Exploring Bryz’s (Dangerous?) Stick Throwing Habit

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After a six-game road trip that twice took the Flyers to Canada, and coming off an emotional 6-5 win in Pittsburgh the night before, the Orange and Black returned home last night to play the Florida Panthers. 

That’s not the lede for this post… that’s the definition for Letdown Game. So, we can sit here and talk about how the Flyers are really inconsistent… or we can just chalk it up to their plane still being on the runway in Pittsburgh when the puck dropped last night. Yeah, let’s do that. And then let’s talk about the goofy goalie.

On Wednesday, in an apparent fit of rage, Ilya Bryzgalov launched his stick at the glass during practice

He did it again when he gave up a penalty shot goal on Thursday. 

And again when he was pulled from the game after giving up a fourth goal.

As you may know, I’m not very good at math. But by my unofficial count, Bryz has now thrown his stick three times, given up nine goals, and allowed 11 pucks to cross the goal line (if you count two disallowed goals against the Penguins) in just over 36 hours. It would appear that we've turned back toward negative town. Or, you know, high school.

Let’s explore Bryz’s two stick throws last night.

Here’s a GIF of the first one courtesy of Jeff Carter’s favorite CB reader, Amanda:


You’ll notice that Bryz nearly killed the referee, which probably would have been bad. And then that throw. Who throws like that, except for maybe Katniss if she were trying to maim a small Indian child in The Hunger Games?

The second throw was a bit more conventional, sort of a Tom Hanks-spears-a-fish-in-Castaway spear technique… one that almost killed the Flyers’ smokeshow trainer and a Ben Franklin-looking security guard:


Note the equipment guy retreating behind the wall just before Bryz kicked what looked like a floor seat from the Spectrum (for real, can the Comcast Spectacor folks move past that awful 1970s red motif on everything, or is it mandated by Ed Snider?). 

Not sure what’s up with Bryz, who apparently irked reporters by initially refusing to speak with the media last night. He eventually came out, and explained his stick throwing (at least on the penalty shot) thusly:

"I was mad because I just missed him on a poke check.  I knew he was through it, between the legs, I couldn’t regroup quick enough and it was three-nothing and two-nothing it’s a big difference.  I almost had it then it was in the net and I am so upset." 


Yeah, this is all going to stop when he hurts someone, that someone being Claude Giroux.

[Andrew Porter over at The School Philly has a problem with this, too.]

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  1. If he’s going to go crazy with the stick, he should at least go Hextall and slash a few guys. Would at least add a little entertainment to Flyers hockey.

  2. It’s sad that our defense is so bad that Bryzgalov’s GAA has gone 0.30 points north in just 2 games (From a 2.45 to a 2.76), and has gone from .914 SV% to a .900. I would have thrown my stick too, except at the ref, I would have aimed for Coburn.
    Honestly he needs to rest his hurt back/shoulders over the next few games for carrying this team all year. Is anyone in the market for Wellwood, Zolnierczyk, Laughton, Coburn or Read? Because the Flyers could use a proper top line defender to compliment Timonen. (Perhaps Byfuglien, Brian Campbell, or Jay Bouwmeester. SOMEONE!!!!1111)

  3. Maybe if Bryz hadn’t been undressed on that penalty shot, he wouldn’t have thrown his little hissy fit. I could be wrong, hell, I hope I’m wrong, but the more I see this guy, the more he reminds me of Roman Cechmanek, and we all know how badly THAT story ended.

  4. Oh for the love of christ…This makes what, the third bad game from Bryz all season? And thats if youre counting the penguins game from two nights ago– which, if you didnt notice, was just like 6 of the last 7 penguins-flyers tilts before it: A chaotic, penalty ridden shitfest that lacked defense or anything that even remotely resembles normal hockey. If you’re counting that against him, you’re an idiot.
    And honestly, even if you consider his penguins performance a problem, is two bad games in a row really all it took for you dog him again? Whats your problem with him? And dont give me this “hes not the 51 million dollar guy!” crap…By those standards, you’d have run Ryan Howard out of town years ago. People like you have been chomping at the bit all season to jump on bryz as soon as he makes the first big mistake, and automatically use that as proof of him being this awful goalie you seemingly think he is. You’re trying to cast doubt around THE BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM THIS YEAR…Get over yourself.
    While there is definitely valid criticism of him, IE Inability to stop breakaway shots and his attitude as displayed last night, your Pinnacio-esque need to cast him as the problem is insanely idiotic.

  5. Maybe if Bryz had a defense in front of him last night the Panthers wouldn’t have had such easy looks at the net. Chalk this one up to a shitty defense.

  6. Yeah, you can most definitely chalk the loss up to shitty defense, but it’s no fun watching a guy like Clemmensen bail out his shitty defense while your big name goalie flails around every time his disappears. Against the Panthers.
    I love Bryz, he’s has a solid year, and honestly I don’t have too many complaints about him. If I had to name one though, it would be his complete inability to stop a guy rushing the net alone (shoot-out or just the occasional badly needed stolen goal). I know that is tough, but I’m only asking for 1 out of 5 maybe? His attitude lately worries me. We’ve all seen him play with shaken confidence before and it wasn’t pretty.
    Hopefully this all just comes down to the team needing a breather. We have played the most games, with 63% of them being on the road, and 6 instances of back to back games.

