Cocktail Waitress in Photo with Andrew Bynum Goes on Radio, Rails on CB Commenters

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The cocktail waitress who posted her picture with Andrew Bynum went on the radio yesterday to say that she didn’t want publicity for the picture she posted with Andrew Bynum.


In a surreal conversation with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday, Rachel Recklesss (extra s), The Penthouse Club cocktail waitress who instantly grammed a photo of herself and Bynum at the strip club, railed on you, the CB reader, me, and anyone who found humor or enjoyment in seeing Bynum, who hasn't played a game yet this season, hanging out at a strip club with a cocktail waitress. 

Recklesss, who was surprised to get “that famous that quick (sic),” wanted to make it clear to the world that A) she’s not a stripper, B) she didn’t go home with Bynum and C) that the two are longtime friends.

The original post was about Bynum, not Recklesss. But still, Recklesss was upset with how she was portrayed on this here website, specifically in the comments:

Recklesss: "People were writing on Crossing Broad that I’ve got probably six kids at home, my parents are probably dead. Like, weird stuff."


And then there was this exchange:

Recklesss: "Whoever is behind that Crossing Broad website wasn’t really too interested in [the context of the photo]."

Missanelli: "That’s a salacious website. That’s what they do over there. They dig the dirt and they throw you out there."


You can listen to the audio here. And I’d highly suggest that you do.

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68 Responses

  1. It does feel like Bynum’s been here for a long time at this point.
    Also, the collective CB commenter IQ is around like 48 so she might be onto something there.

  2. wait people listen to Missanelli… well shit………… i guess they will now if hes having strippers…… i mean cocktail waitresses on the show….

  3. Her “heh” short giggle she does proves she is a white trash dumb whore. you ever meet a smart respectable chick that laughs like that?

  4. I mean, Missanelli was hardly serious when he was ‘trashing’ CB. He knows that any attention is good attention- he uses that tactic himself at times. Not to mention the entire interview was a farce and condescending. He was ripping her more than CB. He did CB a favor by referring to it by name, and I think Kyle knows that. Its good all around.

  5. Just re-read her Instagram comments. She’s full of shit. She gushes over him being an NBA player, and then her friend says “that’s sick you met him” and she replies “he’s cool as shit.” Yeah, sounds like an old friend to me.

  6. 1) What did she expect? Dude’s getting paid, hasn’t played a game, and she’s bragging online about getting drunk with him. Obviously wanted the attention.
    2) Reading the original post, she owned all of you guys talking shit. Fat, creepy losers. lol
    3) The real world is aware of this blog? That’s news to me!

  7. Yeah, im sure the girl who went on the radio instead of letting the story die, who also is a shot girl at a strip club isn’t an attention whore. I mean c’mon, we all know only the classiest women work in strip clubs. Right?! Ugh. Shut up skank.

  8. this skank had 15 hashtags in one of her posts – now she’s pissed her post got picked up by a blogger…
    her fucking screen name is “recklesss” – change it to dumb cunt

  9. Everybody wins. Kyle gets an automatic increase in hits in anything stripper related, the attention-craving slore ges her 15 minutes, and somebody listened to Missanelli.

  10. This site reached its zenith with Mike Missanelli calling it “salacious”. Now all you need is Howard Eskin bashing it, and you can go out on top of the internets.

  11. she should be fired from the Penhouse for drinking on the job & driving drunk home. That club should be shutdown from all the shady sh*t that goes on in there.

  12. You know what the trouble is, Recklessss? We used to make sh*t in this country, build sh*t. Now you just put your hand in the next guy’s pocket.

  13. Pfft! The only thing less important than Bynum right now is the jock-sniffing skank hanging with him. And I hope the bitch DOES comment on this post! One more thing, honey, you ARE a stripper! Don’t deny the obvious!

  14. Although she probably did show Bynum a great time that night Rachel is right about the people posting here. Y’all are disgusting shit for brains.

  15. Crossing Broad is SALACIOUS.
    What a Oxymaroon.
    She said “kiss me where it stinks ” so I took her to Marcus Hook.

  16. She was obviously looking for attention, or else she wouldn’t have posted the picture in the first place, let alone gone on the RADIO to talk about how she got “that famous that quick.” Famous? Hardly. Now to be fair, there are a lot of morons who post comments on here. But she’s full of shit and Mike Miss did just about everything except come right out and tell her that. He has a way of being completely condescending to stupid people without them even knowing, and he does it all the time. This interview was another hilarious example of that.

  17. Why is it when a stripper/cocktail waitress get called out they suddenly want to be looked at in a higher moral standard?
    Know what you get when you plant tomatoes? ………………tomatoes.

  18. Chances are she went to school inside a trailer on the parking lot of a real school for nonretards.

  19. My daughter better not be running around with them there coloreds!!! I thought they didnt allow them kinds in my baby girl’s fine establishment.

  20. Aaron,
    My longtime friends Jamaal & Shaka say it’s because there’s always a problem with their EBT cards! We’re at the bar right now and I’m drunk so I’m going to let them try something they call a Zulu Spitroast on me! lol #blackdicks #longtime #friends #my vagina is a mulato baby oven

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