At what point does Paul Holmgren get held accountable for turning within one game of the Stanley Cup and third-leading point total teams, respectively, into this heaping pile of dog mess with an inconsistent offensive, porous defense and annoying goalie? Everyone was singing his praises for magically turning Mike Richards and Jeff Carter into all this young talent, but where, exactly, has that gotten the Flyers? Should we wait another year or two for the master to plan to all come together? [I’m guessing that signing the $51 million goaltender two years ago wasn’t a win later move, however.] Nah. Given their track record over the last, I don’t know, 30 years, rebuilding is not an option… so they’ll trade at least two of the young guns by mid-summer. And at that point we can talk about how the Flyers turned their former captain into Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn a mid-level defenseman and a future draft pick that they’ll trade away. This is how the minds of Type OB’s work– they’ll track a line of succession for a decade until the string of moves finally turns into a superstar… or a cap-manageable, gritty winger with huge upside… who will get traded away.

While fun and exciting, the haphazard way with which the Flyers operate, with their fingers constantly on the panic button, has once again cost them. They had really good teams in 2010 and 2011 (full years), and have parted ways with Richards, Carter (third in league in goals), James van Riemsdyk (sixth in league in goals), Jaromir Jagr and Sergei Bobrovsky– all of whom are having equal or more success elsewhere. They replaced those guys with mostly a bunch of younger, more inexperienced forwards and a cap-crippling, underachieving goalie, all while ignoring a rapidly aging and injured defense. Now we’re seeing the results of those knee-jerk reactions. With the exception of Jagr, every one of those guys was considered to be part of the future, and three of them were given contracts to reflect that. But, because they didn’t develop as quickly as Mr. Snider liked, they were jettisoned. We’re left with sometimes exciting and talented young forwards, who struggle to play at the other end of the ice… a hilarious defense anchored by old man Timonen, one of Andrej Meszaros’ legs, and Luke Schenn, who is a disappointment in life… you already know my thoughts on the goalie… and a superstar in the making who appears to be in over his head as captain.

So are you surprised the Flyers probably won’t make the playoffs?


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  1. Who says they’d be good with Richards and Carter still here? They’d have no cap room, they’d have no draft picks and would probably still suck.

  2. agreed ^. team is still rebuilding and he struck out on a few things in the offseason. the team is 2 defenseman and a top forward away and that is what he went for in offseason.

  3. not surprised. the level of pedestrian-style defense is pretty high. they can play well in spurts which allows the offense to be aggressive at times (which i think this system needs/wants) but most of the time they are standing around watching people that snuck in behind them score.
    i think the system is built for defensemen who dont fuck up. not these fuck ups…

  4. How long does it take for the Flyers to buy Bryz out after the season? And why are we paying Timonen another $6 mil next year? He’s barely worth $3.5 mil. Age has caught up fast to Kimmo.

  5. OK, Kyle. After every loss you post a diatribe about how this team sucks. You treat every loss like it’s the end of the world. This team has not been good all season long, so it shouldn’t be a surprise they played like a steaming pile of dog shit last night against an opponent who figured out in the postseason last year just how to beat this team. Also, the Richards and Carter trades brought a wealth of young talent to this team. Let them mature. You seem to be hitting the panic button. You can’t win the cup every year and this team isn’t complete yet.

  6. This website is a heaping pile of dog mess and I’m out. Later. I’ll get my Philly “sports” news somewhere else … maybe twitter, where Kyle gets all of his stuff anyway.

  7. Everyone relax, it’s an off year. And given the CBA, strike, shorten season, etc, some teams were bound to under perform in this scenario. This off season you’ll amnesty Bryz, and rebuild your defense around Grossmen and Schenn, and take Bruno Gervais out back and shoot him (its the most merciful thing to do). The offense is fine, its hard to ask them to score 5 goals a game because the defense is so poor.

  8. Bryz has been better then last year yet you still use him as the scapegoat for this dog doo defense

  9. Just so people understand, the defensive letdowns are the responsibility of the forwards too. Its not all the defensemen, our fowards blow in their own zone and continuously turn the puck over in the neutral zone.

  10. Cheese, get the fuck out then. Don’t threaten, just go. The fact that you said “we can’t win the cup every year” means you are an idiot. That statement would only work if we had won the cup at least once within the past several decades, you dumb fuck

  11. G should just come out of the closet and Brire should come to terms that his kids are going to die young from morbid obesity

  12. What’s the Problem Now? Well Pete….the team gives up 2 on 1’s and 3 on 2’s like a bad porno with no make-up. Team defense involves the forwards.
    I’ve always said that they didn’t suck enough after the 2007 year. You need a couple of bad years at the bottom (see Kansas City Penguins) to have high picks.
    This team is hopefully an injury (not a bad injury but like a rib or skate cut) away from really sucking and tanking the season = Seth Jones, Nate McKinnon, Jon Druin, Barkov, or Darnell Nurse (puking on the blue line like Uncle Donovan). Keep stockpiling young talent and Amnesty Bryz, and trade Briere (much respect to #48.)

