Here’s Video of Claude Giroux Singing Karaoke at McGillin’s, and Other Tidbits from the Flyers’ Sunday Fun Day

The shimmy at :12 kills me

The captain don’t care, he’s just one you.

Last year, Claude Giroux blew off steam at the end of the season by playing baggo and beer pong (with a cast on each wrist, mind you), activities with which we can all identify. This year? Karaoke at McGillin’s. Thank God I’m a Country Boy, to be exact. That’s right, the best athlete in the city likes to throw back a few and take his swings at oldies bar rock… just. like. you.

That’s Scott Hartnell dancing in front of him.

G, Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn and some other Flyers were out and about on Sunday– first Dayload at King’s Oak, then Frankford Hall and, later, McGillin’s, according to a tipster.

Other folks spotted the Flyers as well:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 4.44.12 PM

I’m guessing Dan is the guy in the Gaborik shirt in the video.

There was a rumor going around Twitter that Hartnell got into a fight of some sort, or was jumped, at King’s Oak in the Piazza. Here’s what actually happened, according to a witness with whom I spoke: Hartnell gave an autograph to a woman who wanted one for her 12-year-old son. She also wanted a photograph with Hartnell, but he, like most of the Flyers, prefers not to be photographed when he’s out drinking (sorry) and politely declined, several times. But the woman didn’t leave him alone and eventually he said to her something to the effect of, “Why don’t you go the fuck home to your 12-year-old son.” When he turned to leave, a man grabbed him from behind and Hartnell flipped the instigator to his front and brought him #hartnelldown. That’s where Jason Akeson briefly stepped in. The fight was quickly broken up.

The tipster tells us that Giroux, Hartnell, Simmonds and the others were very friendly, signing autographs and generally blending in with the crowd. At one point, however, a group of about 30 or so people applauded them when they were leaving one of the bars… though presumably not for Giroux’s singing.


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  1. rental home down the shore didnt open yet? i guess they are waiting for rest of the crew.

  2. Wish these losers would leave town. If they aren’t in the playoffs, no1 wants to see them out this time of year.

    Go the fuck home losers & fuck Ed Snider

  3. Hartnell actually got his ass beat by one guy,his bodyguards then jumped in and whooped the guys ass,Hartnell better hope a law suit doesn’t come out of this as hundreds of people have photo and video of his entourage using excessive force on a single guy…to be continued.

  4. I would have broke a beer bottle over Harts head if he ever pulled that shit with me. Flyers team of 2013 are a bunch of unlikeable underachieving soft pussies.

    G is also not a “superstar” & currently working on his summer pot belly again. Lmao lol lol ttyl

    1. Alright hot shot, I bet you would…I bet youd really be able to beat the shit out of a professionl hockey player with those internet muscles of yours…Jesus, you Faggots are really quick to jump ship, aren’t ya? One bad (abridged) season is all it takes for this team to be soft unlike able pussies? That’s pretty sad…It’s also pretty sad that you’re bashing Giroux, whose definition of a bad season is averaging a little over a point per game…Yeah, ok.

      1. Sounds like G or Harts posted this^^^
        Also I would drop the hammer on Harts if he stepped to me!! I should fuck him
        Up for having a terrible season & ruining my spring with no postseason

    2. If he pulled what shit? Signed an autograph for a stupid cunt who couldn’t take no for an answer about pictures? You are a fucking limp dick idiot if you need to use a beer bottle on soft pussies isn’t that right? Fucking internet “hard asses” are such a joke. That’s what you are.

  5. Trying to fight athletes in public…nice beer muscles and attempt at 15 seconds of fame. Typical fucking pussy loser.

  6. Tooo soon

    – Heard G say after a loss, “either way we don’t lose” we’re still getting drunk & having a good time tonight.

