Police Dismissed Nick Young Rape Allegations in 2011

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.05.33 AMThe knuckleheads from the hate everything I do crowd had a problem yesterday when I questioned the anonymous woman who is suing Nick Young for an alleged rape that happened two years ago, the one without any criminal charges or police investigation:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.02.56 AM

Surely, I must have been endorsing rape. But what do you know, TMZ followed up their report yesterday (I really need to stop going to Phillies games in the afternoon lest I miss important athlete rape updates) with this:

She’s filed a civil lawsuit, but now we’re learning shortly after the alleged incident, she went to LAPD cops who dismissed her claim because her story didn’t make sense.  What’s more … law enforcement says at the time she went to cops, she was already talking about a lawsuit, and that made them even more suspicious.

We’re told the woman subsequently made financial demands on Nick — to either pay up or face a lawsuit.

So, like I said: There’s nothing Swaggy about this story, but I wouldn’t call Young a rapist quite yet.* Young and the Sixers had been aware of the situation for some time, but declined comment to the Inquirer:

However, a source closed to Young labeled the claims by a woman referred to in the suit as “Jane Doe” as “preposterous.”

Side note: This story got very little attention. Could you imagine if those accusations were made against, say, Chase Utley or Michael Vick? It would be top story everywhere. Nick Young? Oh, he calls himself Swaggy… a sex assault lawsuit is like street cred for him.

*I don’t even like Young. If he did rape the woman, then he should get thrown in jail and not get off with a silly settlement.


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  1. likelihood of either of miller or levy acknowledging their overreaction: low

  2. I don’t think I have hated anything as much as they hate you and this site. Pointless.

  3. i see nothing wrong with people offering opposing views. that’s what a blog is all about… sharing opinions. what i understand is the logic of those commenters who come here day in and day out only to consistently piss and moan about the content.

  4. What a bi*** c**t. Honestly – people like Jen Miller just need to get laid.

  5. Kyle, it’s so nice that you offered some attention for this attention starved lady. You definitely made her day! What a nice young man you are. Now she’ll have something to tweet about for the rest of her afternoon!

  6. “This story got very little attention. Could you imagine if those accusations were made against, say, Chase Utley or Michael Vick?”

    I think it’s more of a result/sign of Philadelphia’s provincial sports fans. To be honest, a lot of us don’t follow teams and players outside of Philadelphia. You know, it’s Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers in this town and not much else. And then there is Big 5 Hoops…

    Wait. What’s that? Nick Young is a member of the Sixers.

    Ohh yea, look at that. You learn something new everyday.

  7. Okay, who is Jen Miller and why is she so pissed?

    As for Nick Young, he’s out the door anyway. Who cares about him?

    1. If you check out this Jen Miller chick’s timeline on twitter, you’ll immediately notice two things.
      One, she doesn’t STFU. She tweets constantly and I don’t know how long she’s been on twitter, but she’s up to 84K tweets.
      Secondly, it apparent that she feels that no woman has ever falsely accused a man of rape.

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