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Was Simon Gagne scoring the most Simon Gagne goal ever the least surprising thing to happen last night? Like, you know Ed Snider sent a little sweetener to the hockey and NBC-Comcast-we-own-every-fucking-thing gods for a little karma rubdown. Please sirs, station Simon in front of the net so he can score a hunched-over-on-his-stick special on a loose puck and put his arms up towards the heavens.

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Thank you, hockey gods (pic via the Flyers)

I wasn’t there, but something tells me Lou Nolan’s pipeular muscle memory didn’t forget a thing. 

Of course, Gagne scoring was an invitation for folks on Twitter to dig in since I poked fun at the Gagne trade on Tuesday, and since, surely, this will be what puts the Flyers over the top: 

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Now if you’ll please enjoy this Alexander Ovechkin .GIF while I digest penis: 


Let’s talk about the broadcast for a moment. Doc Emrick is the best announcer in sports right now. If you go around the different leagues, you have the following as the lead in each sport: football– Nantz, Buck (both are more passionate about other sports), basketball– Mike Breen (vanilla), and baseball– Buck (I like him, but he doesn’t touch Emrick).  

Doc’s vocabulary is outstanding. He uses great verbs. He’ll routinely bust out squibbed, filtered, skittered and other words that sound more like a bad toilet event than the word I would probably use in all of those situatii: pass

Mike Milbury absolutely skivered (how’d I do?) Ovechkin during the intermission last night:

Finally, let’s talk about Bryz’s stick throwing. He did it again yesterday in practice (video after the jump), and this time he caught the attention of Peter Laviolette:

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When asked about it by reporters after the game, Bryz's answers were about as disrespectful as it comes:

 Q: In practice today, you threw the stick, has there been a little frustration there?

 A: No it was for fun, I just want to.

 Q: In reference to the previous question: So Lavi (Peter Laviolette) came over and I don’t know if it was a light hearted comment or what?

 A: You’re going to have to ask him, I can’t hear him.  With other guys shooting pucks and the boards, it was very loud.

 Q: Do you generally throw the stick for fun?

 A: Yeah once in a while, sometimes you want something right? Sometimes you wake up and want something.


Grow up.