Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.17.36 AMJason Babin is famous… for being terrible at his job, pic via (@bjeter25)

Since Andy Reid’s firing is an inevitability, I’ve decided to pre-write the lede, this way I’m prepared if it happens during the season. It’s sort of like a Mad Lib, only if Mad Libs were head-shaking blog posts about the awful state of your local NFL team. Here’s what I got:

It’s over. The Eagles have fired Andy Reid, the team announced today. The final straw was the Eagles’ most recent loss, a ___-___ ass-kicking by the _____. ____ will take over as interim head coach, though the team will presumably look at other candidates for next season.

In a statement released by the team, Jeffrey Lurie said: _______________. 

This was Reid’s 14th year with the Eagles. He finishes his time here with a ___-___ record, five NFC Championship appearances and one Super Bowl appearance. He only won only one of those six games.

Time's ours.

That should do, at least initially.

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup 

– Claude Giroux injured his neck playing for the Berlin Ice Bears over the weekend, according to a, via Broad Street Hockey:

Playing in the German mayor league (DEL) is not harmless at all not even for NHL Lockoutplayers. In the yesterdays game between Eisbären Berlin (Giroux and Briere) and Krefeld Pinguine (Christian Ehrhoff) Claude Giroux got hurt and was brought to he hospital. It happened in the 2nd period of the game. His cervical spine was overstretched after he got hit by another player.

Observers are sure his head was hit but there where no penalties given. The Eisbären Berlin applied for an investigation procedure and sent the video of the scene. The German League will check the situation. After the medical examination Giroux was able to leave the hospital but he will not play in Cologne (against Kölner Haie – with Coach Uwe Krupp)  tomorrow.


The Flyers don’t believe the injury is serious. Giroux told the Daily News’ Frank Seravalli that it’s nothing serious

– On Saturday, Seravalli, writing for SportsWeek, quoted sources that said Ed Snider was extremely unhappy with Gary Bettman’s handling of negotiations. Snider strongly disagreed with the report and sent a statement to the Daily News calling the report “erroneous.” He told others it was a “fabrication.” 

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.58.03 AMAndrew Bynum's sweet gloves, pic via (@MattMcLaughlin9)

– Speaking of (accused) shoddy reporting… the Wilmington News Journal has an exclusive story today in which a doctor, who has no involvement with Andrew Bynum or his injury, said that the Sixers center could require surgery. It’s a reasonable theory, but the story’s headline, “Evidence shows Bynum likely out for season,” is a gross exaggeration. Relevant story, but completely misleading.  

A source told CBS Philly’s Spike Eskin that the Sixers are unhappy with Bnyum. Eskin pointed out that it was odd how the Sixers sent Bynum out this weekend to give updates on his knee. I agree.


– Marcus Vick, who may be in jail right now (no, really), who was supposedly going to censor himself after requesting a trade for his brother, fired this bad boy out into the ether this morning. About Reid? Probably. 

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.33.29 AM

– 97.5’s Harry Mayes chided Evan Turner on Saturday, telling him to work on his J instead of watching the Ohio State basketball game. Turner’s response?

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.40.37 AM

– Jason Babin’s appearance on the cover of the Washington Post may have helped him to a net gain in his Twitter following: 

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 8.47.43 AM

What a tone deaf, lunkhead. 

That's a sentiment with which most of you agree. Check out the responses to Babin:

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 8.48.03 AM

– LeSean McCoy has a concussion because Andy Reid is stupid and left him in during garbage time. Reid’s reasoning? “Because we were trying to catch up and win the game.”

The Eagles were losing 31-6 at the time, with under two minutes to play in the game.

– Finally, this Joe and Casey Conklin parody of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy, is perfect.

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.50.31 AM

Notice that Eagles logos are absent in the video and jerseys are turned inside out? The original video, which briefly showed up on YouTube two weeks ago, was shot outside Lincoln Financial Field with Casey in an Eagles jersey. The video was quickly removed and replaced with this sans-licensed-product version. You can probably deduce why. Must-watch video after the jump. Casey actually has an amazing voice.