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I told you. I told you this job was going to kill Doug Collins

Speaking to reporters after his team shit the bed and then rolled in it against the Magic at the Wells Fargo Center last nigh, Collins ripped every lazy, no-good, half-assed Sixer, questioning their effort, dedication, passion, intenseness and proudness in the process.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia 76ers. Go ahead, Coach:

:45 Starts quoting Pat Summit– never a good sign less than a minute into a presser

1:15 Bob, you know what, man? I wish I knew. I gave my body to this franchise. I was never booed as a player. Never.

1:55 The team we tried to put together, we’ve never seen. 

3:00 If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT Scan.

3:55 After a while, the talk gets old.

4:35 I love it when the fans yell at me. I’m not playin’! You didn’t yell at me when I’m played. I’m coaching.

5:10 They say it’s a player’s league… then take ownership. 

5:45 Three guys weren’t even sweating when we started the game. We’re 6-for-18 at the start of the game.

6:15 [Why wasn’t Bynum on the bench?] Does Bynum sit [on the bench] every game? I don’t know. Sometimes he sits back there and gets treatment. A part of this group is wondering, are you gonna play? Aren’t you gonna play?

7:25 I’m disappointed. There was so much this season we were looking forward to. Every time we turn around, it’s something else.

7:55 We made a huge deal, and we have no guys playing as a result of that deal. 

10:05 When I have coached, I have always been able to find answers. I can’t find answers.

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