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This post made me Wikisearch™ the career arc of Chamillionaire, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The pseudo-famous rapper, whose 2005 hit Ridinis a timeless masterpiece of Americana, took aim at Andrew Bynum in his latest single, The Ill Mind of Koopa.

The punch:

Think ya balling you Bynum, look at ya Andrew

You tried to play all ya cards, look what ya hand drew

Is it the love or the money, why you in the game fool?

You can ball but your money won’t buy you an ankle


Oh, Cha, you poet. In four lines, Mr. Millionaire took a swipe at the Sixers, Bynum’s love of the game (not the first person to say this) and his injuries (wrong body part, but I’m guessing knee cartilage didn’t fit as well). Well done, sir!

Here, take a listen: [1:00 mark]

Fun! And that’s actually not bad. But my extensive research revealed that this isn’t the first run-in Chamillionaire has had with an NBA star. From Wikipedia:

In 2009, Chamillionaire crossed paths with Michael Jordan at a party for the basketball legend after bidding over $7000 for one of his jerseys at a Reggie Bush charity auction. After seeing Jordan posing for pictures with some ladies at the party, Cham tried for his own snapshot with him. "I don't ask nobody for nothin' I never do," Cham retells in a video on his Web site. "I was just like, man, this is just that one moment. I'm gonna ask Mike for a picture." The rapper approached Jordan, who was sitting next to filmmaker Spike Lee and members of the Boston Celtics, including guard Paul Pierce. "They were just chilling and I said, 'I don't mean to be rude, but Mike, I just wanted to know if I could get a picture." Although Cham was expecting to get a "No" from him, he wasn't expecting what Jordan actually replied; "I ain't taking pictures with no niggas!" Chamillionaire thought that Jordan didn't hear him properly and explained that he just paid $7000 for one of his jerseys. Jordan responded; "You know what, I tell you what, you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I'll take a picture with you."[53]

Cham charges that he's "never been so heated" in his life. Pierce even tried to chime in. "Paul Pierce was like, 'Yo, whoa, chill out. That's Chamillionaire, man," the rapper continued. Jordan didn't budge and retorted with an "I don't give a fuck, nigga!" Chamillionaire then turned to Spike Lee, shook his hand and said "It's all good." Describing Jordan's A-list entourage upon his departure, Cham said they "all just had that look like, 'That's just how Mike is."

Chamillionaire excuses Jordan's "most rudest" behavior by reasoning that "this dude must feel a certain way inside, where he just be treating people like that." Nike and Jordan apparently tried to apologize by sending Cham jerseys and shoes. Cham says he lost respect for the legendary basketball player following the ordeal, allegedly responded to the peace-offering by saying, "No, nigga."[54]


No surprise that Michael Jordan was acting like a world-class cock, but jeez. Wonder how Bynum would react if he ever stumbled across Chamillionaire. Guessing he’d take a picture with him for a lot less than $15,000, that’s fo sho.

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