Vance Worley Met His Fiancée Through Hunter Pence’s Twitter, All Thanks to John Mayberry’s Mermaid Fetish

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See what happens when ego and inflated self-worth are removed from a story? David Murphy of the Daily News can actually crank out a good piece.

Murph spoke with Minnesota Twin Vance Worley this week about a myriad topics relating to his being traded by the Phillies. There's lots of good stuff from Worley, but perhaps most notable bit is the story about how he met his girlfriend, Maricel Vivas.

Worley and Vivas first met at an autograph signing, where Vivas, who had always jokingly (or not…) referred to Worley as her “boyfriend,” sort of stalked out the Phillies pitcher and had her picture taken with him. 

I’m sure Murphy would love to tell you the rest of this tale: []

Later, via Twitter, she sent the pitcher a link to the picture. Around that same time, Hunter Pence went on Twitter asking if any of his followers wanted a date with fellow Phillies outfielder John Mayberry Jr., who had recently been featured in a New York Post gossip item that said Mayberry was trying to get a date with a model/actress who appeared in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Vivas responded to Pence.

"She said, 'I want a date with Vance Worley,' " the righthander said with a rueful smile.


In things that aren’t shocking: ATHLETES DO TROLL SOCIAL MEDIA FOR POON! Here's the Tweet from Pence that led to the romance:

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 3.22.55 PM

Worley wound up having his first date with Vivas the night the Phillies clinched the division in 2011. Fast forward just over a year and, ironically, Worley was headed to pick up the engagement ring on the day that he was traded to the Twins. 

More from Worley, who had a very rough year in 2012. Meanwhile, poor Mayberry is still holding his pelvic fin in his hand.


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  2. “See what happens when ego and inflated self-worth are removed from a story? David Murphy of the Daily News can actually crank out a good piece.”
    Hey, if he can do it, you should try it out once.

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