Report: Federal Donuts Coming to Citizens Bank Park

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Mmm. Donuts.

The Passyunk Post is reporting that South Philly and Center City favorite Federal Donuts will be opening up in left field at CBP, taking over half of the oversized (an underrated) Alley Grill, where – I believe – they served mini donuts last year:

Taking over half of the Alley Grill in the left field plaza, the CBP FD’s menu will consist of the signature fried birds and a tight rotation of donuts. The left field plaza location puts Federal Donuts within a bones’ throw of the ever-popular Schmitter, so get your arteries ready for a long summer.


As Anthony Sica of PP (and likely every person reading this) points out, this does not bode well for fat guy Delmon Young, who has a fat clause in his contract. But I’ll gladly sacrifice one anti-Semitic outfielder for the good of Phillies fans everywhere. This is now the Phillies' best offseason acquisition.


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  1. The Alley Grill is Def underrated. Double Cheeseburger and Fries are delicious. And for almost an entire season two seasons ago there Double Cheeseburger was CHEAPER Than a regular one. This is right by my seats though…So thats awesome news!!

  2. Meh… Get back to me when they get a quality wing in that joint like a Jughandle, Moriarty’s or Byrnes’. I’m sorry, but the last thing I want when slamming $10 beers is a $10 glazed donut… that comes later.. Heyyyyoooooo!

  3. Who the hell wants to suck down donuts at a night game when the majority of fans are either drinking (me!) or grabbing dinner (families) at CBP?
    Now if they put an Amsterdam-esque “coffee shop” next to it, or legalize IT, you have my attention.
    Makes as much sense as having a Mets merch stand at CBP!
    Give me somewhere to grab good wings maybe, not breakfast!
    And yes, they’ll have to post photos of Delmon Young there w/’don’t serve this man’ above it…… couldn’t resist

  4. Comments are back, but not my girlfriend.
    Federal Donuts sells a lot of chicken you tards, thats what they are known for!!

  5. Well don’t I feel like a horse’s ass! I mean with a name like Federal DONUTS, how could we ever miss that one?!
    On a side note you should check out Rita’s water ice for their killer Gyro’s.

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