Perhaps the Highlight of LeSean McCoy’s Baby Mama Drama was the Exchange Between the Baby Mama and His Current Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.54.50 AMLeSean with Sydney, with whom he is currently on vacation in Puerto Rico

Perhaps the most vicious Tweets to come out of LeSean McCoy’s BMD were those between McCoy’s current girlfriend, Sydney (who, we’ll remind you, apparently gets eaten from time to time by McCoy’s main man “VAR”), and BM Steph.

Sydney has deleted her Tweets to Steph, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, at least some of them still exist. 

We’ll make no effort to curate the exchange into a coherent conversation. But here are the Tweets from Sydney (@covergirldro) followed by ones from Steph (@angelface0330). Enjoy.

[Note: (@BossedUpLaLa) is McCoy’s cousin.] 

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.38.24 AM
The one about giving her son a bath on Thursday… ouch. Steph, perhaps rightfully, went crazed BM on Sydney. A preview:

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 11.00.21 AM

Oh my.

See the rest after the jump.

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  1. Eagles should trade shady for revis. It will be a new age champ & port is trade.
    This nonsense from the Reid regime has to change. Dumb fucks

  2. It’s sad that this is the only type of crap that will get you to “write” 3 stories before noon on a Sunday.

  3. Couple observations:
    1) Sid’s cooter shot in that pic.
    2) I’m glad someone called out Sid on her five head lmao

  4. How about a post of the Sixers manhandling the division leading Knicks last night while Jrue dropped a career high and made the entire NY squad his bitch?

  5. @ Chris- get back in the kitchen to help with Sunday dinner & gossip

  6. so glad American troops overseas are fighting to protect freedoms such as these!

  7. I don’t know if the poster above me was just kidding, or if he’s a complete and total moron. My vote is for the latter.
    Meanwhile, this National Enquirer coverage of McCoy is plenty sad, even if it’s exposed him as being other than the class act he had been portrayed as being.

  8. So much for the big dick stereotype. Pretty funny he’s got a micropenis AND herpes, dirty fucking moon cricket.

  9. Jesus this site is extremely racist. And I don’t mean the moron posters. Seems like this guy Kyle LOVES to jump all over anything negative involving black athletes. I can’t believe some of media around this city even associates with him. Wow.

  10. @dave- so I guess if something like this happens to Danny Briere crossingbroad wouldn’t post it. Dope

  11. I have to say I’m disappointed in Kyle. With both the Flyers and Sixers having notched big wins on Saturday, for him to have fixated on this nonsense with McCoy instead was, in my mind, pathetic. I’m sure he figures that all this TMZ/tabloid stuff gets him more page views than plain old sport stories, I understand that, but when is enough enough? I like to think I’m being patient with this blog, but it’s running short.

  12. A hat trick, a 7-1 blowout (with OUTSTANDING goaltending), a 4 goal loss that illustrated just how important Bryz is, the return of Briere, a 35 point game from Jrue in a thrashing of rival division leaders, and Kyle decides to devote all his time to this lazy, irrelevant, retarded trash story that only his racist commenters care about. This site went from unique, witty and original to trashy, lazy, and thoughtless. It reeks of yellow journalism and shock jock race baiting.

  13. By my calculation lesean is doing a great community service by pulling these ho’s out of da projects and (hopefully) limiting their offspring significantly. Case in point when baby mama has a kid with lesean, she will try and keep the number of future kids and criminals low because of her fixed payments, in the projects they will pop out 10 kids or so and keep getting a raise every time. The payments will stop when lesean is bankrupt in about 10 years and the kids will be almost paid for – then us taxpayers will only need to pay for college and incarceration.
    The only loser are the poor slobs that live in a good neighborhood and live around these animals.

  14. People airing their dirty laundry on social media are really desperate for attention. This is crap and it’s no ones business. LOL@ the small dick comment. Typical spurned cunt type of talk there. McCoy is a douche we find out here, and he knocks up crazy bitches for fun apparently. Yay.

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