    1. when are people going to realize that an overwhelming majority of professional athletes dont care about wins or losses. of course, they want to win and all. however, with a loss, do people honestly expect these guys to go straight home, punch holes in the wall, and then sit in the darkest room of their house and sob hysterically until the start of the next game? now, if theyre out partying their asses off the night before a game, that is a different story. however, i dont see anything wrong with blowing off some steam after a game or even a season.

  7. while these guys reserve the right to live life just like anyone else, it has to be expected that when pro athletes venture into the bars of the common folk that assholes in the bar will pick fights with them. im not condoning the actions of the assholes, but athletes have to know and prepare for it. when it does happen, its best to then move on to the next bar and avoid a lawsuit that comes with beating the ass of some loser looking for same fame and payday. as for the tweeters, they always crack me. they send tweets as if they are sitting at a table with the players, smacking glasses, and singing piano man! losers!

  8. Bet it was G’s idea to heading to McGillins so he could wander down the street to blow a guy

  9. Rumor has it, they are all headed to the Kentucky Derby this weekend

    neigh! neigh!!!
    neigh! neigh!!!

    Oh wooo booboobooo

  10. Look I’ve been bar tending for a long time and have had these guys as customers and he’s the real skinny. They’re just like everybody else. Don’t tell me none of you “Internet tough guys” never got a few drinks in you and sung karaoke ? Give me a break. How would you feel if every time you went out with your friends or co-workers you were criticized or called names. To tell you the truth these guys are better customers then most of you assholes. They tip well they don’t act like they’re Jesus Christ himself they’re polite and respectful and don’t act like idiots. You guys probably don’t tip and walk around like your a somebody but chances are your nobody who lives in their moms basement or spends their daddy’s money. Get over being a hater because jealousy is one of the worst traits you can have. Makes you sound and look like an asshole.

    1. @ bill

      These same guys are costing your bar $ this spring by not making the playoffs. This sat would have been great drinking cold beer while viewing the flyers. Kentucky derby & the mayweather night cap

  11. Call me old fashioned, but these guys are athletes, they should be going to the gym to “blow off steam” not going to the bar so Hartnell and Guroux can expand their pot bellies.

  12. Who cares!! Have to remember these are 20 something years olds doing what young adults do.
    Having a good time!!!

    1. @Amanda im Jason Akinson i play for the Flyers can i slam u in the ass too? G has been training me so its all good

  13. How can these guys even show their faces in public after that pathetic season?

  14. I’ll never understand how guys who talk about women the way some of you do. Keyboard warriors, requiring microscopes to locate their own dicks, using hate speech for 52% of the human race. Besides, cunts/pussies are *awesome*. If you’d ever been anywhere near one, you’d know that. As for faggots… congratulations, yet again you just used the moral equivalent of the n word. Interesting, how threatened some guys are by gay men. Surely one relaxed in his own skin would think gay guys left more women for him?

    For the record, G is a nice guy. Tips well as mentioned, polite, and – not that it matters – he’s straight. Hartsy, too. And neither suffers from your own medical issues. No maggotty little micropeens with those boys; I’ve been told from very reliable sources. Sure, they played less than their best this season, but Hartsy had a serious injury needing surgery, and G was dealing with an underperforming team. He’s still a PPG player and his faceoff ranking is stellar. That’s his job: score goals, assist others in scoring, and win faceoffs. He did all three, some shaky turnovers notwithstanding. The weak defense was the biggest issue this year, and nothing those guys could have done would improve that.

    1. What about his plus minus…… that is a bigger factor than alll the stuff u said. if ur such a good two way player that line should b better. yes the D sucked, and yes they missed damn near 300 player games to injuries. these are all just excuses. take a look at Ottawa, they had more injuries. I’m tired of all this bickering with everyone. so G went out to blow off steam, i don’t care and neither does he. that being said i dint say he doesn’t care about not being in the playoffs. and lets b real if they got into the playoffs, Shittsburg would have gotten rid of us in 4. so lets all stop having a who’s cock is bigger contest, cause we already know that award goes to Me with all 12 centimeters…….. MOve on people

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