Video: The Marlins’ Official Theme Song is an Embarrassment to Baseball, Perhaps Humanity

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If you thought the Marlins’ vagina-like home run fountain was rock bottom, you’d be wrong. 

Here’s a verse from the new – official – Marlins 2012 theme song, We Are The Marlins (Go Fish!):

M-A-R-L-I-N-S, we are the Marlins, go Fish!

Everything is great in the sunshine state, we got the Marlins, the Miii-aaa-mi Marlins

So get up and let’s go, let everybody know that we are the Marlins, the Miii-aaa-mi Marlins

Catch the wave, cheer the boys (we are the Marlins, go Fish!), stomp your feet, and let’s make some noise

We are the Marlins, the Miii-aaa-mi Marlins 


Wait, who are you?

It sounds like the unfortunate offspring of Jimmy Buffett fucking a high school cheerleading squad. And that’s coming from someone who likes Jimmy Buffett… and cheerleading squads!

This is truly an embarrassment. Somewhere, the Reading Phillies' outstanding promotions guy shakes his head in obvious disgust.

Must-listen audio after the jump. SMH.

H/T to reader Josh

Video via CBS Sports


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26 Responses

  1. Makes me want to cut off my ears and then remove all parts of my brain that are associated with memory…

  2. That’s the shittiest excuse for a theme song I’ve ever heard. It’s even worse than the disco Sixers song…which is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.
    What the hell are they thinking???

  3. hahahahaha holy shit…..this can’t be real. if we finish below the natinals and their campaign or this team with their theme song i will off myself

  4. Yo, Chris! You beat me to the punch with the mention about that old Sixers theme song. But this Marlins horror is much worse!

  5. This is up there but Jimmy Rollins saying Hoawrd won’t play this year isn’t? Since when does Marlins news come before Phillies news on a Philly blog. It’s nothing only our star first baseman is gone for the season. Carry on with the marlins news though

  6. They must have hired a cruise director to write that POS theme park crap. Mass suicide watch in South FL this summer!

  7. I turned it off at 1:04 … I couldn’t take any more … (kind of surprised I made it THAT far in hindsight)

  8. I have no idea how the Phillies are supposed to compete against this. I can only imagine the frenzy this song will whip the Marlins’ fans and players into.

  9. I feel sorry for all 3 season ticket holders that have to hear this God-awful waste of digital trash at every homegame.

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