Oh, That’s Just CB All Over Computer Screens at TMZ

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Somewhere, the commenters who complain that this site has become “too TMZ for [their] liking” just saw their annoying heads explode.

Our Michael Vick dog training photos made the rounds yesterday, including several appearances on TMZ, where the Crossing Broad logo was flashed a dozen or so times. 

Videos after the jump.

And during the Justin Bieber segment…


15 Responses

  1. CrossingBroad and TMZ…a match made in heaven.
    Keep on insulting your readers. Great plan, jerk.

  2. Time flies when you’re blowing goes
    -Direct quote given to TMZ by Kyle Scott

  3. Congratulations, Kyle. I’m sure that must’ve been quite a proud moment for you.

  4. Haters gotta hate. Keep up the good work and nothing wrong with self-promotion.

  5. When Americas trashiest, most invasive reporters use you as a source, that’s bad…not good. Nothing to be proud of.

  6. CB:
    Claims to feel the pulse of blue collar Philly fans. Proud of TMZ bump.
    Insults other writers for being trashy or snobby. Insults readers.

  7. not quite sure how kyle is supposedly making fun of his viewers. its been said quite often on the site that kyle’s postings are too TMZ-like. so, in making a segment of TMZ, kyle simply and jokingly stated that those particular readers must be furious. i dont see how that is taking a shot or insulting his readers. while i dont always agree with kyle’s posts and his subject matter, the issue is quite simple….if you like it, read on. if you don’t like it, move on. i dont understand how the same people logon to this site day after day only to complain and/or rip the posts. why not visit a different site then?

  8. Kyle,
    It is obvious that, not only do a majority of your readers know but, you know, as well, your website is emblematic of TMZ and their “gossipy” style.
    I wrote this in a post previous, but I think you may have deleted it. But, good for you! You found material that “sells.” Philadelphia is a sports crazed city, and many people enjoy reading about their personal lives as well. I am included in that group … sometimes. However, personally, sometimes it is too much.
    Regardless, once your “gossipy” ways started to become more apparent, your change in material was evident – for example, your article above explaining your theory on the NYR’s plan to beat Bryz laterally, which is a great point emphasized with an NHL ’94 screenshot; my favorite hockey video game of all time!
    I wish I was a loser and had time to analyze your entire website. I would be interested to see your shifts in written material, and compare actual sports critique vs. sports gossip.
    You denying this fact is infuriating to me. For the record, the only reason you are invited to places such as CBP for batting practice or a newly built Xfinity Live for a “VIP” experience isn’t because your a sports blogger. You’re invited to those events to be in their good graces and so you don’t slam them in your writing. You have a strong following because of your take on our athletes and their lives off the “court/field.”
    Just wanted to throw that out there, so you don’t confuse yourself with blogs like Phillies Nation, who provide actual sports information/critiques.

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