Danny Briere Has a Concussion, So He Won’t Be Getting Traded

Any chance of the Flyers trading Danny Briere and Briere subsequently waiving his no-trade clause just went floating (I’m trying to use float in every post today) out the window.

Briere is out indefinitely with the most convenient concussion ever:

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren announced that forward Danny Briere is out indefinitely with a concussion.

Briere missed last night's game at Pittsburgh, his first missed game, since being out a four-game span at the start of the season.


In case you were unawares, Briere missed the Flyers’ overtime loss to the Penguins last night (the OBs now have the third fewest points in the Eastern Conference and fifth fewest in the league– thanks, Homer) due to an undisclosed upper-body injury that occurred during practice on Saturday… which turned out to be the concussion.

Obviously, that’s bad news for Briere, and it might be even worse news for the Flyers. Briere had been the subject of several trade rumors over the past week, and while many doubted that he would have waived his no-trade clause in advance of the April 3 trade deadline, the chance for him to do so is now gone. It’s against league rules to trade an injured player, and even if Briere were to return before then, who would want him?

Cue moronic commenter who says that I know nothing about hockey because "Danny Briere wasn't going to accept a trade anyway you fucking zero!"


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  1. Well, I do agree that you don’t know much about hockey but I don’t think this post in particular proves that point.

  2. kyle, i think part of you enjoys the conflict that comes when commenters hurl garbage at you. make a point, stand by it, and move on. baiting the haters gives them the ammo they seek.

  3. @Charles Murphy: When healthy, Crosby is the best player in hockey. When healthy, Briere is a vastly over paid player who has a year remaining on his deal and is extremely unproductive. Your argument sucks.

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  5. Candy did it again. Way to insult the commenters Kyle, they’re you’re paycheck buddy.

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