Jason Babin Continues to Redefine the Boundaries of Idiocy

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Happy holidays, humans! Leave it to Jason Babin to pull me out of my Christmas week stupor so I can write about his latest inane comment.

Speaking with Tennessee reporters during a conference call yesterday, Babin had some not so nice things to say about the Eagles. Specifically, he said that he was surprised by the way he was treated – that the Eagles tried to change him – and called the organization “socialistic.”

Here’s a transcription via Adam Caplan on Sulia. The entertaining parts are bolded, for your reading pleasure:

"They have a different approach and a different style than I do. It’s upsetting because they knew what they were getting when they hired me. I don’t know if they were going to try and change me. My stripes are kind of already the way they are, the way I practice, aggressive, loud, the way I play the game. I don’t know, I just guess they thought they could change the way I went about my business. I feel like I got the way I got because of how I practiced and worked and lived and played. I look at it as a great opportunity for me." 


On the way the Eagles separate with players and personnel

"That was probably their approach because they don’t have amicable splits with people. You saw how dirty they did (Jim) Washburn with leaking out the false stories and the way they talked about him on the way out. It’s kind of a big socialistic system that they have. I didn’t really care. I’m only going to worry about what I can control, and that’s practicing hard, working hard and playing hard on Sunday." 


He’s talking, of course, about the stories of Washburn being “a cancer” and calling Juan Castillo “Juanita.”  

More on Washburn:

"Yeah, and that’s the surprising part. You find out the fact that they had a D-line consultant the whole time they had him. Well, if you don’t trust the guy…It’s kind of like one of those things where they say they trust you, and they want you to do certain things a certain way, but then behind the scenes, they’re monitoring it and second-guessing it. It’s unfortunate because as you guys know, (Jim) Washburn gives his heart and soul every practice and gets the most out of all of his players. But that’s life, I can’t really sit up here and whine and complain about my situation when people around the country and around the world for that matter are in a lot worse situations than myself."


See, that last part is irritating because all Babin has done this season – both before and after being traded – is whine. Further, this is the same guy who spoke at length earlier this year about how NFL players need job security and massive contracts, for their families… and egos. So that throwaway line, I really don’t have room to complain, is like trying to point out the nutritional value of a Big Mac (Well, at least it’s not heroin!), because everything that preceded it was one big whine.

His defending Washburn is not a surprise. The two are sort of a package deal… and Washburn was able to exploit the narrow-spectrumed talent Babin has and turn it into a couple Pro Bowls. 

But Babin was oh so close to something with the socialism thing. Only, he meant the complete opposite.

The decisions the Eagles make are about as anti-socialist as it comes… they are purely business decisions– capitalism. In a way, though, how they treat players, media and fans could be likened to socialism: No one player – save for maybe Brian Dawkins – has ever transcended the team under Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid. And the state, the Eagles organization, is at the heart of decisions that fly in the face of popular opinion and often come at the expense of well-liked or still-valuable players. Those are all fair and necessary critiques of what has become a hated regime. And – I think – that's what Babin meant. But that’s more capitalism contained within a socialist culture, and we wouldn’t expect a lunkhead like Jason Babin to understand that.

Back in full in the new year. Stay tuned for the Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of 2012 this week.


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  1. You shouldn’t be in a Christmas stupor. If this is your only source of income, you should’ve been updating throughout the week … or make one of your cronies do it. One new “story” – and I use that term loosely – from between Friday and Thursday morning is just pathetic. We live in a 24/7 society. If you want to continue to be relevant and a viable source for Philly sports gossip, then you need to be working 24/7 too.

  2. And by the way, I don’t care about Jason Babin. I refuse to listen to anyone with ugly arm tattoos.

  3. Guys, leave him alone. Watching an RSS feed is hard work for people…he needs his time off. Any of you ever try to work more than 2 hours at a time? It’s hard god damn work.

  4. What gets me is you won’t respond to any comments Kyle. If an athlete farts in public, you’re on it but anything about you is kept silent. Are you that much of a hypocrite or a coward? People want to know why your blog sucks lately and why you have all these ads

  5. Yo, Ron! Here’s something to chew on, maybe this site is more about sports and athletes and not about him. Just saying. I just love all the lunkheads who bitch and whine and complain like spoiled brats about how godawful this site is, yet they keep coming back time after time. It is to laugh.
    While we’re on laughable things, I kinda figured our old pal Jason Babin and his latest brain dead rumblings would bring Kyle out of hibernation. Clearly Babin has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to anything other than football, and I suspect his pigskin knowledge isn’t all that great either. Why this clown still holds a grudge against the Eagles now that he’s in the football heaven that’s Jacksonville is beyond my comprehension.
    Babin is the living example of that old saying about how it’s better to remain quiet and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Well, good ol’ Jason removed said doubt a long time ago.

  6. @ ThePhillyFlash, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz your comment is the only thing that is more boering than this day late story.

  7. If anything the Eagles are Fascists dammit!!! Why the hell do you think they employ Dave Spadaro, he’s their little Joseph Goebbels.

  8. everyone knows BABIN is just a term for a loose, hairy, gaping vagina. Babin takes Washburn in his shit-pipe.
    here’s Babin in a sentence:
    “yo that chick is fine!!!”
    “nah G, she got a Babin. i hit dat shit last weekend”

  9. Babin is a total doosh – absolve yourself.
    Make a committment – no more Babin.
    And while you’re at it – give up Bryce Harper’s cock and Jayson Werth’s sack.


  11. Whatever happened to that Drew Cohen guy and buzz on broad? Wouldnt he be able to do stuff while Kyle plays with himself?

  12. @ Master, Kyle and Drew had a bad breakup and Kyle refuses to comment on what really happened. I’m guessing that Drew quickly found out that Kyle is a whiny little bitch and ran away as fast as he could. Kyle should become a politician. He would work about the same amount of hours, get paid more and get a nice pension out of it.

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