  7. I don’t think the article is unfair, though its obvious Kyle has an axe to grind which I attribute to his Richards/Carter love, but it would be great if the media in general spent less time focusing on the “quirky goaltender” and more time holding the GM’s feet to the coals for making not one deal in the offseason to improve the team, who let Jagr go without replacing him, let Carle go without replacing him, traded their two best trading chips in Bobrovsky and JVR separately for a semi-decent defenseman and draft picks instead of packaging them together to get a player that would have a major impact on the team, swung and missed on three top free agents and totally blew the Weber deal by not trying to negotiate a trade with Nashville after the offer sheet was signed.
    And the coach who in four seasons here never seems to have his team ready to play on a nightly basis and has undisciplined and inconsistent teams no matter the personnel yet skates free in the eyes of the media.
    That being said, Bryzgalov is not the problem. But given this city’s and this team’s history (see: Roman Cechmanek) I fully expect the blame to fall squarely on his shoulders and the Flyers will have a rusty–and just as crazy–Tim Thomas starting in goal next season, or Roberto Luongo who is less consistent than Brzy and just as flaky and costs more. Unless Holmgren can talk Jeff Hackett or Robert Esche out of retirement.
    Enjoy that.

  8. As far as Andrew Porter and “The School Philly” goes, spare me. I don’t need Joe Paterno apologists and guys who worshipped Sandusky’s jackass secondary attorney like he was a rockstar preaching to me or anyone about anything.

  9. DT ftw…And moop. Bryz has bailed his D out plenty of times this season, but I agree that one on one situations he has to do a little better…But also, other than one shootout, this year, who are some of the guys that have been in alone against Bryz: Thomas Vanek, Ilya Kovalchuck, and Jonathon Huberdeau…My money’s on those guys everytime in a one on one situation.
    And another bullshit thing about this article: Kyle you start out saying how this is a trap game and that we should treat it as such…oh but not for Bryz??. The rest of the team gets a pass, but you’re gonna nail Bryz to the wall? How about nailing Lavy to the wall for one time in your life. He’s a good coach with a great personality, but he’s made plenty of mistakes during his tenure here…Bryz has been known to be bad on the second night of a double header, so why not put in Boucher against the lesser team of the back to back? (Especially given the draining nature of that penguins game.) I ask you again, what’s your fuckin problem with Bryz?

  10. the media are the biggest fucking bunch of whiny babies in professional sports “he won’t talk to us, i dont like him, let me bash him in my next article.”
    so what he throws his fucking stick? its because he’s pissed off and wants to win, i dont see anything wrong with the guy showing emotion on the ice. maybe if 80% of his defensemen played with that intensity they would win some more games, i’m tired of seeing braydon coburn just stand there and leave guys right in front of the net, grown some fucking balls braydon and clear out the front of the fucking net.
    what you should be writing about is how peter laviolette & his staff has no fucking clue how to play defense.
    temple, big 5 champions.
    fuck villanova.

  11. whats up with the white trash hockey fans and the long posts? cut it down to a sentence or two, boys

  12. I’m upset about the stick throwing. If this was Hextall he would have done the right thing and decapitated Coburn about a dozen games ago. Shame on Bryz for going after the glass.

  13. I wasn’t try to say he doesn’t bail out the defense, just that I’d sort of expect him to against a team like Florida. I guess I could have worded what I said better after rereading my comment. Boosh MAYBE stood a better chance of winning that game (debatable with the low level of defense played), after the crazy Pittsburgh game, but it’s always easier to say what could have happened than accept what did.
    Huge loss after beating the Penguins though. Just when you feel things turning for the better, another big blow injury wise with Read, and another unmotivated loss.

  14. Yeah, if you actually watched the .GIF or were not a dramatic pansy all the time you would notice that Bryz actually hesitated throwing his stick because the Ref was still back there, so no, he didn’t almost kill the Ref. Stop being a pussy. How come you always completely ingnore the fact that this teams defense is dreadful? I mean obviously I would like to see Bryz come up big on some of those goals but honestly the guy is left out to dry way too much because of his D.
    And nice job making this entire post irrelevant with your attempt at being clever with your “definition for a letdown game.” So our team including our goalie played poorly in what is obviously a letdown game. Out of frustration our goalie has thrown his stick a few times lately and this is clearly grounds to jump all over him and bash him despite the fact that he’s been pretty solid all year. Good call. I swear your life long dream is to be the next Cataldi.

  15. Perhaps Lavs should have rested him last night? it was fairly obvious he wasn’t at his sharpest against the pens. Honest to god, the best backuo we could find is Brian Boucher?

  16. Why can this team only get pumped up for Penguins games? I know they got a lot of lucky goals against Pittsburgh but last night they looked completely flat and uninterested. Last night was a game where Giroux needed to step up. Still waiting for him to be a captain and carry this team.

  17. it’s Philadelphia — it’s ALWAYS the goalie’s fault –
    Remember the Ottawa series 00 or 01? the Flyers scored 2 goals in 5 FIVE games – that’s right – even with 2 goals in 5 games they won 1 game – who got traded – the GOALIE !!!!

  18. does this site ever get scoops? also, still nothing on the asomugha thing…unless ur writing it now…

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