Report: Phillies Trade Vance Worley for Ben Revere

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 12.19.19 PM
And center field is filled. 

Todd Zolecki is reporting that the Phillies have acquired Ben Revere from the Twins. 

Danny Knobler is reporting that Vance Worley is in deal.

Scott Miller of CBS Sports reports that Twins get Worley and a "good" minor league pitcher. UPDATE: Trevor May.

Revere is only 24 and has played in 254 games in three seasons with the Twins. He batted .294 last season with no home runs and 32 RBIs. But, batting mostly second in the lineup and some leadoff, he stole 40 bases. He bats left and throws right, was the Twins first round pick in 2007, and is under contract until 2018 (arbitration eligible in 2014). He made the league minimum last year.

I’m not terribly familiar with Revere (like, at all), but it seems as though he has a high upside and, quite frankly, is the type of player the Phillies could use– young, inexpensive, fast.

Trading Worley and May, who was highly thought of, for Revere is a lot. But count me as someone who thought Worley peaked early, sort of like J.A. Happ. 

Last year (2011), we detailed some reasons why Worley was pitching well over his head– his stuff, location and consistency weren’t parallel to his success. That became all the more apparent after an injury-plagued second season. The Phillies are selling high on Worley, and that’s a good thing. 

Also like Happ, Worley was working out at Citizens Bank Park when Amaro told him about the trade, Worley told Jim Bowden on XM. Ouch. That seems to be a thing for the Phillies– shooting their starting pitchers while they jog around the warning track at CBP.

This post also appears in our Winter Meetings Running Commentary.

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69 Responses

  1. This is a great deal. Nice work Rube. Kid is 24 and hit nearly .300 last year with a .600+ OBP and 150 hits. All stats have been trending up for him over the past three years.
    Huge pickup.

  2. hit .294 with 40 steals last year and only 54 Ks. Not overly excited about this, but if he can cover a shit ton of ground in Center and get on base I’m ok with it.
    Also is VERY cheap and under club control until 2018. So it leaves a lot of $ on the table. Wouln’t put it past RAJ to go out and get Hamilton to put in RF.
    If they can still get you are looking at something like this.
    With Frandeson, Glavis, Kratz, Mayberry and Brown on the bench.
    Lots of platoon options and places to rest guys here and there. I like it, make it happen Rube.

  3. people complaining this are morons.
    we get a 24 field CF who’s trending up and hit .300 last season for a struggling Vance Worley.
    get over the glasses.

  4. most interesting is that he is a top of the order guy. very cheap. young will be paid only about 8 million by phils, leave 25-30 under the tax threshold that the phils have to spend. Counld be Hamilton or quite truly anyone left out there except Bourne. Good day but we have room for MORE

  5. I love this. Way better than signing Bourne for too much. Revere is good defensively, and let’s be honest, we need a leadoff man who can get on base and steal – Jimmy has not been that guy.
    We just filled our CF, and if we get Young at 3B for $6M (the Rangers are picking up $10M), it’s not absurd to think that Young would just fit into the platoon with Frandsen and Galvis. Now we have money to go out and make an impact signing – i.e., Hamilton or Greinke.

  6. agreed boom! they have a young guy who can get on base and create runs with steals and speed! plus, he is a kid and still developing. so a lot of upside to this acquisition.

  7. the same people butthurt over Trevor May were also the same people sucking TOP PROSPECT Dom Brown’s cock 3 years ago.

  8. @Loki When Juan Pierre was 25, he hit 305 and had 67 steals while playing in all 162. Yeah, I would take that.

  9. 3.16, 211 IP, 207 K’s and 1.114 WHIP for Lee does not = regressing. The only statistic you can complain about him is the W’s and that’s because he got ZERO run support. Lee will be fine.
    Halladay is a concern, but he only had a down year because of injury. If he is 100% there is no reason to believe he wont be back to sub 3.00 ERA and 15+ Ws.

  10. Trade Rollins now for a bag of balls so we don’t have to listen to him cry or watch him jog to first when Charlie drops him to 6 or 7

  11. @Gray
    and then if that happens we find another Worley on the FA market, he’s replaceable.
    if it was this or paying Bourn, this all the way.
    now go get some power at LF with Willingham or fuck it pay Hamilton since we still got monies.

