Hunting Buddies Trent Cole and Jason Babin are Making Statements on the Trade Show Circuit This Winter

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Hunting buddies, lunkheads and gun advocates Trent Cole and Jason Babin are affecting the local convention circuit this offseason.

Yeah no seriously.

First up, Cole: His stated boycotting of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, scheduled for early February in Harrisburg, for their decision to ban assault rifle sales at the event in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut was just one of many protests forcing the cancellation of the show all together, a decision that is getting some international attention:

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On Sunday, Cole tweeted this urgent announcement:

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He was supposed to sign autographs at the show as a part of a promotional effort for his Pursuit Channel TV show, Blitz TV. Cool.

But, like his hunting buddy Babin, Cole is gun nut and didn’t appreciate show organizers’ decision to ban the sale of assault rifles (those assholes!). And Cole, apparently, was one of many who took issue with that decision, leading to this statement from Reed Exhibitions, the show’s organizers:

It has become very clear to us after speaking with our customers that the event could not be held because the atmosphere of this year’s show would not be conducive to an event that is designed to provide family enjoyment.

It is unfortunate that in the current emotionally charged atmosphere this celebratory event has become overshadowed by a decision that directly affected a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits showcasing products and services for those interested in hunting and fishing.


Meanwhile, over at the Philadelphia Auto Show, Babin, who received word that he was traded to Jacksonville whilst in Cole's garage, continues to have a presence in the city. His car, a Camaro SS modified by Car Effex, is on display for all to see: 

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 2.56.12 PMvia our friends (@PhansofPhilly) and (@S_squared86)

Rumor has it the car gets off the line well, but never gets to where it’s going, spinning and gyrating randomly in-between.

This isn’t the first of Babin’s cars to make the site. Last year, his Jeep was for sale on Craigslist.


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  1. Babin…please stay the fuck out of Philly. In fact, don’t talk about us, don’t even think about us. Kyle, STOP fucking writing about babin. I don’t think about this lazy, obnoxious, aggogant, piece of rat shit until you bring his name up.

  2. Anyone who boycotts a HUNTING AND OUTDOOR SPORTS show because they don’t allow assault rifles is an idiot. Those weapons are made for soldiers to spray down dozens of enemies at a time, not for hunting. Anyone who hunts with one isn’t a true hunter and takes all the sport out of the activity. And how in the shit does a show, out of its own self interest and an attempt to be sensitive to those in Newtown, trample over a young hunter’s right to pursue their passion???

  3. Words cannot express how much I HATE Big Nose Babin.
    Hey Tim, standing up for your rights huh? Cuz you need a 30-round clip and military-grade weapons to hunt deer and defend your home from a tyrannical government? Give me a break. Get some freakin perspective.

  4. Let’s ban “assault rifles” cause of a shooting that had nothing to do with a tactical rifle at all. Sportsman’s show was always a great time, but I am glad all the vendors are boycotting it after the organizers decided to ban the sell of “assault rifles”. This is America

  5. Everyon knows that brave men like Trent cole and Jason Babin protect us from dangerous wildlife like deer and rabbits.

  6. Umm…the shooter in Sandy Hook used a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle (quotations omitted intentionally, because it is a freaking assault weapon).

  7. “Cole is a gun nut” just shows how ignorant an anti-guy fool you are.
    How did you like that, Mr. Kyle??????

  8. Yeah, generally people that make appearances at gun shows are gun enthusiasts (aka “gun nuts). What’s wrong with him calling Cole what he is?

  9. i was boycotting it as soon as i heard the news. and anyone that says hunting with a semi automatic weapon is takes all the sport out of hunting damn sure better be hunting with a spear and a loin cloth.

  10. I had no idea so many white trash hillbillies were crossing broad readers. Git-r-done!
    Fitch, why do you need an automatic weapon to hunt deer? Is that in case the deer start shooting back?
    And for the record, I fully support the right to own a gun. But these gun nuts are crazy. The government even considers limiting the size of clips and they all freak out. “Obummer’s coming for my gun god dang it!” Chill the F out. Nobody’s gonna take your freakin guns away.

  11. I buy my food at the supermarket. I don’t need to hide in a tree and kill my dinner, cuz it’s 2013.
    John’s comment is spot on by the way. Well said!

  12. Now guys. We’re all Philly fans here. Let’s stop arguing and agree that Jason Babin is a massive douchebag. Can’t we all just get along, and hate him together?

  13. first off, vandy, semi automatic. i dont want your liberal bleeding heart thinking people are going out and hunting with an M4. second what separates an AR15 from a remington 770? both are semi auto, both rifles, both can have detachable mags. is it because the AR has scary looking parts on it?

  14. There is a difference between so called ‘assault weapons’ (a made up term by anti gun groups) and assault rifles which is what was written later in this article. The show banned assault weapons not rifles. Ignorance is what the anti gun people are banking on and obviously winning because people don’t know that a “assault weapon’ is just a rifle that looks like a military weapon, it doesn’t function like one at all.

  15. Give me a legitimate reason why you need that kind of firepower, and I’ll gladly shut up.
    Answers such as “because the president is black and wants to kill whitey” or “because, you know, freedom!” don’t count.

  16. I’ve boycotted gun shows my entire life because I’m allergic to redneck morons.
    What’s the security like at the auto show? Someone should key that faggot’s ride.

  17. Fitch has some very valid points.
    But we are all Philly fans, and this is a sports site. So I am with Vandit let’s hate Babin together. It just annoys me that Kyle keeps letting his hatred for guns and political views get into one of the best Philly Sports Blogs.
    Big game for the Flyers tonight, Let’s focus on that

  18. And fear is what the gun manufactures and the NRA are banking on, because paranoid fear that the government is going to take all the guns away is what causes AR-15 to fly off of the shelves of Walmart in Pennsyltucky. It’s all about $$$$$, not freedom.
    Jason Babin is a douche, and he can suck my wide 9. And that’s not because he’s a gun enthusiastic. It’s because he’s terrible at football, and a d!ckhead.

