Kobe Bryant Tweeted a Picture of His Achilles Surgery

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.26.16 PMWhen Kobe Bryant’s not in a legal battle with his mom… he’s raping women he’s tweeting DISGUSTING PICTURES OF HIS ACHILLES SURGERY (!!!).

I’m mostly immune to stuff like this because I went to Body Worlds twice– once you see camel penis and literally behind the curtains of a vagina, you’re pretty much no longer fazed by surgery pictures. So I’m cool. And I actually think Kobe is a decent tweeter. But what I want to know is who took this picture? Obviously it wasn’t Kobe, and, generally, family members aren’t allowed in to watch this sort of thing. So did Kobe get this picture from the hospital? Was his agent in there? Did he ask a doctor (or really cute nurse…) to snap a picture of his ripped open foot so he can instantly gram it to show all his fans his pain and suffering and make us like him more because he’s human and bleeds blood just like us? I just don’t get it, that type of narcissism. Takes a real vain person to try that hard. Really got to be some sort of sick, fake person to be that obsessed with getting the perfect social media grab to convey the perfect tone. Really pathetic. Can’t stand guys like that. Losers, all of them.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.19.25 PM

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5 Responses

  1. Article on yahoo says he faked the whole thing

    he does seem to be doing a lot of tweeting about all his pain and suffering, setting up the perfect comeback. maybe a little too much…

  2. rumor has it he is now suing his mom after she entered the OR, took his old achilles, and attempted to sell it on ebay!

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