  13. You also left out that they probably have the worst farm system in all of hockey. Other then Laughton ,I don’t think they have one prospect who is a sure fire NHL player. Maybe Cousins or Ghostesbere, but thats about it.

  14. Carter scored a lot of goals here too. Not sure why pointing out that he’s scoring them elsewhere is supposed to make us miss him. How many cups did we win with him again?

  15. He tried to get Weber. He tried to get Nash. Hell, didn’t he try to get Parise too? I don’t blame Homer for anything other then Bryz and Luke Schenn. Schenn might pan out but right now it looks like he panicked when he couldn’t sign Weber and traded JVR out of desperation to get any kind of defense.
    I’m patient with the young Flyers. They have a bright future.

  16. Flyers lost…time to post about how trading Richards and Carter was a mistake.
    You’re predictable, and sound like a freaking idiot when you bring them up. So now they were “jettisoned” because they didn’t mature fast enough? Are you high? Don’t you remember Dry Island, the partying, Richard’s being a whiny little b*tch. They got traded because of their sh*tty attitudes, not for lack of ability.
    Homer took a shot a Suter, Parise, and Weber, and he whiffed on all 3. While he was waiting on Nashville to decide whether they were gonna match the Weber deal, Jagr got tired of waiting and signed elsewhere. There was no back up plan. That’s why this team sucks.

  17. People are so ignorant in these comments. YES IT’S TIME TO BLAME BRYZ just as much as everyone else on this shitty team. We are NOT making the playoffs, are you kidding me? Luke Schenn isn’t good. The Flyers take less shit and always get more excuses than any other Philly team. If you morons actually watched the game – you’d realize this.

  18. Um…I thought it was common knowledge that the NHL has a salary cap, but after reading that article I’m not so sure that’s true.

  19. From everything I saw, the goddamn Sixers put up more of a fight against Miami than the Flyers did in New Jersey last night, and that stink bomb was against the Devils’ backup goalie! I don’t want to think about what will happen on Friday when Marty Brodeur, who owns this underachieving squad is in net. Everyone from Holmgren on down should be embarrassed by that pitiful performance. Meanwhile, it looks like Bryz is dead on right, the Flyers WILL be cooked after tomorrow night’s eventual loss. get used to that, people.

  20. i wish i could do a pie chart of hockey fans…. it would read something like this
    5% – former hockey players
    10% – casual hockey fans who only watch in the playoffs or meaningful division games
    85% – fat slobs or skinny nerds who never played hockey but paint their basements orange and have douchy street signs saying “you’ve entered flyers country” on their walls right next to their signed flyers wives fight for lives picture of bernie parent.
    Is it baseball season yet???

  21. I’ve been a Flyers fan since the Poulin, Propp, and Eklund days, and this is the first time I’ve been disgusted with the ‘Flyers apologist’ attitude. Every year they’ve been competitive, and I’ve always laughed off the plight of the other three Philly sports teams as the Flyers once again marched into the playoffs, but it’s about fuckin time Flyers fans start getting angry and calling out the front office.
    Watching this totally-expected debacle last night (I benched Bryz, easy call), I couldn’t help but wonder the same thing about holding Holmgren responsible. They lost Jagr and Carle, and replaced them with Fedotenko and Gervais/Foster. Did anyone really think this would work out?
    Yea he went after Weber, Parise, Suter (and Nash, I guess?) and missed on all, yet in doing so, he completely screwed his team in a year in which their style of play and lighter schedule down the stretch could have been a huge advantage.
    Jagr was directly quoted as not feeling like he was wanted back because of Holmgren’s pursuit of the big names. And speaking of Nash, we balk at Columbus’ JvR request, but then send JvR away anyway, and in the Eastern conference to boot? And then the Rags get him for basically nothing? Sigh.. I’m not sold either way on Schenn yet as dmen take a while to develop to their potential, but the irony of JvRs’ balls dropping immediately after he leaves Philly is not lost.
    Back to the season at hand… you couple the loss of Jagr with an early-season injury to Hartnell and some missed time by Simmonds, and it’s no wonder Giroux was completely invisible and they/he got off to the awful start that they/he did.
    Imagine this season WITHOUT Voracek’s breakout…. yikes….
    Speaking of Giroux, did the Flyers really not learn their lesson with Richards? You have two proven, veteran, ex-captains on the team in Briere and Timonen, and you AGAIN gave it and all the associated pressure to your young, up and coming star? Who’s making these calls? Maybe Giroux can handle the pressure, maybe he can’t — but why take that chance now in the midst of his superstar breakout when you have proven veteran types already? Ridiculous.