  19. Assault rifles are actually illegal to hunt with, for all you knowledgeable ones out there, which just makes him look even more dumb for his boycott.

  20. *enthusiast…typo
    I’m with you guys though. Let’s get back to sports. We are all Philly fans with varying views on politics, guns, etc. But what we can all agree on is that SPORTS IN THIS TOWN IS FREAKING AWFUL RIGHT NOW!

  21. Hunters are fucking stupid. I’m glad it’s a tradition passed down by your stupid grandfather to your stupid father, that you will pass on to your stupid offspring, but you’re pursuing a hobby. That’s all it is. Not a way of life. And your hobby is killing things that are slightly stupider than you with high-powered weapons while you sit in a heated tree-stand drinking Dunkin’ Donuts and tweeting about it.
    Hunt a bear, alone, with just a non-compound bow, and then call yourself a hunter. Until then I call you a pussy with a gun.

  22. Vandit463, if you don’t know anything about guns, you probably shouldn’t be talking about them. These guns are not automatic, they are semi-automatic. There is a very big difference. It’s a problem when liberals who have only seen guns in movies, and have only fired the guns attached to their X-box, are trying to determine gun policy or tell others what kinds of guns they need or don’t need, and for what purpose.

  23. Umm…pro-gun control, or “anti gun” people a you call them, aren’t banking on terms such as assault rifle vs assault weapon, they’re focusing on any kind of weapon that sprays bullets like a hose sprays water. Whether you want to call them assault weapons or by their specific names, it doesn’t matter…if it belongs in military hands, it shouldn’t be in civilian hands.

  24. its the snowball effect. if you think that the anti gun lobby will stop at banning semi automatic rifles and “hi cap” mags, then youre fooling yourself.
    but hey, im done with this convo. lets talk about how bad young will be in the outfield this year, or how jody shelley might be needed to suit up if we cant keep our skaters healthy

  25. I’m more offended by those demeaning people for standing up for something they believe in. A more important right as an American than any is freedom of speech. If Babin and Cole don’t agree with assault rifles being banned it doesn’t make them dumb, stupid, arrogant, or close minded. On the other hand those people who want to attack them for their beliefs are being dumb, stupid, arrogant, and close minded. People just don’t get why this country was founded. Why can’t people just agree to disagree then move on? These guys are only doing what Americans should do. I don’t think people need assault rifles either, but I don’t care if some people do. People don’t need cigarettes and they kill more people than assault rifles do. Let’s ban them too. Then we can move onto cars, another far more effective child killer as well. See It’s more about taking away guns than it is about saving lives. When looked at objectively you have little choice but to admit it really. Swimming pools aren’t needed but they kill 100 x more children per year than guns do. They are evil and nobody needs to swim in their back yards so I think they should be banned before guns. See, that even makes sense, yet our politicians will have you believe guns are the biggest issue we face. It’s all about agenda and feeding the masses the controversy they demand..

  26. Fitch, I understand your concern about the snowball effect. I really do, and it’s a valid concern. And Sid (Crosby?), I know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. I wasn’t the one who made the “automatic” weapon comment.
    Ned Tugent’s comment made me laugh. Great alias too…haha.
    Good God…we’re banking on Shelley being put in the lineup to turn this thing around? Is that’s what it’s come to in Flyerville?!?!?! What the hell happened?

  27. I just want to assault that piece of shit’s camaro with bags of flaming shit. Fuck Babin and Fuck Cole. Cole can join his “hunting buddy” (AKA we sleep in a tent together and stick assault weapons up each others poop holes) in Jacksonville.
    Oh, Eddie… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.

  28. I agree with the gun enthusiasts. Semi automatic weapons are necessary for family enjoyment. How else are you supposed to kill multiple people at one time? God damn liberals. Always trying to take our rights away. It’s un american. What’s next? They gonna give blacks and women the right to vote? That’ll be the day

  29. hey John Helkowski…maybe you can throw your dictionary at them if they ever come for your guns!
    too bad Babin didnt take all the bullets for those kids at SHES.

  30. well said “your mother”! should ban knives too b/c that is what people will use when guns are taken away. hmmm…how can we ban hands/fists so people can’t strangle or beat anyone to death?!
    although i have to disagree…the right to bear arms is more important than freedom of speech…that way if anyone tries to stop you from saying something, you can just shoot them in the face!

  31. Your MOther…Yep, because the guy in newtown went into the school with a swimming pool and killed 30 people. Makes total sense.

  32. You’re all fucking idiots. Please tell me how you spray with a semi-automatic gun. Take 5 fucking seconds to google semi-automatic before you make yourself look like a moron.

  33. Just another reason for me to love Trent Cole.
    Also…Kyle, you used the term “assault rifle” but what you meant to say was “assault weapon.” They sound the same but they are two totally different things according to the law. It’s important to make the distinction.
    Assault rifles are illegal already. They are fully automatic weapons such as those used in the military. Assault weapons is a term for semi-automatic weapons (shoots only one buller per trigger pull) that have some additional (mostly cosmetic) features.

  34. Just like abortion and gay marriage, gun control is one of those hot button topics that turns even the most rational, well adjusted people into flaming, foam at the mouth, stark raving mad lunatics. I’m glad to see by the comments in this thread that you guys didn’t disappoint. Congratulations, you’ve made me so proud.
    As for Blabbin’s Camaro, I’ll pay cash money if somebody keys the damn thing.

  35. Gun talk from people who don’t know guns on a sports blog run by a guy in his spare time.
    There’s a joke in there somewhere.

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