda sounded racist)

  8. Kyle that last sentence of this article is quite possibly the greatest sentence ever written on this site. Fuck that guy seriously. And fuck hamilton on top of that i want nothing to do with him. BJ Upton is the guy. If not then we just find a way to survive with Schierholz, Ruf (stud), and Brown. Theyd be better off rebuilding rather than retooling anyway. The win now attitude needs to go. They need to face facts (like in the mid 00’s that they just need to get younger and groom their farm system and trade for prospects. Rollins, Utley, Howard, and one of Halladay or Lee should all be shipped out for stud prospects. We grew rollins, burrell, utley, howard, chooch, hamels, madson, myers, and to a lesser extent werth and victorino. Those players won us a championship. We need to get back to that. Grow the team from inside out and then add a few key pieces that you need in the short term.

  9. any of you people that are saying you dont want him … obviously know nothing about baseball. Not surprising
    And someone wants BJ Upton … dear lord, shoot yourself
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  10. Can imagine all the cock blocking his fat ugly wife will be doing to all the phillies when shes up his ass to go home after the game

  11. To bad Tammy Reid won’t be around next year. Her n josh can swamp OD stories over a bottle of wine

  12. 5 year deal for hamilton gets it done if he wants to be here with an option for 6
    and everyone should fuckin love all of that

  13. Imagine how fired up the phils players would be if they clinch a postseason birth & they have to celebrate by spraying mountin dew. Lol

  14. It’s not my $$$, why the fuck would I care if they overpay for a star player. Fucking do it rube & let’s take back the division from the nats.
    Who gives a fuck if he falls off the wagon once or twice

  15. Cody Ross helped the Giants win the World Series. What did Josh Hamilton help the Rangers win? Short answer—-nothing! Sorry, but he’s too big of a risk for the Phillies to take.

  16. Because I run a website for a living and I can’t think of one other medium that allows readers or consumers to publicly criticize their advertisers, and I’m certainly not going to be the first. If you want me to come to your place of work and rip you in front of your boss, let me know. I run a fucking business and don’t try to pretend those aren’t ads. If you don’t like something? Don’t buy it. But stop whining about.

  17. You People are NUTZ!……I would love hamilton in PHILLY, dudes a beast and he’s not a drug addict anymore u nimfucks! Phillies got the money lets fucking indulge. hottest baseball team handsdown!

  18. Get this deal done ASAP.
    Josh Hamilton would be outstanding in Philly. World Series contenders again.
    Would you really rather waste $15 million/year on Bourn or Upton??? No thanks.

  19. Plus, it would be another way to tell the Nationals to go back to the basement where they belong.

  20. I thought the problem with the Phillies is that we already have too many 30+ players locked in for long term deals with high annual salaries.

  21. Just got to say this site is F’n great! Keeps me smiling/laughing on the worst of days…
    I can see 4yr, 5th year option but nothing near 175mil. Anyone think he will really get that?

  22. Fuck both Uptons, but Hamilton could barely handle the boos in Texas. The media here is enough to send him for relapses more frequently than there unfortunately

  23. Just pay him weekly with a couple 60 bags from Evan circa 2000-2001. Problem solved.

  24. That vick vs Hamilton comparison holds water until you realize that, ya know, Josh Hamilton is ummm ,good

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