Paul Holmgren About to Start Spinning on Living Room Rug, Chasing Tail of Disappointment

Well, man, this is going to come full circle

The Flyers are the least goddamned forward thinking organization in professional sports. I – literally – show more restraint in video game franchises. Hey, we have no shot at winning anything this year, so let’s grab old men Mike Knuble and Simon Gagne to round out the roster because we like them and the Type OBs will eat that shit right up and buy their jerseys, again. Jaromir still available? He was well-liked here. Let’s kick his worn tire– maybe he will be the final piece to secure a first-round exit.

Sam Carchidi,

A league source confirmed that the Flyers are having exploratory trade talks for Dallas winger Jaromir Jagr, Calgary defenseman Jay Bouwmeester and San Jose winger Ryan Clowe.

Look, I’m not trying to hate (really), but you’re crazy if you think the Flyers have anything other than an outside chance of squeaking into the playoffs and winning exactly no rounds. They’re not very good. And an already bad defense is even worse thanks to injuries (and I’m including two-way forward Talbot here, too). And maybe someone like Jagr or Bouwmeester, whom I was told over the summer that the Flyers were interested in, would help. But with what, exactly? Heightened expectations and disappointment? It’s over. But it’s never over for the Flyers. You need to look no further than this line from Carchidi:

GM Paul Holmgren said Saturday the Flyers would not pursue a “rental” player for the stretch run, but after wins over Boston and Washington over the weekend moved the Flyers to within two points of eighth place in the East, he apparently has had a change of heart.

Stop it, Paul. Max Talbot is done for the year. I don’t even know who plays defense. And the rest of the team is kind of a clusterfuck. Give up. Go for next year. 40 years of this nonsense. It’s like a dog chasing its tail– you may get a nip once in a while, but you’re never going to seize control of it. Play the long game, man. Hunt squirrels and dander– you’ll eventually catch something.

I mean, look at this: [CSN Philly]

The price for 30-year-old Clowe, who has no goals in 28 games, is expected to be high despite his off year. He is due to become an unrestricted free agent in July.

If Sean Couturier is involved in the deal, as has been suggested, the move makes little sense. The Flyers’ biggest need is a puck-moving defenseman, and Couturier would be a big chip in such a trade.

I swear to fucking Christ (poundies to him for rising yesterday– respect that) if the Flyers trade Sean Couturier before he’s had time to fully grow (and presumably shave) the hair on his balls, I’m going to go ballistic. He’s the guy Type OBs point to as an example for why the Mike Richards and Jeff Carter trades were good ones. Sure, he’s had a rough season, but give it time, man. Please. Holy shit. Can we for once not trade a young talent because he’s had some growing pains? Just once show some prudence? Just once not bet the house on (Orange and) Black? WHY DOES NO ONE QUESTION THESE THINGS?

I know these are all rumors, but there’s undoubtedly some sharts (yes, sharts, because they’re shitty ideas) of truth to them. The Flyers have a track record – of almost half a century – of being foolish like this. You can’t go chasing pavements every season– it leads nowhere. Just hang tight. Mr. Snider and Comcast Spectacor will survive without a round of playoff games.

This one should test the capabilities of the new comment section…

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5 Responses

  1. I’ll test out the comments section.

    I agree 100%. I don’t want any of these players. If anything, the Flyers should be sellers. (Hartnell to the Kings for Bernier, anyone?) I realize we have an outside shot at making the playoffs, but that outside shot is as worthless as it is meaningless.

  2. Do not trade Coots, or Schenn or Laughton or whatever other potential prospect you have in the minors. I’m so tired of seeing our young guys turn into good to great players elsewhere, ie Bobrovsky, JVR, Sharpe and the list goes on and on. We need a top 4 pick in the draft, dump some of our over the hill relics and actually sign a worthwhile free agent this year instead of just making good offers to guys who sign elsewhere. Screw the playoffs this year, I want Seth Jones.

  3. Even though he just got traded to the Blues, in fairness, acquiring Jay Bouwmeester would’ve actually helped shore up the shitty defense that desperately needs a good player who can play in his own end and move the puck up the ice. Plus he’s only 29 and under contract for next year as well. Not exactly and old has-been rental player.

  4. Homer screwed the pooch (per usual) on the Bouwmeester deal. He was traded for 2 AHL players and a conditional (lottery protected) 1st round pick. No reason the Flyers couldnt have done the same. A big, left handed, scoring defensman is what tis team needed, and yet were focused on Clowe who has scored as many goals this season as I have.

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