Ramon Galloway’s Mom Celebrated at 20th and Olney, Too

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Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.52.03 AM

Perhaps the only La Salle basketball player relative who had a better night than Tyrone Garland’s cousin Bern was Ramon Galloway’s mom, Karen, who joined in the celebration at 20th and Olney.

And good for her. Galloway’s story is a crazy one. Amy Fadool, January, 2012:

But good things are few and far between right now for Ramon’s family. His grandfather, who Ramon credits with his ability to adapt so easily, has cancer and was given six months to live this summer. His mother has to take care of her father and cannot regularly work. Galloway’s father is blind, shot in the head 18 years ago when Ramon was just two-years old. Galloway has nine siblings, and his older brother, closest in age to him, is in jail. But Galloway smiles, still, with all of that going on behind the scenes. He’s a remarkable young man.


Good stuff.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.47.51 AM


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  1. Guy in the gold jacket in that last picture is the love child of Cee lo Green and Shaq.

  2. ok, can we talk about the Flyers and how the team should make Timmo walk home from Shittsburgh now?

  3. Dude – You should just join TMZ – what the fuck is the point of this article?
    You are really fucking up this website .. used to be decent .. now you’re just a piece of shit who doesn’t like to work

  4. What…No long-winded article laced with irrelevant references to Jeff Carter or 51 million dollars, saying how Bryzgalov is the main reason the flyers lost last night, even though he played absolutely spectacular?

  5. wow, those are some real hardships he has had to endure. glad to see that he has used basketball as a positive outlet and not having taken the much easier negative route.

  6. Man, we are really desperate to celebrate a win here in Philly. People will jump on the bandwagon for anything, even La Salle. Now can we please talk about the Flyers.

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