Can you picture this? (Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Eric Hartline – USA Today)
If what Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter are reporting is true, recently fired Eagles head coach Andy Reid will have been unemployed for three days.
ESPN's insiders tweeted that Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs are on the "verge of a deal" that would make him their next head coach. As you can see above, it would give a whole new meaning to the term "Big Red."… heh.
No deal has been announced as of yet, and there is some water being thrown on the fire in the Twitterverse from CSN Philly's Reuben Frank, who was texting with Reid as late as last night.
Reid put off his travel plans to Arizona by a day because of a long meeting with Chiefs brass yesterday that lasted almost nine hours. Reports say that Reid would have more control in a place like Kansas City and room for more decision making, which is a scary thought if it was actually Reid pulling all the strings over the past two years in Philly. Unfortunately, we'll never really know that because we can't get a straight answer from Jeff Lurie.
Stay tuned.