LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin Ripped Their Teammates, Too

Michael Vick wasn’t the only one to call a majority of his teammates a bunch of underachieving sacks of shit.

LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant joined in, too.

First up, McCoy, who had this to say (and more):

“I think guys made a lot of excuses. Guys maybe weren’t playing up to par, guys weren’t focusing enough, guys making a certain amount of money, not putting out. So I think guys were looking for excuses.”


Hate it when you pay someone a lot of money and they don’t put out. McCoy seems to be referring to DeSean Jackson or Nnamdi Notgonnacoveryouass. Or perhaps both of them. Or teammates moonlighting as male escorts. I don't know, really.

Jeremy Maclin:

And Jason Avant got in on the action as well, saying there wasn’t enough character on the team

Yes, it was a disaster of an ending for the 2012 Eagles and the Andy Reid era. But at least Big Red got a game ball, and we, Philadelphia, turn the page on 2012. Happy New Year, folks. Drink a lot tonight.

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15 Responses

  1. So Maclin finally shows up towards the end of the season and starts runnin his mouth
    fuck him … dude is the biggest pussy on the WR core. Short arms tons of balls and is scared to go over the middle.
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  2. @Mark
    I disagree man … Vick is a lot of things and is a terrible QB. BUT, nobody can say he didnt try. I’ll give him that much. He’s a Piece of shit but he played tough all the time.

  3. Howie the jew will run this team even deeper into the fucking shitter…thank god this year is over, sucked asshole for Philly sports

  4. Agree with Mike above. No problem with Shady ripping teammates. He’s one of the few guys on this team who’s earned that right. Maclin’s always seemed like a good guy.

  5. Eagles would spend the whole week in one big Circle Jerk, instead of practicing football! then they got rid of pivot-man Jason Babin. Djax loves the Rusty Trombone!! king dunlop is all about the blumpkins & dipping his cock in nnamdi’s shit-locker.

  6. “Drink a lot tonight.” Nice job Kyle. As if the low life’s in this town don’t have enough of an excuse to drink their useless lives away, you openly condone excess binge drinking while this country suffers fom an epidemic alcohol crisis.
    You have really hit the bottom of the barrel.

  7. I hope to God Maclin included DJax in his insinuations & not just the free agents because that guy was absolutely INVISIBLE this year before he got hurt. It’s bad enough that that chump flat out admitted he was dogging it last year cause he didn’t like his contract but this year? After he got paid? Dude was Mr. Irrelevant.
    Re-signing his overrated Smurf ass in the offseason is one of the worst personnel moves this team has made in a while.

  8. Either djsux or maclin needs to in this off season along with Vick nnamdi all the safeties Dunlop and Watson
    Mary Ann make me a sandwich.

  9. I’m so happy Vick and these guys came out and said what needed to be said. The only thung is it should have been said in Oct. But I agree with these guys 100%. I also think allot of them were talking about Desean Jackson,DRC,and Nnandi amongest others like Babin but that waste is gone. This team has fallen from one of the best franchises out there to a laughing stock on the league. I wish more players and coaches would do this. Maybe if Andy did this more often and held players accountable to the fans and media he may still be here as a head coach. See guys like Nnamdi and Jackson know that Andy will never sell them out to the fan base or media so when they did make a mistake they figured who cares no big deal. I can’t wait till they go through this roster and give some guys walking papers.

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