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Perhaps lost in the euphoria that was the Flyers ruining the nights of unemployed steel workers and ketchup packet sealers were Jayson Werth’s comments to Bob Brookover of Responding to a question about Jimmy Rollins saying the Phillies would have won the division last year if they were healthy, Werth:

"I would never find Jimmy Rollins disrespectful. I respect him too much. But if we were healthy all year, we might have won 120 games. But we'll have a chance to find out this year." 


And here they only fell 22 games short of that mark.

Mind you, 120 wins would have been four games over the Major League record for wins in a season, 116, held jointly by the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners. No doubt JW is trolling, trying to poke a fan base that needs no poking, but he will, of course, be the first person to get all butthurt the first time he hears a few boos in right field at his own stadium.

Perhaps Werth would have been on to something had he said: We would have won 120 games if we were healthy and our manager and GM weren’t COMPLETE IDIOTS that shut down our best pitcher. We may have won the World Series, too. Insead, sad face:

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