  12. Great work Rube. I would’ve liked to keep May, but it’s so worth it. They can go sign a 4 starter on the cheap. Vance was a good guy but let’s be real, he’ll never reproduce the season he had two years ago.
    Ben Revere is 24, had 40 steals last year, hit .300 and had a very high OBP.
    He is a REAL LEADOFF HITTER. Something they have lacked for a while.
    Welcome to Philly Ben.

  13. @ascter And tell me how that will help this team? Tell me how stolen bases directly influence a game. He’s a no power, average hitting poor man’s Bourne. Minus an arm.
    If it was for Worley straight up then yes, i’m OK with it. But the addition of a top prospect like May is overkill.

  14. @Loki
    he was a 1st round pick … he’s 24 and his numbers have gone up the last 2 years. Also, he’s coming to a more hitter friendly park and knows he’ll be playing everyday
    you can find Worley’s almost every year

  15. I’m okay with this deal which I thought was pretty darn good. Other than Revere being lefthanded, this kid has shown that he can play in the bigs, and take into consideration Revere played in Minnesota which isn’t exactly a hitter friendly park, here at the Bank, I suspect he’ll put up better numbers.
    As for Worley, he was okay, but he won’t be missed since he’ll never be anything more than a fourth or fifth starter, given his limited repetoire. Better to have Revere as he has more upside than the horribly overrated Bourn who would’ve commanded WAY more money than he’s worth.

  16. @loki
    You’re also ignoring the fact that this “Poor Mans” Bourn also cost 1/100 of what Bourn would have, leaving TONS of cash to make a another move, whether it be suring up the Pen or bringing in another bat.

  17. being a first round pick means ntohing in baseball,. Again, my problem is the trading of your top prospect. Pitching prospect that is. For who is essentially another prospect with a lower ceiling.

  18. Being a top prospect usually means as much as being a first round pick. Dom Brown was our top prospect for 3 years and boy he sure is headed to the HOF huh? Don’t act like we gave up a Strasburg when we gave up a kid who is still 2 years away from being an everyday started in the bigs, you just look stupid.

  19. And dont pretend we “filled” a need in CF with the future willie mays when we got an average player at best with limited defensive capabilities save for his speed.
    Everyone saying this is a great trade is jumping the gun as much as I am. But you all wear red tinted glasses. The kid is fast, and has hit for a good average in one year and you’re all ready to claim him as filling a need?
    You look just as stupid if not more kiddo.

  20. Juan Pierre? Juan fucking Pierre? The guy is ancient and had a noodle arm.
    This kid is 24 and is under team control until 2018. He also makes the league minimum.
    This move gives them straight play money. Assuming they sign Michael Young and only have to pay him 6 mill this year, they could sign Hamilton or Greinke.
    Fuck that Juan Pierre noise.

  21. Great move. We need people to be able to get on base and move runners over, then get them in. To the idiot that says stealing does not affect a ballgame, tell that to Davey Lopes and Shane Victorino from 2008. Hmm, a single turning into a double with no outs has no effect on a ballgame. Learn the game you Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire baseball fans. A .300 hitter with 40 steals is exactly what this lineup needed. Don’t get me wrong, I still want a right handed 5 hole hitter like Willingham, but one move at a time. It’s only December.

  22. I love that Scott Boras just screwed another client out of significant money. There is literally zero market for Michael Bourn now and he won’t get anywhere near 80 mill. Pretty funny.

  23. Loki your reading comprehension sucks. I never mentioned that I thought this was a great trade or that Revere was a Mayslike stud, I only pointed out that top prospects usually serve teams better as trade bait than they do as finished products. THANKS FOR PLAYING, JERKOFF!

  24. I guess Josh Hamilton isn’t a career .304 hitter. Yea, who needs that?
    .304/35/122 avg per season. I could give two fucks if the outs he makes are strike outs. He instantly makes this team better.

  25. I kinda like that Loki pisses people off … he has some good qualities
    In truth I like that you’re pessimistic on this trade. It’s usually my role and now I’m starting to second guess myself here…

  26. Would not be surprised if we sign Hamilton. Enough of the “but he’s a lefty” shit, who cares.

  27. Congrats on feeling that you “have a role” on a sports blog’s public message board. Other highlights of your life probably include hearing your own voice on WIP at 2am.

