DeSean Jackson Would Like You to Know That He Has a Brinks Truck in His Pocket

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Is that an armored monetary delivery vehicle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


What he said.

DeSean Jackson’s latest jam, Brinks Truck, was released on YouTube yesterday. Produced (and presumably funded) by his label, Jaccpot Records, Brinks Truck celebrates the foolish lifestyle lived by so many athletes and rap stars, and unintentionally foreshadows the inevitable bankruptcy that said Brinks truck will lead to when it hauls ass out of a given pocket, ostensibly from making it rain in da club and, well, blowing stacks on rap videos.

Last week, while catching up on ESPN's 30 for 30 series, I watched Broke, the Billy Corben-directed documentary that details the other side of excess and explains why 78% of former NFL players are either bankrupt or under financial stress, some from dumping money into failed rap careers. And DeSean, it would seem, is destined for an appearance in Broke 2.0: When You Realize YouTube Videos are Difficult to Monetize. His Brinks truck is already carrying a lighter load after dropping off $10k to Meek Mill last December and $25k at da club in 2011.

All of that said… the song isn't awful. It's Lou Will good, which isn’t a bad thing. The refrain is tired and painful, but the beat and hooks, and booty-poppin’ cameo from Lee Mazin, are catchy and not horrible. So… there’s that.

Watch it after the jump.

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  1. these people are always coddled and they think they will be “on top” of the world forever.
    he will be working at a car wash in 10 years

  2. God that was painful. It made me want to rip out my eyes and pour drain-o in my ears. Absolute garbage.

  3. You guys are all just speculating. I bet he has a smart financial advisor who invests his money wisely. He probably has his retirement plan all worked out in long term bonds, maybe a roth IRA, and chains, a lot of expensive chains that he is going to sell a year after he is done playing football to pay for all his debts. These guys will never learn. He probably has a Cousin Bern in charge of all his finances which always works out well in the end.

  4. The only thing worse than young, stupid and arrogant black males are young, stupid and arrogant black males with money. With precious few exceptions, they all go down the same, pothole ridden road of wretched excess, followed by crushing poverty. None of these of these fools learn from the mistakes of the idiots before them, and you can bet the house the next generation of dopes will repeat those same errors. Oh, well, not my problem.

  5. This week on “Future Headlines” we have, DeSean Jackson.
    2022: If you thought Dykstra and Iverson were broke…

  6. Only words I heard was “Brinks truck in ma pocket”. On the next…. “Outside the Lines” Broke as a Joke, and Snoop Dog can’t help but laugh

  7. hes as bad a rapper as he is a WR. kyle ur taste in hiphop needs as much help as the eagles defense.

  8. He’s definitely the NFL player about to come out of the closet… not that there’s anything wrong with that

  9. Actually, I think I read somewhere that someone associated with AI was smart enough to dump a very large portion of his money (~50 million) into a trust fund that only allows him to draw a small portion of it monthly, something like 10-15 grand per until hes 55 – upon which he will have access to all of it.

  10. If what Cap. Obvious said is true, Atlantic City is about to make a shit ton of money once AI turns 55.

  11. If only this obvious waste of millions of dollars cared as much about playing football and catching footballs as he does making horrible Rap videos he might not be as much of a waste of millions of dollars. Fuck you DeSean!

  12. Barkley actually made really good real estate investments early on and has said that his financial stability will always be solid.
    He’s way smarter than he sounds.

  13. Yeah, can’t figure out why these guys always go broke.
    Oh wait, yes I can: over on Yahoo’s football blog, there’s a post on a Giants player who made $900K last year and set to make only $45K guaranteed this year who had $500K worth of jewelry stolen out of a hotel safe, presumably by the gold-digging whore he brought home who then disappeared after the theft.

  14. this guy makes Vick look like f’in Peyton Manning in the offseason. how bout hitting the gym d0uchetesticle.

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