Sidney Crosby Went to the Justin Bieber Concert Last Night

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You know how I know?

The fine folks at 25 Stanley had this photo sent to them by a reader last night. It is of, duh, Sidney Crosby, apparently taken at the Justin Bieber concert at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, where Biebs was playing last night. It's perfect

Suddenly, Claude Giroux holding at gun at a Nickelback concert doesn't seem so homoerotic anymore.

Here, for Christmas:


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  1. Say what you want about Sid , He stuck around to help out with the labor talks while Danny and G added to their Hilter collection

  2. I’m surprised the Bieb’s whiney homo voice didn’t give him another concussion. It hurts the brain to hear his music

  3. hey who went to the Justin bieber concert last night beside 14K teenage girls and 2K confused teenage boys?
    Again, shouldn’t the “face of the league” be at these meetings trying to help in brokering a deal instead of concerts of a 19 year old that look like 43 year old lesbian?

  4. Ha Sid is funny. He make fun of me and Bryzy for liking telytubbies chows but he goes to beeber concert.

  5. He had to sneak Gary out of the negotiations so they could go together. Gary kept a low key, hence not being in the picture, but there’s no way in hell he would have missed seeing Biebs with his BF Sid.

  6. Crybaby – “I just like him.”
    “Well, is there any particular reason why yo…”
    Crybaby – “I just like him.”
    What a crybaby bitch cake.

  7. it just dawned on me that G should get a pass on the Nicklebrokebackback mountain thing as he is, like Nickleback Canadian, so therefore it may have just been a patritic thing.

  8. is the sister the one on his left shoulder? i’d drop a big load on that chick’s cheekbones and teeth

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