  22. At the end of the last night’s game, my friend said, “I can’t wait to read Crossing Broad tomorrow so I can understand exactly how Richards and Carter would have saved this team.”

  23. Nice, Carter is 3rd in the league in goals. Voracek, who they got in the Carter trade, is 5th in the league in POINTS. Not including Coots, who is having a horrible sophomore slump, but shut down Malkin last year as a 19 year old. Be patient. I liked JvR, wish we didn’t trade him and should have probably gotten a pick along with Schenn, but oh well. The Leafs probably got the better player, but we needed defense and Luke has been one of our best, if not the best, defensemen we’ve had this year. Bob needed to be traded, I’m sorry, we took a risk on Bryz and we needed to ride that one out. I notice you didn’t mention anything about Richards stats. BECAUSE HE WAS A 3rd LINE CENTER WHEN HE WAS HERE BEING PAID AS A SUPERSTAR. We needed picks and cap space and got it. It’s called a down year, I never see you ripping Amaro apart for trading away the entire farm for aging superstar. What have the Phillies won since going for it all?
    I know you won’t respond to me, because I’m always right when it comes to the Flyers. You’re wrong, shut up about the Richards and Carter trades.

  24. This team is going to get Laviolette fired on Saturday. Because lets be honest, they are going to lay an egg on Friday night.
    Holmgren and Lavy should both be on the hot seat. Lavy’s system is horrible because he thinks dump and chase can win in this league still, and Holmgren has absolutely brought in the WORST talent in Flyers history.

  25. I didn’t watch last night because my team was getting owned by some former KHL player who wasn’t even trying.

  26. THe Flyers D is about as pedestrian as the quality of writing and level of sports knowledge exhibited in this blog.

  27. I like the Flyers fans who get all butt-hurt after reading about these types of articles, which pretty much sums up what we already know/knew. I, myself am a fan, but I’m not pretending things aren’t as bad as they are. THIS TEAM SUCKS! Bryz is awful and has been since he’s been a Flyer. Luke Schenn sucks balls too! Stop with ‘apologist’ BS and wake the fuck up! Things are going backwards and have been for a while.

  28. Hey JD, lets take a walk along the river and then do the skeebitty bee bop under the bridge!

  29. generally avoid this site because its trashy and lazy, but someone told me about this and I couldn’t resist… Nothing you just said bout flyers or the NHL or the game of hockey makes any fucking sense. At all.
    Dude, what the fuck are you talking about with this type OB shit? It makes no fucking sense whatsoever. RICHARDS AND CARTER ARE GONE. MOVE ON. I hated seeing Richie go as much as anyone. I loved his style of play and thought he was a good leader, but hes fuckin gone dude. You can debate whether or not we technically won out on those trades all you want (2 great players who ultimately didn’t win here, one of which was a skilled shooter with many flaws, for 4 Young skilled players with tremendous talent and bright futures who have had big impacts already…sounds fine to me), but you can’t say that those trades set us back much, if at all. People don’t want to trade those young guys because it makes no fucking sense.   Theyre a great core that’s already producing, and if you compare their production/potential at this point to Carter and Richards potential at the same point in their careers, I don’t see how you can complain. Whether or not you’re pissed at where were at now as far as not being cup ready, its silly to take it out on the young guys we got in that trade that are clearly our future.
    And you can reminisce about the carter/Richards years, particularly 08-10,  all you want, but if you really stop and think about it, those teams have the same types of problems as this team, and it goes back to coaching.  We were terrible in 2011 when we got embarrassed by Boston, and even when we got to the cup, we barely made it in the playoffs, and when we did, we didn’t have to play Pittsburgh or washington. We couldn’t win two games in a row to save our lives in 2010, just like now, and our leaders weren’t doing much and our goal scorers were as cold as the ice they played on…Then the team somehow caught fire and the rest is history. You talk about those years as if it were the glory years or something, and in doing so (especially now when its completely irrelevant), you sound just like the “Type OB” people you’re making up.
    You’re talking about Bryz’s “Crippling” contract yet bitch about dumping Richards and Carter, who had much more bloated and crippling contracts than bryz has. Everytime Bryz sneezes the wrong way, you bring up his contract because you think hes not earning it, yet somehow with a straight face, never mention Briere.  You always bring up Bryz’s contract numbers and fail to mention that he actually has like the 9th or 10th highest contract amongst goalies, and if we were going to get someone of equal or better talent than Bryz, than we’re going to have to pay just as much, if not more, for him. You honestly think a guy like Bernier wouldn’t command a similar contract?
    And as far as Giroux goes, you’re honestly saying hes in over his head after this small sample size? You just railed on us terrible hardcore “type ob’’ flyers fans for being too reactionary, yet you’re flushing Grioux down the toilet after 20 some games of an abridged season, with no defense and the offense being porous and inconsistent. The guy called out his team mates, gathered team meetings, has gone out and scored after those things numerous times this season, and is averaging about a point per game. Just because the team stinks doesn’t mean he’s a ahitty captain. That’s as lazy a thought process as you can have.. Get a fuckin clue man.

