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"He’s like a groundhog: you see his shadow, you know spring is coming." 

That’s Evan Turner demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of Groundhog Day when he spoke to WIP today about Andrew Bynum perhaps nearing a return.

Meanwhile… the Sixers announced that Bynum is in New York, undergoing previously scheduled Synvisc-One (joint lubricator) injections in his knees. 

Chris Vito from the Delco Times has more:

A Sixers spokesman said the Synvisc injections were previously scheduled with Bynum's personal physician, Dr. David Altchek, and are not to be considered a setback. 

Bynum will take the rest of the week off and will resume his basketball-related activities next week, presumably as soon as Sunday.

Monday, Sixers GM Tony DiLeo said it was possible that Bynum could participate in practice with the Sixers by Friday. That, clearly, is out of the question.


CSN’s John Finger notes that players usually get these injections when they are getting ready to go, as the lubricator functions as a pain reliever. 


But I’m skeptical.

In October, Bynum had the same injections, which were supposedly scheduled and routine and not really anything to worry about really you guys no big deal he'll be back before you know it hey have you seen our center he hasn't played at all and was spotted with Rach Recklesssss at a strip club

But they were something to worry about. 

And did you notice that last line from Vito? DiLeo said on Monday it was possible that Bynum would return to practice by Friday… but if the knee injections were previously scheduled, wouldn’t it have been known that he would be sidelined through the weekend?’s Marc Narducci says that Bynum talked about receiving injections “around the all-star break” months ago, so maybe it was the plan all along. But, I really don’t believe anything Bynum or the Sixers say about Bynum anymore.