  28. Beez, I’m not pessimistic, I’m looking at this from all angles. I just piss off the unintelligent branch of Philly fans who worship every move like it’s great.
    Those are the same fans who don’t think Lindros was a great Flyer.
    This trade is not what people ar ehyping it to be at all. This kid is 24, great. He’s cheap, great, but does he fill a need? No! He won’t bat leadoff(Rollins won’t move from there and Charlie’s dumbass won’t move him either), hitting 2 would be his spot, but does that help the team? Not really. it’s anothe rlefty bat in an already lefty heavy lineup.
    The only way I see hitting #2 working for him is if his average(.294 as pointed out) translates to RBIs, in which case he should bat 3(best hitter goes here) to maximize potential and would help Howard see better pitches because of his speed.
    But I have no faith in Charlie to do any of this, nor do I see this kid hitting .300. I hope he proves me wrong because I want the team to win, but unlike the majority of you, I refuse to be blinded to reason.
    Thanks for playing “Thor”, which if you knew you Norse mythology, Loki helps bring the onset of Ragnarok directly leading to Thor’s death at the hands of Loki’s serpent son Jörmungandr, after he kills the serpent.
    In essence I lead to your death. Tanks for playing 🙂

    LOKI what is a poor man’s Bourn? Which Bourn? The one who peaked last season or the shit player he’s going to turn into once he loses his step and stops caring because he just got paid.
    It’s not like Bourn is 27, he’s going to decline quickly.
    Juan Pierre in his prime plus an arm is what this team needs at the top of the order.
    It cant be the only move, we need a bat that can smash, but we needed a top of the lineup type guy too.
    if we get Willingham or Hamilton on top of this, we’re cooking!

  30. I never knew any player that was ever scared of running when the ball wa sin Pierre’s hands.
    And I didn’t know you were the almighty decider on who’s right and who isn’t. This is news to me. Go back to school.

  31. Loki that was a very impressive display of ego masturbation via text, and I especially like how you took the time to wikipedia Norse mythology.

  32. Sometimes I have to stroke my ego. It feels good. And I don’t have to Wiki anything, since I spent most of my high school years studying it 🙂
    Boom, That went S, S, L, L. So it wasn’t 3 or 4 lefties in a row unless it was against a righty pitcher. 08 was a little bit of luck and timely play that year. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  33. No point arguing the effects of this one move until Rube plays all his cards this offseason. I still personally think we’ll sign the junkie.

  34. Well i’d agree if he dont bat lead off I wont be as happy.
    But regardless he’s an upgrade in the field over Mayberry and he will significantly knock down the strikeouts in the lineup.
    And I think Worley’s void can be filled easier than the CF void

  35. I do have faith. But also common sense lol. I love my Phils til the day I die. I just question this move but like I said, I hope they prove me wrong and I hope Ben proves me wrong.
    I have no problems admitting I was wrong.

  36. Just another thing, as was stated in the news post after this…our team is terrible with does this help again?

  37. Hi I’m Loki a 25yr old male with 20000 tweets, I like penis and internet memes and anything to fill the vapid hole where an enriching life should be.

  38. THanks for taking notice. I enjoy my time on the internet, even more so when kids who hide behind anonymous monikers attack me. It’s cute.

    thats why i said this cant be the only move. NEED A BAT with power to compliment this. But i still think we needed another high percentage hitter near the top. hopefully Revere can be it.

  40. Judging by the response here we were really starved for a move. This move means shit unless we get another right handed bat. No question as well that this guy should lead off and if we had any other manager there’s no doubt i’d trust that to naturally happen.

  41. To hear people tell it, the Phillies won’t win crap unless we have 30 home run, 100 RBI bashers from top to bottom. That I consider unrealistic, even foolish, yet, everyone’s screaming for Josh Hamilton who, when last I checked, was left-handed. Yeah, that would provide plenty of balance in the lineup for sure. Meanwhile, the Giants don’t pound the hell out of the ball, yet they’ve won two of the last three World Series. Strong pitching, solid defense and timely, consistent hitting, that’s how you win it all. I wish Ruben would focus on strengthening the bullpen which was a damn sieve last season instead of satisfying Uncle Charlie’s fetish for hitting.

  42. what’s the diff between a lineup with two lefties or a lineup with two righties? wouldn’t you naturally face more rightie pitchers anyway? honest question not being smartass

  43. Sources tell me….that Ryan Ludwick….a power hitting right….hander with the Cincinnati Reds….could sign with….the….phillies….now…………….this is a move….that the phillies….should be….making

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