Jeffrey Lurie Releases Statement on Garrett Reid Finding

The Eagles are in full-fledged damage control, doing everything they can to stay ahead of the story that Garrett Reid, who was serving as an unofficial strength and conditioning coach, had 19 vials of steroids and 46 syringes in his dorm room at training camp when he died. 

First, Andy Reid released a statement saying that he’s “confident [Garrett’s] decisions did not affect [the] football team,” a vague denial that Garrett was supplying members of the team with steroids.

Now Jeffrey Lurie, who acknowledged the possibility of an investigation from the NFL, via Reuben Frank:

The news today on Garrett Reid’s possession of steroids is disappointing. It’s clear the conduct in which he apparently engaged runs counter to the values and principles mandated for everyone associated with our organization. We have spoken with the league office and have pledged our full cooperation with their requests should there be any. While we remained saddened by the tragic end of a young man’s life and know how hard this must be for the entire Reid family, we are extremely confident that Garrett’s actions were unknown to those around him and did not involve our football team.

The NFL has a rigorous drug testing program for its players. It is a matter of record that none of our players has tested positive for any of the steroids mentioned in the district attorney’s report.


And this is how the Andy Reid era is going to end– under a cloud of suspicion that his dead son was supplying the team with steroids. Yeche.


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  1. If Jeff Lurie ever wants to right the Eagles ship, Andy has to go. There is just too much drama surrounding this guy. From his personnel decisions to his coaching staff to his game management to his family life… everything is detrimental to the revitalization of the Birds. Sorry Andy, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  2. @BigMikeySmallz way to stay classy you moron and truly you with that childish ignorant statement you are the epitome of a classless inbred Philadelphia sports fan.
    NYGIANTS= 4Super Bowl Wins
    Dallas Cowboys= 5Super Bowl Wins
    Washington Redskins= 3 Super Bowl Wins
    Philadelphia Eagles= Zero Super Bowl Wins(LOL)

  3. NYGiantsFan…honestly, you’re an asshole loser. All of us truely might be losers, but at least we are philly sports fans commenting on a philly sports blog. I see you commenting all the time on this blog, which makes you a fucking loser. I have NEVER visited a NY sports blog, never have, never will. See no need to.

  4. If RetardAsswipeBlowjobgiverFan is real then he is probably identical to Patton Oswalt in The Fan. “Mom! Meatloaf!”

  5. @POS NY Fan… F*ck you! I didn’t take any shots at his wife or his kids, didn’t specifically reference the issues that have been made VERY public over the past five years or so… I kept it above the line and didn’t say anything that a true Eagles fan hasn’t been thinking for the past year and a half (or longer). Where do you get off calling me a moron and what is your argument for saying that my statement is childish or ignorant? Would you prefer that I have left off the last sentence and showed no passion or outrage? It’s that lack of passion or outrage that REAL Philly fans have come to loathe… from Reid and Lurie. So, again, f*ck you!

  6. NY fan, i have seen plenty of classless and thoughtless comments on here, but there is nothing bigmike said in his original comment that is ignorant nor worthy of your condemnation. since the superbowl run of 04, reid has been a below-average coach at best, which we all know can be attributed to faults of his that he has consistently failed to address or correct. on top of that, he makes his son, a person with a lengthy criminal history and a person of questionable character, an “unofficial” member of the organization. on a side note, i highly doubt he wouldve allowed someone he doesnt know of the same background to hold such a position. because of such an association and the subsequent events of august, it will probably lead to the eagles being placed under an investigation by the NFL. hence, drama! do yourself a favor and stick to NY blogs because you clearly dont know jack shit down this way!

  7. Am I the only person who sees a connection between the lack of steroids at the beginning of the season and the lack of production from Babin and Co.? I know that they probably have more than one source for their drugs, but maybe they were afraid to juice up after the original discovery of the vials of “unidentified liquid” for fear that they would be tested. I seem to recall that when the police searched Andy’s house they said there was enough drugs in there to open a pharmacy.

  8. Well, I hope Andy already has his bags packed. Even though he was probably already going, this really seals the deal. Lurie is probably furious and is left with egg on his face after cutting this guy all kinds of slack. I am sorry for his son’s death, but I get the feeling he was not much of a father; I don’t know why.

  9. The eagles have become the laughing stock of the league and the NFL. They have proven that they are fucking stupid.

  10. So, when does Roger Goodell and his stormtroopers march in to conduct the inevitable investigation? You can’t tell me the NFL doesn’t have their eyes on this developing shitstorm now that it’s been verified Garrett had steroids, and he was involved with the team. Something tells me this crap is just going to get deeper and deeper.

  11. One of your strength and conditioning coaches had 19 vials of steroids on him yet none in his body.
    But no evidence that it was for distribution.
    I’d love to know where this D.A. sits during Eagles games.
    I’d also like to see his cancelled checks paying for those seats.

  12. Give my pal Andy one more year, he deserves it. He’s too good of a coach. Let him finish his contract out in a civilized manner.

  13. Is anybody interested in buying a slightly used and over-hyped team? My asking price can start at the low, low, low price of a “Gold Standard” billion.

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