Here’s a Photo of Ryan Howard’s MASSIVE Florida Home

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Previously, we’ve brought you details about Ryan Howard’s Belleair Beach mansion, a 17,500 square-foot home, with a moat, located on the Gulf just south of Clearwater Beach.

Construction began in April, and, of course, CB readers are on the scene. Here’s a picture from reader Brian of the halfway-completed MANSION. Behold, The Big Piece’s place: [click to enlarge]

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.55.19 PM

$125 million.


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  1. i dont understand the hatred for howard! yes, he whiffs quiet often and does so on pitches that drive us up a wall. however, he also a dude that has had some amazing seasonal performances, including some amazing septembers that propelled us into the playoffs. i agree with john in that i would like to see a better performance from him this year, but i also agree with joe in that howard certainly deserves a free pass for last year. i have never torn my achilles tendon but i have to imagine its touch to battle back from it both physically and mentally!

  2. Is that pic of him and Crystal at the top recent? I hope so man, because THAT is the piece I like. I like my Piece puffy cheeked. Puffy Piece = Production. Tried and true.

  3. This site sucks since cb got the new comment section. Does Kyle know that most people come to this site to read the comments? Stop listening to mrs cb & Susie Celek . Get some balls buddy

  4. Howard must have shane’s old side piece from NJ, if he’s going to get that fat…. Also Kyle must be banging susie if he deleted any bad comments about her. 🙁

  5. I hope howard beats that gold digger wife of his with his massive, bulbous, throbbing, veiny, moist, 16 inch erect penis. After that, he’ll move into that monstrosity of a mansion with RHEA HUGHES and they’ll piss all over each other and feed off the others diarrhea. Then, Howard should bite his own fucking cunt off because he’s a fat fucking slob that eats subway before every at bat. Subway is a fucking fraud company and in no way makes you healthy…there slogan should be “Hey kids, eat subway and gain 400 pounds amd turn into a fat, greasy, puke ridden hot dog like Ryan Howard, and so that the only creature on earth that will touch your slime chubby cock is RHEA HUGHES.” that’s a better slogan.
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  6. Couldn’t agree more with IBM. Every dude in my office is going nuts over the new terrible comment section. no more entertainment. As Candy oak would say 🙁

  7. Looks like the big piece & his white wife are getting fat.
    Haven’t been on this site much since the new comment restrictions, is k*le banging su*zie c*lek??? I’m out of the loop

  8. Iron Balls, 3finger and count: if you call racist, sexist, idiotic assholes saying racist, sexist, idiotic things entertainment, then you’re pathetic. And iron balls…Just because people like you and candy refresh each post 100 times to read/leave stupid comments doesn’t make you a majority. Most people read the articles and move on. Out of all his sponsors and his thousands of other readers every day, do you think kyle was really concerned about losing a few moronic comments from tools like candy?

  9. Maybe it’s cuz I’m not a multi-millionaire, but why does anyone need a house THAT large?
    I hope Ryan saves some of his money and doesn’t become another Allen Iverson after his career is over.

  10. His house is over the top!
    Door knobs $80,000….Many people who come to the ballpark to see a good game don’t earn that much money in a year.
    Also what he and his wife did standing in the ocean and ruining her gown was crazy.
    Couldn’t that be auctioned off to help a charity???? Think of others not just yourself!!!!!

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