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The cocktail waitress who posted her picture with Andrew Bynum went on the radio yesterday to say that she didn’t want publicity for the picture she posted with Andrew Bynum.


In a surreal conversation with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday, Rachel Recklesss (extra s), The Penthouse Club cocktail waitress who instantly grammed a photo of herself and Bynum at the strip club, railed on you, the CB reader, me, and anyone who found humor or enjoyment in seeing Bynum, who hasn't played a game yet this season, hanging out at a strip club with a cocktail waitress. 

Recklesss, who was surprised to get “that famous that quick (sic),” wanted to make it clear to the world that A) she’s not a stripper, B) she didn’t go home with Bynum and C) that the two are longtime friends.

The original post was about Bynum, not Recklesss. But still, Recklesss was upset with how she was portrayed on this here website, specifically in the comments:

Recklesss: "People were writing on Crossing Broad that I’ve got probably six kids at home, my parents are probably dead. Like, weird stuff."


And then there was this exchange:

Recklesss: "Whoever is behind that Crossing Broad website wasn’t really too interested in [the context of the photo]."

Missanelli: "That’s a salacious website. That’s what they do over there. They dig the dirt and they throw you out there."


You can listen to the audio here. And I’d highly suggest that you do.