Hey, Let’s Make Fun of the Nats and Marlins

Yes, let’s.

While I’ll willingly acknowledge that the season ticket renewal deadline extension notices* the Phillies keep sending my father and I are a sign of decreased demand at CBP this year (the Phillies have sold more than 3,000 fewer season tickets for 2013), it still may not as bad as the issues plaguing some of our NL East friends.



After selling their entire team to the Blue Jays, many expected that the Marlins would play in front of HUNDREDS of fans this season. But perhaps initial assumptions were too high.

Here is a photo of the line for single-game Marlins tickets, which went on-sale Saturday:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.48.44 AM

via (@joecapMARLINS)

And the concession stand from the Marlins’ “winter warmup” event:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.50.17 AM

via (@clarkspencer)

Frightening. Both of those photos come via this Yahoo! article, which includes this startling statement:

The Marlins might have more players at camp (74) than fans who showed up to buy single-game tickets on the first day they were available. Seriously! 


We are the Marlins. Go Fish!



No doubt that the baseball team in Washington will see its attendance increase this season on the heels of their horrific NLDS choke… but don’t expect demand to outpace supply. They’re still giving away free tickets:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.56.17 AM

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Of course, this is a far cry from the BOGO on season tickets the Nationals had going last year. So we applaud their progress there. 

*No, we haven’t renewed yet. Not sure we will. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to lock into 16 games, half of which wind up getting traded in or sold for a different date, when you can almost always get tickets below face value on the secondary market (yes, Crossing Broad Tickets). The playoff guarantee is an issue… but with the money saved during the season, you can splurge on jacked up postseason tickets.


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  1. Flyers played on Saturday, but instead of writing about that, lets make fun of a team from another city that’s going to have a better record than the Phillies this year. Sure, why not?
    What the hell is going on this with blog lately? Nobody gives a crap about what Adam Aron said either, or what kind of meds the Red Sox trainers would give Pappelbon. Come on man…

  2. I’m just saying, one of OUR city’s sports teams actually played a game, and we’re talking about what Papelbon did in Boston and The Nationals / Marlins first. Where’s the hockey love? Kyle can write about whatever he wants thought. I’m just busting his chops.

  3. Vandit is an obsessed white trash hockey fan. He probably drives his 1997 Ford F-150 to Wells Fargo while blaring slipknot out the windows. He also rocks Jean Shorts (that go down to his ankles) even if it’s 20 below zero outside. He’s overweight, and personal hygiene is an after thought since he wants his hair to be greasy like Leclair during the 90s.
    Vandit is everything wrong with Flyers Fans. Hockey fans like him remind me of the scum of Delco combined with psycho volunteers that work at firehouses. You know what I mean – not actual firemen – real firemen I have the utmost respect for.
    I’m talking about the fat socially awkward volunteers with the blue lights on their beat-up trucks and the pagers from 1984 attached to their hip at all times. Ever talk to one of these dudes before? Jesus Christ – within 5 minutes they’ll remind you 20 times they’re a volunteer at some firehouse.
    That my friends is a basic summary of your socially awkward/overly obsessed flyers fan.

  4. That’s quite a lot that you inferred from my comments. The funny thing is you’re sterotyping of a high percentage of Flyers fans and Delco volunteer firemen was pretty damn spot on! I’m actually not like that at all, not that you’ll believe me, but I don’t really give a crap.
    But yeah, I’m from Lansdowneoriginally, so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with the volunteer firemen. Some of my old friends were friends with a bunch of them years ago and they definitely act exactly like that. (Thankfully I was able to move the hell out of that dump to a decent neighborhood after college.)
    But the truth of the matter is I hate those type of people, I hate delco white trash, and I hate giant pick up trucks.
    I do like hockey a lot though, and I like to bust Kyle’s balls when he posts stupid crap.
    So I give you props for your ripping of me. It was actually pretty funny, but I’m not really like that at all, truthfully.

  5. And dude, the delco volunteer firemen don’t have pagers. They all have Nextel phones and chirp each other. And they’re all ridiculously racist too.

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