Rob Zombie Will Be at the Flyers Game Tomorrow Night Doing Background for His Broad Street Bullies Movie

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We told you about this in June (holy shit, time flies)– Rob Zombie is writing, directing and producing a movie about the Broad Street Bullies, called, you guessed it, Broad Street Bullies. Tomorrow, he’ll be at the Flyers-Lightning game doing some background work for the film (though one could argue that research time would be better spent in the loins of a 1970s jersey chaser on the side of a Marlton highway), according to Flyers super secret website insider Anthony SanFilippo.

We’re assuming that Mr. Zombie (I'm truly not sure how to refer to him) will meet with the media at some point. We’ll bring you all the details if and when he does. Wonder if he’ll bring the Dragula??

The folks over at Philly 2 Philly spoke to Zombie about the flick in July.


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  1. Mr. Scott,
    Thank you very much for finally addressing my concerns regarding the immature Youth of America consistently utilizing my likeness and fixing the commenting problem that has been bringing down this forum for far too long.
    Having said that, I would like to know why you have not yet made a forum posting regarding the tragic injury suffered over the weekend by Mr. Simmonds? I believe that many members like myself, would like to send our well wishes to Mr. Simmonds and at the same time, condemn the actions of the Philadelphia Flyers organization, starting with Snider. This injury epidemic sweeping their locker room has reached epic proportions this year and we, as a community, must voice our concerns so that change can happen. Has Snider or another member of the organization reached out to you instructing you to ignore this story? As you may or may not know, Snider is one of the most influential owners in the game and has many friends in his pocket in high places, so the media does whatever he instructs them to do. I just hope that he has not gotten to you too. I implore you to make a posting as soon as humanly possible. Thank you

  2. Eddie, do you actually think he changed the whole comment section just to satisfy the whinings of a crybaby loser? Also, to sign up with type pad, you just enter and fake email address and then pick a user name so I’m not sure how its going to keep people out.

  3. Edward Murphy, maybe you should take up watching another sport. Hockey is a violent game and as a result, people get hurt. This isn’t anything new here.
    What was ‘Mr. Snider’ supposed to do to prevent John Erskine from elbowing Simmonds in the face? Maybe he should’ve been wearing an NFL style helmet with a Ray Lewis-esque face mask? C’mon dude, let’s get real here.

  4. Edward Murphy – your schtick is old and played out. Give it up already. Who the hell comes here for substance? The comments section is what keeps this thing running…only pussies come here for meaningful information and then whine about comments being to harsh. Grow a pair.

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