Doug Collins Hates His Basketball Team

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I told you. I told you this job was going to kill Doug Collins

Speaking to reporters after his team shit the bed and then rolled in it against the Magic at the Wells Fargo Center last nigh, Collins ripped every lazy, no-good, half-assed Sixer, questioning their effort, dedication, passion, intenseness and proudness in the process.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia 76ers. Go ahead, Coach:

:45 Starts quoting Pat Summit– never a good sign less than a minute into a presser

1:15 Bob, you know what, man? I wish I knew. I gave my body to this franchise. I was never booed as a player. Never.

1:55 The team we tried to put together, we’ve never seen. 

3:00 If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT Scan.

3:55 After a while, the talk gets old.

4:35 I love it when the fans yell at me. I’m not playin’! You didn’t yell at me when I’m played. I’m coaching.

5:10 They say it’s a player’s league… then take ownership. 

5:45 Three guys weren’t even sweating when we started the game. We’re 6-for-18 at the start of the game.

6:15 [Why wasn’t Bynum on the bench?] Does Bynum sit [on the bench] every game? I don’t know. Sometimes he sits back there and gets treatment. A part of this group is wondering, are you gonna play? Aren’t you gonna play?

7:25 I’m disappointed. There was so much this season we were looking forward to. Every time we turn around, it’s something else.

7:55 We made a huge deal, and we have no guys playing as a result of that deal. 

10:05 When I have coached, I have always been able to find answers. I can’t find answers.

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16 Responses

  1. Who in the balls is this joke of a franchise going to hire that is a better coach than Doug Collins? No legit coach would touch this team with a 10-foot stick.

  2. That presser last night was a slow motion nervous breakdown if I’ve ever seen one. I’ve been one of the VERY few supporters of the Sixers on this forum, and even I’ve had it up to here with this miserable kennel of shiteating mutts, Doug must be ready to take an Uzi into the locker room and just mow everyone down. At this point, GM Tony DiLeo and the rest of the rocket scientists in the front office would be doing Doug a favor by relieving him of his duties, and the sooner the better, otherwise, he’s going to have a heart attack on the bench, and he deserves better than that for all the crap he’s had to put up with.

  3. Doug Collins is a great coach. This team is a disgrace and so is the ownership for letting them give up like this while tweeting worthless stats.
    This team is pretty much the Detroit Loins of basketball at this point. It is pretty sad in a city like this to be so bad for so long that fans pretty much stop caring. At least we have a bad ass hot dog gun though to bad they cant find anyone in the stands to actually shoot at.

  4. Can you blame the guy?
    I say keep Jrue Holliday and cut the rest of the entire roster. Not even an understatement, I’d literally cut everyone else.

  5. I never understood the Nick Young acquisition. Dude takes such low percentage shots. Yes, he may make them periodically and get on a hot streak, but his shot selection kills any kind of rhythm or flow that our offense desperately needs.
    We don’t have a scorer – period. To win games you have to score points. Getting a few rebounds here and there wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. Use to go to the games last year, went to two in he beginning of this year, haven’t been back since. I don’t even watch it on CSN anymore. It hurts to watch, every game. I like Jrue at times, but he still makes a ton of mistakes. Some his fault, a lot of his teams fault for not understanding how to play basketball. I won’t watch another game the rest of the season. THANKS OBAMA

  7. It didn’t matter that he didn’t play Vucevic. The Magic wanted him in the deal. The kid has been a revelation this year. Dougie C deserves better than this. I hope he just resigns for his sake and then we can all enjoy him commentating games on TNT.

  8. The only thing I’ll blame Doug for was not playing Vucevic when the team was on it’s playoff run last season because Collins simply didn’t trust the kid enough to put him on the floor. However, I’ll be damned if I understand what he sees in Lavoy Allen who’s a stiff. Meanwhile, there’s no sane reason to keep on watching the Sixers, not after last night’s debacle, anybody who does, either in person or on TV is a pain freak, and I’m done with that nonsense.

  9. Doug got handed a steaming pile of shit and was told to mold an NBA team out of it. Doug deserves better. He lets his emotions out too much, but at least he gives a fuck unlike that fat fucking walrus who ran the Eagles into the dirt. The front office is to blame for this and we all know it. This is why Angelo Cataldi is a worthless lump of shit calling for him to be fired alongside every other manager/ coach in Philly. What a fucking idiot that moron is. Do you hear me you no talent hack?

  10. Somebody should make “Save Doug” t-shirts.
    The new owners should be ashamed of themselves. Tony Dileo should be put out of his misery. he cares less than these players.

  11. I actually feel bad for Collins because he seems to be the only one that cares in that organization.

  12. Doug is a bad coach why can’t you people see that? He couldn’t coach Jordan and he can’t motivate his team. He’s a great analyzer! He knows what needs to happen to win! That being said his team won’t play for him. Plain and simple! Not to mention his subbing and time out skills suck.

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