  30. I got a three point plan to fix everything. Number one: we got this guy Bryzgalov. Number two: he’s got a higher contract than any Flyer alive. And number three: he’s going to fix everything.

  31. Face it, there aren’t many players who want to play for this terrible organization unless they’re being overpaid. Why do you think it’s so hard for them to land top free agents? It’s a franchise that’s living in the past, priding themselves on goonery, with negative fans plus the pressure of a very long Stanley Cup drought, and a cold, arrogant front office to top it off.

  32. They are sellers come April 3, which is GOOD news. It is a bad hockey team when zac rinaldo is arguably your most consistent player.

  33. Get this right: 2010 was a fluke.
    In March of 2010 Holmgren threatened major changes were coming (ie. Richards and Carter were going) if something didn’t change.
    They backed into the playoffs on the very last day in a BS shootout no less.
    Beat a Devils team whose coach spent the series dreaming of retirement on a beach.
    Beat a Bruins team who slowly but surly lost every skilled player they had during the series.
    Beat an 8 seed Montreal who very kindly beat the Penguins and Capitals so the Flyers avoided those two.
    Then they lost to Chicago whose goalie may have actually been worse than Leighton.
    That farce of a Cup run only extended the Richards and Carter era for a season.
    Carter scores garbage goals. Has a terrible shooting percentage, can’t play D. Richards is a mopey third line center who thinks he’s Steve Yzerman.
    If they both stayed here with their enormous NMC contracts it wouldn’t have solved their D problems, they’d have one of these bottom of the barrel goaltenders starting for them. (Don’t give me Bobrovsky, his GAA would be over 5.00 behind this defense and this, um “defensive scheme”).
    Also, with Richards demands for ice time, it’d have eaten into Giroux’s ice time especially on special teams.
    The Carter and Richards trades were still great moves, even if they broke the heart of a blogger who spent days dreaming he’d be included with this two heroes in a homoerotic gang bang of some drunken skank in a Sea Isle beach house. I’d take Vorachek and Simmonds straight up for those two. Cotourier’s a bust, but we got one good playoff vs. the Penguins out of him which is more than you can say for the lovebirds who are in LA.
    What Holmgren and Laviolette SHOULD be fired for is this year. Holmgren took a team that was on the brink last year and not only didn’t improve it in the offseason, but made it worse through inability to land free agents, bad trades, and his stubborn thought that the five guys who had career years last year would repeat that.
    Laviolette should go because he’s a fraud of a coach. His teams are nver prepared, are undisciplined and inconsistent….all the back to December 2009 you could say that about his teams.

  34. oh and HARTNELLDOWN… ya down the drain.. ya hes a “beauty” and fun to watch but he sucks

  35. @Petey
    Finally, someone who makes sense.
    This is the biggest problem with this fucking website. 99.9% of the posts are about Andrew Bynum’s parking tickets (who fucking cares) or what Donovan McNabb had for brunch yesterday (who fucking cares). Then, out of nowhere, Kyle will impose his “sports knowledge” on all of us, which is comprised mostly of misguided opinions and conjecture.
    Pick one or the other, Kyle, because you’re slowly but surely killing your website.
    Either be a ridiculous Philly Sports TMZ, or make an attempt at being a somewhat serious and informative sports blog. Because right now, the combination just isn’t working in your favor.

