Donovan McNabb Got Shredded by John Cena at Raw in Philly Last Night

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Poor Five.

Last night, John Cena, while addressing The Rock and Mick Foley in the squared circle as part of a debate of sorts (I don’t care, nor do I feel like looking up the context), used Donovan McNabb’s name – and just his name – as an instant punchline. 

Talking about those who couldn’t win the big one, Cena…

“Donovan McNabb. [boos] Don…ovan McNabb. [boos] Statistically, Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback to ever put on an Eagles uniform. [boos] But Mick, listen to how the people in the own city that he played for remember him. [boos] Why? Because Donovan McNabb could not win the big one. Philadelphia cares about its teams, Philadelphia’s fans have passion, and with that type of passion, they deserve  someone who can win the big one. [cheers]”


Well played, WWE writers.

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  1. Wow. Kyle Scott uses a fake athlete to further his anti-McNabb agenda.
    Beer fueled knuckle-heads in stages of arrested development along with children who boo and cheer on cue, who pay top dollar to see juiced up creeps pretend wrestle half naked with one another booed McNabb? Seems right.
    Best Eagles quarterback ever and twerps like Scott and fraudulent blowhards like Cataldi badmouth him constantly.
    Well done. When John Cena is the backing for your point of view, you’re in great company.
    (And the “Big Game” for McNabb always changed. It was the NFC Championship until he won one then it became the Super Bowl. Had the defense actually stopped the Patriots from shredding them at will in the second half and the Eagles had won the Super Bowl by three points, i’m sure idiots like Scott, Cataldi, Hughes, MacNow, Gargano and Misanelli would be bitching about not winning by at least a touchdown….still, to this day.)

  2. It doesn’t matter what John Cena thinks. If yaaaaaa smelllllllllll…what the Rock…is…cookin….

  3. @ Jay Hale. You might be the biggest idiot i’ve ever seen on these comments. and that is saying something.

  4. DT, you need to relax pal… I love all these haters getting upset that WWE used McNabb to illicit an easy reaction out of the crowd last night… Everyone saying “Fake atheletes” blah blah blah, get over yourself.
    I don’t normally agree with Kyle, but gimme a break, everyone getting up in arms about something that isn’t more than a funny little anecdote from a wrestling show…
    Now all you haters calm down or I’ll put all of you in the Torture Rack

  5. A case to be made for chanting “Boring” to John Cena – Reclaiming the WWE back from children
    Ever wondered what do fans who chant “Cena Sucks” think? What do they mean when they say those words?
    I want to suggest that most might chant that without realizing it means the opposite of what they are thinking.
    Consider the following:
    – When do you usually hear “X Sucks” chants? When someone is a great heel. The WWE is built on crowds coming to see the basic clash of good vs. evil. Face vs. heel. It doesn’t matter if you came to cheer a face or boo a heel – Both entertain you.
    – Suppose for a minute, that those who chant “Cena Sucks” think similarly to “Cena haters”, as you would call them, within the IWC. Do they “hate” him as you would “hate a great heel”?
    I think not. I think they are not entertained by him. The Cena character was designed to draw children. The character is the generic superhero character, always defeating the odds time after time, and it has been the same for more than 8 years. It is no coincidence, I think, that the voices chanting “Cena Sucks” sound like they come from grown adults. It seems they are no longer the main target audience for the WWE.
    – In my opinion, the WWE has un-mistakenly made a conscious choice to target children as their main target audience. Children are a great source of income, especially in this day and age of online consumerism[1]. Stories don’t have to be
    deep, unpredictable, or coherent for kids to enjoy them. There is no real need of multiple story lines or multi-layered stories, even though we know children will be able to appreciate them – they are just not a necessity.
    But if children are the customer now, and not adults (as myself), than any rant against the product done by adults is irrelevant.
    – Can adults reclaim the show back? Can they do anything against the declining “entertainment value” of the show for adults?
    There is one chant in entertainment that doesn’t mean you are enjoying yourself. There is one dreaded chant that means “I did not pay to see THIS”. This chant is “Boring”. What would happen if all those fans chanting today “Cena Sucks” would chant “Boring” to him instead?
    I believe it would be the last stand for adults as WWE fans. I believe it sends a message saying “We demand better quality”. It is a viable option, available for fans who attend live shows, and it’s a very powerful message when sent to the character spearheading the PG movement in the WWE.
    Either that, or a rival company will get its act together, start producing better story lines, get disappointed talent from the WWE, and history will repeat itself. But does any fan who feels as I described want to wait for this to happen? I hope not. Not while they still have some power left…

  6. WOW, Mr. Opinion what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

  7. Kyle is too intelligent, too sophisticated and just too damn busy to research the context of Cena’s comments.
    That’s funny.

  8. @Randy, get some new material, the Billy Madison quote is tired
    As for Fan’s opinion, you make goosd points but this is probably not the best forum. In fact, I’m actually surprised Randy is the only one to rip you (lazily, I may add) for your unprovoked State of the WWE diatribe on a sports blog

  9. Cena is the biggest ass kisser in the WWE today. He knew all about our love/hate relationship with 5, and played on that to get a cheap pop from the fans.
    Fuck you, Cena. You dissed us in a rap years ago and now you’re all ‘Philly fans are passionate about their sports and want a winner.’ Go jump off the Walt Whitman and forget how to swim.

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