I Want to Buy the Guy Who Caught PPA Workers Eating Lunch in a “No Stopping Anytime” Spot Lunch

See, I’m conflicted on the PPA. The overwhelming sentiment I, and I’m sure most of you, feel toward them is that they are a bunch of overzealous automaton douchebags so efficient at their job of federally pounding you in the ass that they should be forced to spend an hour a day with an enraged Jodi Arias.

That’s the prevailing sentiment.

But there’s a part of me that has a newfound respect for them. I was a guest on FOX Good Day a few months back, and thanks to the Turnpike, Blue Route and 95, I was running late and my 7:45 slot had to be pushed back to 7:55. I was instructed by FOX producers to park in front of their studio at 4th and Market, where someone would be waiting to take me into the studio. I had done this before and remembered needing a pass to park there. But I pulled up at 7:53 (remember: on-air at 7:55) and, at that point, made a mad dash for the studio. I got mic’d up during a commercial break, schooled producer Tom Louden in Sixers pessimism, and returned to my car before 8:05. I was parked in the spot for under 10 minutes… and a ticket had been on my car for nine of them. The overzealous automatons had struck again. But, to my amazement, when I tweeted the PPA about my predicament, explaining my situation and sending them a link to the clip, they provided me with an email address to protest the ticket and, huzzah, the fine was dropped. They (at least the people working in the office, not the Terminators on the street) had a heart. So now I’m torn. I want to hate them, but I’ll never forget the time that tweeting a complaint about a parking ticket actually worked. It makes me all Misty May. That said, I still enjoyed the hell out of seeing the look on Cee-lo’s face as he was caught red-handed.

via Philly Mag

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22 Responses

  1. Those fucking parking rats are worse than beach badge checkers. Fucking Facist State we live in

    1. if we weren’t forced to pay taxes to our overlords, this mouth breather would probably be a shitty used car salesman on kensington ave. instead he’s probably got a great pension and his kids have full medical.

  2. I hate the PPA and they gave me the biggest bullshit ticket (“there used to be a sign there, so you still can’t park there”) and denied my appeals but this video is stupid because there is a difference between no STOPPING and no STANDING. if you are sitting in your car able to move it at any moment, you are technically standing, not stopping.

    1. Well question to ask , would the general public be issued a ticket for eating lunch in their car in that spot?

      1. You cant get a ticket if you are in your car. The PPA would just call the cops to have you move if you refused.

        1. Incorrect. Not only have I had tickets written while sitting in my car, but once I walked up while a ticket was being written and the guy told me I was fine and he stopped writing it. I got the ticket in the mail a week later with “drive off” written in the comment section of the ticket.

          1. I thought you couldnt get a ticket if you were in the car unless it was a no standing zone? Not that the pigs follow the rules anyway.

            Walking up is different then sitting in the car though. Once they start a ticket they will almost always finish it. U didnt think they would lie to you to avoid confrontation? Its not worth it to fight it usually since it takes a few hours out of your work day so most just pay the ticket. HA ha Bastards.

  3. at least the beach badge checkers you now part of that money is going toward cleaning up that beach and paying for lifeguards, this shit is just going into slimy fucks pockets

  4. Mother fuckers! I got a no stopping ticket right in front of me from 2 days ago! I’m gonna mail them a box of dog shit!!!

  5. Kyle- The only reason the PPA repealed the ticket was because they knew you had a public forum to bash them with if need be. They’re cocksuckers, but theyre not stupid cocksuckers.

  6. I don’t know what the fuss is. Stop breaking the law – it’s that plain and simple. Put enough money in the parking meter or find a parking garage. Or if you’re that angry about it, run for public office and try to change the law. But think about this: without the money coming in from parking tickets, who knows how much higher city taxes would be?!?

    The real problem is the lack of a proper subway system. Public transportation in Philly is some of the worst in the country.

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