  36. Didn’t the Flyers back into the playoffs a couple years ago in the last game of the season, after a shootout? They couldn’t even decidedly win the biggest game of their year that day and had to take it to OT and a shootout. Then they went to the cup as an 8 seed and darn near upset a much more talented Chicago team. I’m not going to waste my time to look, but I’m guessing a lot of the articles and comments were similar to these. I’ll wait till it’s officially over before panic sets in.
    Blaming the GM after going for and matching offers for the 3 biggest names in the off season doesn’t make much sense. If he didn’t try and didn’t make legit offers, that’s when I would be concerned. He proved to me that he knew help was needed just by going after those names. I’m guessing he expected an average season after not landing any of them which is probably why a knee jerk drastic move hasn’t been made with shipping off young talent for 1 D man when realistically they need at least 2.
    Giroux, Hartnell, Voracek, Coots and Bryz have all had good years. Now, if we could just get all of them to have a good year at once…..

  37. Agreed with mostly everyone. Good to see that there are at least some commenters on here that aren’t racist imbiciles.
    Especially agree with everyone calling out Lavy. The guys a badass, but just because he told Steve Ott to fuck off doesn’t mean he should be untouchable.

  38. @ DT and Petey: You guys hit the nail on the head. Laviolette is just as much to blame here as Holmgren, if not more so. The team is never ready to go. His system is awful. Dumping and chasing should ONLY be done when a line change is needed. But for some reason this is what he considers a “system”. And lets be honest its a bad one.
    But noooo sir! Kyle only focuses on the GM because he traded away his lovers Carter and Richards, and gives a free pass to Lavy because he provided him some good sound bites/posts/page views from 24/7.
    It’s sad when I come to this blog and have to read the comments for sanity.

  39. if Carter and Richards were offered back to the team for Schenn, Jake, Simmonds and coots would you make the trade Kyle?

  40. They actually came within 2 games of a cup, 1 game from a game 7. Just sayin #checkyourshit

  41. DT said “Cotourier’s a bust, but we got one good playoff vs. the Penguins out of him which is more than you can say for the lovebirds who are in LA.”
    Didn’t Richards and Carter win the cup last year? That is the point with all this bullshit isn’t it?

  42. The site has become the “Morning Show” of blogs.

  43. Stepfords, you quoted me accurately. However, you missed the point.
    One good playoff series against PITTSBURGH. With the implication being obviously with the Flyers against Pittsburgh. Something which in two tries neither Richards nor Carter did.
    A Stanley Cup in LA is irrelevant to the Flyers. The Flyers weren’t going to win the cup sinking their cap space into Carter and Richards. They were also divisive players and locker room cancers.
    They needed to be shipped away, with a sad sack Carter having to spend a half season in the pergatory that is Columbus before bitching and moaning his way into a trade that reunited him with his soul mate in LA, to learn neither one is as great as they think they are.

  44. I love how everyone always says “Richards and Carter” won the cup. Richards had 15 points in 20 playoff games and Carter had 13. That’s not exactly lighting up the world. I’m pretty sure Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick won a the cup for the Kings. Hell, freaking Justin Williams had as many points in the playoffs as Mike Richards. Why don’t you bitch incessantly about how they shouldn’t have traded him ten years ago?
    And Carter and Richards have a combined cap hit of almost $11M for the next decade. How the hell were they supposed to afford them and JVR and Giroux and Hartnell while also building a team around them?
    Also, I love how you don’t mention Jake Voracek at all, because he totally ruins any point you have about the Carter deal. The dude has 31 points in 28 games and he and Coutiree combined make $625,000 more than Carter. You’re telling me that right now if the Kings called you and asked for Voracek and Coots in return for Carter you’d do it? No fucking way you would.

  45. Kyle got spewed on his face by Carter 6 years ago!! And refuses to wash it off still! Get off their dick Kyle! Richie and Jeffie are gone!!! Get over it

  46. You seem to be connecting this teams terrible season with the loss of Richards and Carter and the acquisition of the young guys and Bryz. Have you forgotten that Chris Pronger, jagr, and Matt Carle are gone? Have you noticed that briere has done absolutely nothing all season except be a defensive liability and take dumb penalties?

  47. Dont feel like reading the comments…but kyle are u serious? The carter and richards deals have been a huge success, voracek is a better player than both of them now, plain and simple. Simmonds had outproduced richards EASILY, couturier has sucked all year and schenn has also outscored richards as well.
    You talk about knee jerk reactions and honestly thats exactly what this article is. I love your blog but honestly this is hard to read. We are all clearly upset, this has been a truly frustrating season. Nobody could ever say anything different.
    And why in the F do you miss carter? Do you miss him not scoring backdoor wide open nets costing the flyers game 6 of the finals? The way he missed a wide open net against the penguins in 09 costing us the series ultimately, and the pens winning the cup? Or do you miss the way he never contributed in the playoffs for us whatsoever besides empty netters? He had 1 point in the finals (empty netter, sweet) and was minus 6…

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