Paul Holmgren is Going to Fire Peter Laviolette! Paul Holmgren is Not Going to Fire Peter Laviolette!

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 7.51.14 AMGo fuck yourself

I call this post, Dichotomy.

Paul Holmgren spoke with reporters today, ostensibly to get grilled on why he put together such an overmatched team. Peter Laviolette’s job came up and, depending on who you believe, Homer gave the coach a vote of confidence. Or he didn’t.

Sam Carchidi…

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… and Mr. Panaccio…

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Carchidi explains how it went down: []

Asked if Laviolette was on the hot seat, Holmgren said, “I don’t think so.”

Holmgren later added: “I haven’t even thought about” making a coaching change and that he was “not at the point” of making a major trade.


It’s getting to be that time– the Flyers haven’t fired a coach in three years. It must be Lavs’ fault that they haven’t won a Stanley Cup since Ed Snider’s fiancée was seven.


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  1. homer also told mike richards he wasnt going to be traded so i don’t listen to anything that AA participant says

  2. mpp, i listen to what you say and i can tell that you like men, hit me up girl!

  3. This needs to be a Clarke/Hitchcock situation. Holmgren fires Laviolette and then resigns.
    Both of these guys screwed this team almost beyond repair….and they did it in 11 months.

  4. …the correct answer was neither. You’re to felate me and lick my anus.

  5. How much would kyles pathetic balls explode if they fired Lavy and hired Lindy Ruff? All we’d get are stories about how Bryz sucks because Ruffs daughter is a slut.

  6. Honestly, with the exception of the 2010 playoff run, what has Laviolette done to prove to you that he’s a good coach for this team? You play the “what have you done for me lately?” game with Bryz, so what about Lavy? Tell me why you think hes indespensible…Is it the two consecutive embarrassments in the second round of the playoffs? Is it his inability to adapt in game or his inability to adapt his system over time to fit his players that stuck out to you? Or maybe it’s his nack to never have his players ready to play 60 minutes that sold you on him?
    Oh no, wait, it wasn’t any of that,..It’s because he dropped a couple of F bombs on TV and yelled at Dan Bylsma, that’s right. Perfectly legitimate reason to keep him as head coach. Youre such a fuckin jerk off Kyle.

  7. Peter Laviolette is the most pathetic excuse for a human being to ever disgrace this planet. He’s a sorry ass sack of shit and he deserves to have his miniscule, flimsy, 1 inch penis, that feels like wet cardboard when erect, cut right off with a machete. After that, RHEA HUGHES will stuff her morbidly gargantuant, pulsating, steaming, moist, veiny, rock hard 23 inch penis directly into the festerig wound where Laviolettes nasty ding dong was. Shell roughly penetrate the wound, using blood as lubricant as she pummels forwards and backwards until she achieves climax and pumps ejaculate directly into his body. Then, buzzards will tear apart his sperm riddled carcas and shit on Ed Snider and his immediate family for even considering Laviolette to be a good coach. I hope Snider pounds that barely legal cunt of his until her thighs are bruised and he pumps her full of sperm that will create retarded babies that she’ll end up feeding Mike Vick and his children. Fuck all of you. You know I’m right and you all know that Kykle Snott is a worthless faggot with a 1 mm boner and a blow up doll with the words “Mrs. CB” written on it. Faggots

  8. @ Candy from the Oak, I’m honored you take the time out of your life to cap the C and O. much love 🙂

  9. Candy from the oak is a small dick faggot who thinks he’s funny….like me

  10. I hope Laviolettes children get infected with aids and cancer at the same time. They deserve it for how much he’s fucked over this city.

  11. HORSEFACE HUGHES…Wrap your filthy mouth around my faggot and watch the blood pour out your face you seeping cunt.

  12. Homer needs to go before Lavs. He traded away our entire future for a younger, more inexperienced future and a shit goaltender. Carter, JVR, and Bob are tearing it up now. Sucks.

  13. Well, if and when the Flyers are embarrassed on home ice by the Devils tonight, let’s see if Holmgren changes his tune about Laviolette. But I fully agree that if Laviolette gets the ax, then Homer damn well better follow him out the door, or be kicked out same by Peter Luukko since he shares equal blame in the debacle this season’s turned into.

  14. Says three years is too soon to fire coach. Wants Bryz gone after one season.

  15. Homer homer homerr- fucking loyal flyers fans don’t see that he’s no good. Homer homer homer oh homer

  16. Crossing Broad Memes is the best thing on this site.
    Sidenote: Flyers are -135 favorites tonight? Is that serious? Why should we NOT bet everything we have on the Devils? You know this team is going to roll over.

  17. Eagles sign 3 free agents yesterday and the only posts on this site are this and about Adam Aron’s balls…wtf?!

  18. The lack of new material on this site is becoming appalling.

  19. Fuck Jam, this entire organization needs to get back it’s passion for hockey which has been missing since the lindros era. I’m loving a Ron Hextall GM/ Dale Hunter coach combo. This team needs a coach that employs a defense first counter off turnovers system. You could not get 2 more passionate hockey minds.

  20. The Eagles have signed 8 players since Wednesday. This site has not mentioned a word about it.
    Kyle, is Bryz to blame for how awful this blog is, too?

  21. They won’t fire Homer. How many fucking years did it take them to kick Clarkie up a notch and give Homer his job? 16?
    As for Laviolette … fucking see ya. I hear Mike Haviland is available.

  22. Lavy made one fatal mistake that he should be accountable for ..he implements a brand new defensive system in a season with no training camp or a full schedule of games …he should be fired for this alone ..need an explanation for all the horrendous turnovers, look no further than a confused team

  23. Bobrovsky does not have a winning record and the Western conference sucks.
    He had one good week.
    And the fact that Laviolette bent over backwards between October and March last season to see if Bobrovsky could start in Philly and he failed miserably and his one playoff appeance he gave up five goals in just over 30 minutes of hockey well, of course he needed to be traded.
    The error is he and JVR should’ve been packaged for Nash, not split apart for a draft pick and a second tier defenseman.

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