Michael Vick Crushes Teammates, Again

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Michael Vick continued to tear into teammates today.

Speaking to reporters about Andy Reid’s firing and other post-mortem things, Vick ripped the Eagles for their lack of effort. Again.

Other than feeling sorry for “Coach,” with whom Vick said he had a “personal relationship,” QB 7 ripped teammates: “It’s evident (the lack of effort). I won’t continue to talk about the same things over and over again. It’s just lack of effort, I’ll say it again.”

More nuggets from Vick, via the best young Eagles beat reporter out there, Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardo975):

“We wouldn’t be in this situation if guys tried as hard as I did. This locker room never dictated that kind of effort.”

“Out of respect, you should want to come to work, want to try and be the best. To follow the leader. That’s what people need to learn.”

“I tried to take a modest approach, lead by example, and called a team meeting for guys to regroup. They didn’t listen.”

“I’m not going to tell a grown man how to conduct himself.”


Yeah, this era ended badly, as most do.

Video of a small portion of Vick's comments, from Lombardo, after the jump.


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  1. What a douche. What he said was like a selfish copout. I can still see the image of him fumbling into the endzone of the Steelers’ game.

  2. I’m completely ok with this. Too bad he didn’t call them out during the season.

  3. philly fans are a bunch of fucking losers!! fat blue-collar alcoholics whose lives are so meaningless, they have to live vicariously through professional athletes. low-life blue-collar meaningless losers. eat a dick!

  4. @Brian Flanagan aka Irish Inch, that’s a bunch of bullshit. How about Pat Gillick or Tony La Russa?

  5. “So in ending, this season is my team mates’ fault and I find it totally acceptable to call out my team on working hard when I refuse to learn how to slide. Other teams, look at how neat and edgy I am”

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