That was Roy Oswalt Tweeting Last Night

Dang ol’ yeah thatdbeme tweetin’ back herr

In what kind of world do we live? Roy Oswalt – yeah, the redneck who missed a week of baseball to ride on his tractor and, ostensibly, hurt his back in the process – is now tweeting… tweeting about returning to baseball, and about his buddy, Roy Halladay.

I was skeptical that those Tweets from last night were actually made by Oswalt. But they were, according to Matt Gelb:

Oswalt’s agent, Bob Garber, confirmed Tuesday it was indeed Oswalt sending those messages.

Garber said Oswalt started using the Twitter account three days ago. He is throwing Mississippi State but has not yet reached 100 pitches. Garber has not been in contact with any teams and does not plan to sell his client until his arm is ready.

So why did Oswalt tweet?

“I don’t know,” Garber said. “I don’t have an answer. He wants to play and he wants to pitch this year.”

Today, Oswalt, who apparently writes in a form of C++, again took to the Tweets… this time to clear the air (bulldoze it?) and DEMONSTRATE THE TOTALLY WRONG WAY TO USE  COMMAS ,

, thanks Roy ,

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  1. You go right on tweeting, L’il Roy. And riding your tractor. Leave the pitching to the younger guys.

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