Donovan McNabb Will Retire as an Eagle, Likely on the Day Andy Reid Returns

Week 3 against the Chiefs is shaping up to be a real blast from the past.

Donovan McNabb finally acknowledged yesterday what we all already knew– that he hasn’t been an NFL quarterback since 2010. He will retire, as an Eagle, and he said on his NBC Sports radio show last night that the team has suggested September 19 as a date to do it… the day Andy Reid and the Chiefs come to town. Fun.

Now seems like a good time to bring you this song written by Mama McNabb, When Your Heart is on the Field:

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18 Responses

  1. while i see mcnabb as the best QB ever in eagles history, i can also see the beef many had with him in terms of his defects and shortcomings. still, despite those deficiencies, i can’t understand the venom many have for him. a few weeks back, i watched all iverson return to the wells fargo. he was given a thunderous standing applause. it baffled me because we all know the atrocities iverson has committed. yet, i already heard that idiot loudmouth, know-nothing caltadi on the radio this am talking about bringing the dirty 30 to the game to boo him! just another reason why catladi and his cronies are truly a bunch of jackasses!

    1. Kind of off base there. They sell out every game with ease regardless if they’re terrible or not…there’s like a 5 year wait list for season tickets…

  2. Good for Donnie football…I never understood the level of McNabb hate. The guy was a beast and left it all on the field for us for how long? McNabb in his prime was filthy good. I just wish we got him a WR that wasn’t complete garbage before 2004-05…


    1. The hates comes because of his poor performances in the playoffs.

      Look at McNabb’s career regular season stats vs. his Playoff stats. The glaring difference is Int/TD ratio sky rockets in the playoffs. The guy continued to come up small in the post season.

      He was a good QB, but not a great QB. Unfortunately, the head coach didn’t do him any favors with his own playoff blunders.

      1. I feel you. The Carolina playoff loss is probably the best example of that…I think they lost that game something like 13-6? Unreal. He had some great playoff performances but once they hit that title game it was curtains. That Tampa game was such a nightmare.

        He was also in large part a product of a great defensive system that took a ton of pressure off of that offense. Reid has been lost since we lost Jim Johnson.

  3. Bad for Donnie Football… I always understood the level of Mcnabb love. The guy was an animal and left it on the grass for us for how long? Donnie in the early to mid 2000’s was super talented. I just wish we got him a wideout that wasn’t from Delco before his career started to wind down.


    1. I hate the WR argument and McNabb. He didn’t have world class WR’s but he did have a top notch offensive line, pass catching TE’s, and the best running back in Eagles history (who was a pretty damn good receiver also). So please, enough with the complaints about WR’s. McNabb failed in the playoffs because of his increased INTs in the playoffs and Andy Reid’s playoff blunders.

      1. I wouldn’t say Westbrook is better than Van Buren or Montgomery but that’s a different debate.

        His int’s in the playoffs were brutal…especially Ronde Barber’s…but if he had even a semi talented WR against the Rams or Panthers, it might have been a different story. The Bucs game was a complete debacle. He had a good group against Arizona and they were very close to pulling that game out and the defense blew that late lead.

        Outside of the SB against New England, he never had a WR with half of Owens’ talent in the playoffs. I will give you the offensive line for sure though. That line was the best group in the teams history imo.

  4. I do agree McNabb left it all out on the field. There was the time he played with a broken leg and light up Arizona. Unfortunately there was the time he literally left it on the field and threw up in the superbowl.
    While personally I don’t understand the venom directed towards him because he did far more good then bad, I feel the superbowl is a large reason behind the opposition. truthfully I can see why it would make people so angry. I do think there is legitimacy to the argument that McNabb did not have a full array of weapons though. To those who feel otherwise need I say James Trash? Todd Pinkston? Torrance Small. C’mon those are not legit NFL caliber wr’s.
    However, i think besides McNabb’s own flaws (which there were some) his biggest hindrance was Andy Reid. Reid’s lousy play calling (pass: run ratio), mismanagement of timeouts, etc. all did not help Mcnabb (yes I am sure people will mention about he didnt know you could tie a game). A strong argument could be made that Mcnabb hid many of Reid’s flaws. While they birds traded McNabb at the right time, how did Reid fair without him after he was gone?
    I hope everyone gives McNabb a hand when he retires. If nothing else the last few seasons should make us appreciate him a bit more. He may not be your favorite Eagle but the fact is he took us to the playoffs nearly every year and the offense was better under him then the slop trash we have been subjected to since he was sent packing.

  5. I predict a public relations disaster from this event, should it come off as scheduled. You’ve got Donnie Drama, perhaps THE most polarizing athlete ever to play in this town coming back so he can be cheered by half the crowd and booed like mad by the rest on national television. As everyone knows, when it comes to McNabb, there has never been a middle ground with Eagles fans, and likely never will, so, like it or not, he will be jeered, even on his big night. Sure, it won’t be deserved, but it’ll happen anyway, meaning Black Eye #123,456 against Philly fans in the national media. And the Kansas City game is at night, giving fans extra hours to get juiced up and make bigger asses of themselves than normal. I don’t see this ending at all well, not for McNabb, the Eagles, or the fans. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    1. totally agree with ThePhillyFlash in that it has the potential to be ugly but it will only be ugly because the media will make it ugly. i firmly believe that an overwhelming number of fans will respectfully cheer the return of both reid and mcnabb. however, the assholes in the NFL network production truck will have their cameras and microphones fixed on the few derelicts who choose to boo and/or hold up a degrading sign thus perpetuating the asshole philly fan stereotype.

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