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Quite honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for video to come out.

Yesterday we told you about DeSean Jackson losing $10,000 on a rap battle between his sidekick, Jaccpot artist Retro, and Meek Mill’s entrant, 16-year-old Lil Snupe. [Mill would later give the money to a local high school.] And now, thanks to, we have video of the event, which was judged by T.I., Michael Vick, T.I.’s cousin Rashard and Trae Tha Truth.

If this doesn’t sound like a scene from a loosely constructed cable series about the off-the-field lives of fictional athletes and rappers, or the sequel to 8 Mile, I don’t know what does: Injured wide receiver pits his sidekick against local rap sensation’s protégé in “rap battle” that is judged by fallen ex-con rapper and ex-con quarterback, both of whom vote against the wide receiver’s entrant, perhaps creating a rift between quarterback and wide receiver that extends onto the field… if they ever play together again.

Sometimes, folks, truth is better than fiction. 

I watched all 30 minutes of the video, so you don't have to:

2:20DeSean Jackson tries to raise the stakes even more by offering up Retro to challenge Meek Mill directly. 

3:45T.I., wisely, squashes that potential bloodbath, saying to DeSean, “Goddamn, we know you got money, nigga!”

5:49— Battle commences with Lil Snupe off to a strong start. He takes aim at Retro’s chain, something that would be a recurring theme for the young freestyler.

11:06Round 3 begins with Lil Snupe turning in the line of the night: “Vick you cold, but you really need to get rid of this nigger (DeSean). [Inaudible] poop, just how we do, that’s why ya’ll can’t win, that’s really coming from Snoop.”

21:50— T.I. states his impartiality, declaring that he has loyalty to the game foremost, and that whoever wins, we good. [T.I. really emerges as the wise later of the group here. Encouraging to see.]

23:14— Judge Trae casts his vote for Lil Snupe.

23:35Judge Vick casts his vote for Lil Snupe, DeSean Jackson remains silent.

24:10— Rashard casts his vote for Lil Snupe, effectively making him the winner.

24:50— T.I. also casts his vote for Lil Snupe, gives Retro words of encouragement.

26:15DeSean Jackson, upset, leaves, gets chided by the crowd. T.I. turns, inquisitively, towards the door, “Is there a problem?!”

27:45— Michael Vick says he goodbyes to the group, congratulates Lil Snupe on the win.

28:35— Meek Mill and Lil Snupe pose with winnings.


Video after the jump.

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Meek Mill Artist Lil Snupe Battles DeSean Jackson Artist Retro for $10k (Video) from RICK DANGE on Vimeo.