Jason Whitlock Shreds Andy Reid

On the heels of Marcus Hayes blasting Andy Reid, FOX Sports’ Jason Whitlock (who is often as blowhardy as Hayes) has decided to take his shots at the former Eagles coach. In a column today, Whitlock blasted Reid for his failures the last two seasons:

My issue is the last two years. The Eagles were the “dream team” in 2011 and Super Bowl favorite. They went 8-8. They had to win their final four games to reach 8-8. To the utter shock and surprise of no one not named Andy Reid, the decision to promote longtime offensive-line coach Juan Castillo to DEFENSIVE coordinator blew up in Reid’s face. In their eight losses, the Eagles surrendered an average of 29.8 points.

The Eagles spent millions of dollars building a dream team, and Reid turned his defense over to an offensive-line coach on a whim. This is like getting a date with Beyonce and consulting with Ike Turner on how to romance her.

Reid allegedly had a nine-hour interview with Clark Hunt and his entourage on Wednesday. I hope someone asked Reid to write a short essay about Juan Castillo. Did anyone have the nerve to ask Reid about his son overdosing and dying at Philly’s training camp this summer? The kid had steroids on him, too.


Whitlock missed some important points, used a bit too much interweb space on the Castillo thing, and made a horrific Kardashians reference… but his critique is scathing. Nice to see some in the national media are catching on to perhaps the greatest coaching enigma of our generation.

Go read.

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  1. “Jason Whitlock is a respected journalist who always writes very insightful and thought-provoking pieces” said no one ever.

  2. Andy Reid is the best coach the eagles have ever had .. Most wins, playoff wins and appearances .. He isn’t the only coach to not get the eagles a Super Bowl .. This blog is garbage by the way and I won’t be reading anymore

  3. Gotta love these young guys with no kids who pile on Reid for trying to keep an eye on his junky p.o.s. kid to most likely keep a bit of peace in his marriage, maybe give his wife a break. Karma is a bitch. Say what you want about the guy’s coaching ability, thats all fair game but wtf, can we leave his DEAD SON out of it.

  4. Whitlock brings up Andy Reids son but I’ll bet wouldn’t have the balls to bring it up about Tony Dungy. He uses the “Dream Team” thing, yes they were proclaimed that by Vince Fucking Young.

  5. Who the hell cares? Dude, the man had some terrible coaching habits and he shoulda been gone along with McNabb after 09…But hes still the best coach we’ve ever had. Did more for the team than any coach in the past half century. No he didnt win a superbowl (and he should have), but for all the guy did for this team and city, I really don’t understand the personal vendetta some people/outlets seem to have against him. So because he was terrible at time management and redundant with his press conferences, that means we get to unfairly bash him and act like hes an evil man?
    Calling him out for his son being at camp and ultimately dying there, with heroin and steriods, is no ones business but the Chief’s owner now. There are legitimate questions to be asked, especially about the steroids. But all these writers/bloggers ask them with zero class and with insinuating tones that all but suggest that they already know the answer to their own question: That reid is a horrible man who gave his undeserving son a freebie job and told him to distribute roids to the whole team….Which is bullshit.
    Think about it for two seconds. If you had a recovering heroin addict for a son, would you not wanna keep him at arms length at all times — and in an environment that is built around teamwork, discipline, and structure, no less? Not to mention that at the same time you could help rehabilitate him while you kept an eye on him.

  6. Whitlock is an idiot and a racist. I have no desire to read his drivel. And besides, only we (ie Marcus Hayes) can rip our own (even though Andy isn’t ours anymore).

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