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Here’s a random and self-serving roundup.

– Nnamdi Asomugha has either the best, or worst, publicist in pro football.

He stinks. Never saw a nameplate he doesn’t want to stare at. And probably won’t be an Eagle much longer. 

But somehow, he continues to get make C-list video appearances.

In November, Nnamdi was featured in a Funny or Die skit about the search for the Nigerian Prince. Last night, he was featured on the Kroll Show on Comedy Central in a skit poking fun at wedding shows or something. It’s all very ridiculous, and you can watch the video after the jump.

– Just days after Dennis Rodman left, North Korea has vowed to nuke the US. So that went well.

– Congrats to Tyler Trite for winning two tickets to the Flyers-Sabres game on Sunday simply by RSVPing to the Penguins game. You can do the same here. There are some great deals on Flyers tickets at Crossing Broad Tickets, too.

Philly Phaithful has three t-shirts per day up to 33% off in March. Today, save big on Pittsburgh-ripping shirts like Yous>Yinz and You Can’t Spell Crosby Without Cry

– You can be entered to win an iPad mini simply by choosing your favorite food at Chickie’s and Pete’s. But hurry, you have to do so by noon today.

Very important quizzo update: We had to postpone Jim Carrey quizzo due to that MASSIVE SNOWSTORM THAT CRIPPLED THE REGION. It is rescheduled for next Wednesday at 8:30 at Drinker’s Tavern.

– Can I have this dance? Our friend Sean Don put together a highlight video of tournament-bound Villanova, who beat Georgetown last night. You can watch it after the jump.