Here’s Another Update on That Asshole Andrew Bynum

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I wonder what breach of contract clauses look like in the NBA?

Remember that update from a few weeks ago – the one where the Sixers I think lied about previously scheduled knee injections - about Andrew Bynum playing after the All-Star Game? Yeah, well forget about it. Fuck it all. It’s a new day, and Andrew Bynum has a new timeline. He spoke with reporters today and gave an update said some words about his knees.

Bynum expects to practice in “a week or two,” but is 100% sure he will play this season

There is pain, but Bynum believes that the injury can’t get worse by playing, which begs the question, “THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT PLAYING, YOU GUTLESS, LAZY, HEARTLESS, FAT-ASSED, BUG-EYED, STIFF-LEGGED, SACK OF MONKEY SHIT [YOU ARE]?”

Nobody is more frustrated than me,” said Bynum, who will earn roughly $17 million this year. "I have the most to lose by not playing."

Bynum said that the idea of missing the entire season hasn’t crossed his mind (…) and that he hasn’t ruled out returning to the Sixers next season. But he could care less [sic] about fans being upset: "I really could care less. People are going to support me when I'm doing well."

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

I know athletes get paid when they’re injured, but at one point does a player stop being injured and become a sandbagging asshole? Have we reached that point yet?  

And is it just me, or is Bynum starting to look like PaRappa The Rapper with his new do?

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  1. There is NO way the 76ers resign him. They cleared alot of cap room and are in a good spot this offseason. The 76ers should just shut him down for the year, don’t let him audition for another team and still get that big payday. They will be doing every other team in the league a favor……..LA Laker fans and players basically said he doesn’t like playing basketball and is only in it for the money. Whoever pays him will tank their franchise for the next 5yrs.

  2. Remember Danny Tartabull? He was a big Phillies free agent signing before the 1997 season. He fouled a ball of his foot, and went on the disabled list and missed the whole season. He made $2 million. That’s obviously nowhere near what this ass-clown is making, but still.
    For $2 million, the Phils got 4 walks. That was the extent of his contribution.

  3. I agree with Tyrone, let Bynum sit and rot for the rest of the year. The Sixers shouldn’t even think about either letting him play (which would be nothing more than an audition for his next team) or resigning him and wind up in salary cap hell all over again. At the end of the day, the only winner in that big megadeal was Bynum since he got $17 million to do nothing but sit on his rear end while Dwight Howard’s been a disaster in L.A. and Denver’s already soured on Andre Iguodala. No reason Bynum should get any more largesse by being allowed to play.

  4. We all know how this plays out. Bynum comes back on (or around) the 3/11 game against the Nets. That would mean that he plays 20 games for the Sixers and in those 20 games averages 25pt/12rb/3blk. He looks great on the court and says all the right things (I do not feel any pain). As soon as the season ends, the fools down at the Wells Fargo ink him up to a max deal after which his knees suddenly start aching again and he is unable to play next season. Remember folks, this is the Sixers we are talking about. While logic says you do NOT resign him after this season no matter what, logic can be thrown out the window when talking Sixers.

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