image from mobilwi.typepad.comThe Sixers' most productive offseason acquisition

Nice to see some of the mainstream and pro-Sixers folks finally come around.

Phil Sheridan,

No more updates on Bynum's, ahem, progress. No more speculating on whether the Sixers should consider a long-term deal with the 7-foot center. No more projecting what Collins' rotation would look like if Bynum was in the middle and everyone else was in the proper spot.

There is a time to fish, and the Sixers pulled a big one into the boat last summer.

There is a time to cut bait, and Andrew Bynum is chum.


Spike Eskin, CBS Philly:

The problem is that the risk was voiced a more quietly than the press conference, or the commercials for 10-game plans and season tickets. The hype machine was loud and boisterous, and many fans bought right into it. The chance to see a contender was the first time in years that fans gladly shelled out money for Sixers tickets. And it’s not just money that fans gave, it was their time, their hearts, their energy and their hope.

The fact is that if the organization was always aware that Bynum playing was an iffy proposition, it was irresponsible to start that hype machine. Irresponsible on the part of the team to paint the team as a contender. Irresponsible on the part of team CEO Adam Aron for fanning the flames of it all. A quiet, reserved, “wait and see” attitude and approach would have been more honest and responsible.


Even Derek Bodner, generally a Sixers apologist, for Liberty Ballers:

The one point to him I will somewhat concede is to question how honest they've been with us about Bynum. What did our doctors find in his physical before the trade was finalized? Was the bone bruise before training camp a result of damaged knees that should have been picked up or was it a fluke? How could they have expected he would return in 3 weeks after the bone bruise? Have they been completely forthright with information on Bynum's timetable? 


Me, on November 12:

Four weeks, four weeks, two weeks, three weeks, five weeks. HOW ABOUT SPEAKING IN MONTHS?!

Few things here: 1) The Sixers previously hadn’t made public that November 19 date… perhaps because telling fans before the season started that the star, hold a press conference for me at the Constitution Center center likely wouldn’t return to game action until around early December would have hurt ticket sales. Instead, on October 24, two days after Bynum visited the doctor, the Sixers said he wouldn't return until he was pain free. 2) Bynum has reportedly already been doing low-impact activity. So that’s nothing new. And 3), after another visit to the doctor, seven days ago, the Sixers were told Bynum is still a month away from basketball activity and that it could take up to another four weeks after that until he sees significant game action. I'm good at math, and it's telling me that Bynum might not play until after New Year. 

Credit the Sixers for finally coming forward with information here. Maybe they looked out their window and saw the backlash that can occur when your front office is a bunch of secretive fucks who treat fans like dirt. But waiting a month to tell us, as people gobbled up tickets… well, that’s not cool, the Sixers.

Anyway, still not worried about Bynum’s knees?


Anyone else want to join the party?