Here’s a GIF of Ryan Howard’s Massive Florida House Being Built

Howard_houseWe’ve told you about Ryan Howard’s massive Gulf Coast housewhich features a moat! – that is currently (and perhaps perpetually) under construction. But here’s the best look we’ve gotten thus far, courtesy of this video from FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Polar Express where the elves are working on Santa’s ridiculously large sack. Of toys, that is.

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24 Responses

    1. Yes he can. Besides the massive contract the Phils dumb dumb GM awarded him he also is a spokesperson for Subway did a Powerade commercial. Not too mention any public appearances and guest speaker type of deals.

  1. I like how he is in Subway commercials, what is the message he is trying to send out. Eat Subway, like me, become fat and suck at baseball…but fuck it I still make millions

  2. yea! good joke! Definitely, let’s see if Ryan Howard can fit his nose inside his house………

  3. more concerned about his wife’s hips thru the doorway, plenty of windows for his nose

  4. We flew down to Clearwater to catch a few Spring Training games last month, and I made it a point to do a drive by. The house is a freakin castle, but as big as it is, all his neighbors have similar sized houses. Fits in nicely down there. The house is right on the main street, very visable to everyone. No privacy. There was also no less then 50 guys doing work on it when we saw it.

  5. It is a freaking monstrosity. Money does not give you taste. He’ll probably be in foreclosure 10 years from now.

  6. Sally4th beat me to it…I guarantee that within 5-7 years of retiring, he won’t be able to afford the taxes on it. It reminds me of the picture I saw once of Matt Geiger’s house.

  7. I feel sorry for his immediate neighbors the one immediatly to the south put his house up for sale

  8. Ha!
    Ryan Howard will not be hall of fame even if he hit 58homerun 150RBI lol.
    I hit 600 infield hits and 80% of my hits are single hits but i can be HOF on first ballot!!!
    sitting lead off spot, and no walk no home run no strike out and many infield hits!
    That’s the key to HOF!!!
    I hate home run I hate RBI I hate walk.
    I hate women who like HRs.
    I think infield hits are sexiest hits in baseball!!!!!!

  9. Most people sitting in the ballpark can’t afford the $$$$ Ryan Howard is spending on doorknobs $80 M.
    Why does someone need his home to be so big with a “lazy river”, bowling alley as well as a trophy room.
    Lost alot of respect for him and his “grand structure” of a house.

  10. I strongly doubt that white Sl@t would be with him if he worked at Wendy’s. gold digger. I hope she steals his money like he is doing to the Phillies organization. He sucks and his 120 million dollar contract isvthe worst signing in Philly sports history. Mr Strikeout!!!

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