The Music, Science and Soundtrack of Chip Kelly’s Funhouse

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Pic via Matt Lombardo

Here you stare at the assembled media as they sit(!) at the Novacare Complex and watch the first open Eagles practice of the Chip Kelly era. You’ll notice Tim McManus in the foreground, Les Bowen and Rich Hoffman behind him, John Gonzalez, John Clark, and even the sweater vest G Cobb wore in his car cam video. They enthusiastically watched as Kelly showed off his funhouse on the field.

What’s different? Well, for starters, reporters are now allowed to sit on the concrete bleachers (a real treat!), something that was outlawed under Andy Reid. There are no huddles anymore– huddles are for the weary. And now practice includes a soundtrack that appears to be a strange hybrid of Jock Jams and Now, Volume 602

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.15.21 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.15.29 PM

… and a recorded voice instructing players where to go next like something out of a futuristic Tom Cruise movie: 

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.13.49 PM

Frightening. Eery. Awesomely ridiculous, Chip’s funhouse is.

Kelly spoke with the media after practice and already dropped goofy scientific shit… some of which actually makes sense:

Why the music in practice?

“There’s a lot of science behind it. I got 12 minutes left in this thing, so I can’t really get into the details.”

I think he was serious.

On the short bursts of up-tempo practicing:

“Football is really an anaerobic sport, when you look at it. Hard 5-6 seconds, take a break.”

Annnnnd with those two quotes Chip Kelly just explained the gym habits of Jersey Shore cast members. Or a very sad sex life. Next up for Eagles players: tanning, laundry.

With the help of Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardo975) and other Eagles scriptuals on Twitter, here’s the practice soundtrack for Chip Kelly’s Funhouse. Listen to it and see the full (24) song list after the jump.

On Fire, Young Dro


Thunderstruck, ACDC


Panama, Van Halen


Crazy Train, Ozzie


Hungry Like a Wolf, Duran Duran


Stronger, Kanye West


Rock You Like a Hurricane, Scorpion


California Love, 2Pac


Chasing The Sun, The Wanted


Pound The Alarm, Nicki Minaj


Get It Started, Pitbull


Goin’ It, Jennifer Lopez


Hero, Nas


Good Feeling, Flo Rida


Shipping Up To Boston, Dropkick Murphys


Turn Me On, David Guetta


Starships, Nicki Minaj


What Is Love, Haddaway


Chasing Summers, Tiesto


We Will Rock You, Queen


Foreign Exchange Student, XV


Party Rock, LMFAO


I Love It, Icona Pop


Don’t You Worry Now, Swedish House Mafia


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  1. Interesting…Whatever works I guess?

    But c’mon TWO Nikki Minaj songs?! One is bad enough, TWO should be punishable by death.

  2. The thing is, Crazy Train isn’t a Sabbath song. Thankfully, it’s followed up by a Duran Duran song.

  3. HA! You fixed it in the time it took me to make that post. Still spelled his name wrong, though.

  4. Love this, I was putting together the same thing and saw a few others mentioned: 50 Cent – New Day and Foo Fighters – No Way Back before Stronger, and Ram Jam – Black Betty after it

  5. Should have 2 tickets to paradise and loverboy “working for the weekend” added to that set.
    Who the f makes this playlist Spudds???

  6. Pantera-Revolution is my name

    Listen to that and tell me you don’t want to run through a brick wall.

    Nikki Manaj looks like an unlockable character in Mortal Kombat.


  7. I second that face, but then again just about any pantera song would work

  8. You can tell who the white trash hockey/flyers fans are in this conversation by their “music” suggestions. Pantera is strictly for jean short wearing fat fucks with sloppy neck beards who sit on the back of their shit trucks tailgating before Flyers games.

    I fucking hate the majority of the social misfits and greasy fat fucks that are hockey fans.

    1. Dude I could not agree more. I even seen some idiot at a flyers game with a flyers tat on the back of his calf. Losers

      1. typical diehard flyers fan……..spends nearly 15-20% of his annual salary to split a season ticket plan with 3 other diehards in the 200 level. before games, he can be found crushing a 12 of bud while sitting on his early 2000’s F-150 and blaring megadeath, pantera, etc. obviously, grooming is of low priority for him as he sports a 6-day growth on his face and his delcoulese hair flows from all regions under his legion of doom hat. his gold plated chain and gold plated flyers emblem dangle from his pelican-like neck while his moo-moo like jersey covers his wide frame. despite frigid temps, jorts are worn to proudly display his flyers tatt on his calf. as for footwear, he wears either his work boots or he slips into his white reebok classics.

        1. Allow me to edit that for you, “Informed”…

          Much less than your exaggerated estimated % of my salary to split season tickets with a friend. Crush 3-5 Lager’s, Stella’s, Miller Lite’s, maybe a Guiness – but never more than 2 since they’re kinda heavy before a game. Usually the pregame is in a bar, a suite or else inside my 2013 Infiniti or his 2012 300 C, depending on whether or not we decide to burn one instead of drinking. Grooming is a pretty important thing, although I maintain what would be considered about 4-6 days of growth in facial hair, so bravo on that bold charictarization. No dangling chains, but definitely a Flyers jersey, and no wide frame…sorry to dissapoint. I’m a former Jort wearer in my younger years, I have to admit – I am a Philly kid, after all and, I mean…the 80’s happened…so…yeah – but no more Jorts for me. Usually Jeans and dark causal shoes, but the white Reeboks make an apprearance from time to time. Don’t front on classic style, son!

          The moral is; there’s a whole lot of Flyers fans that don’t fit into your little hater-for-no-reason diatribe. Most Flyers fans are die-hard Eagles and Phillies fans as well. Just because someone may not be as refined as you clearly believe you are, doesn’t mean they’re any less of a fan.

          Oh, and f**k you! Pantera rules!

  9. Queen? Minaj (two times)? This practice soundtrack is a bit, ummmm, “how you doinnnnnnn?” I hear tomorrow’s practice will consist of Bronski Beat, Adam Lambert, The Communards, and the Scissor Sisters.

    Chip Kelly is TOTALLY ahead of his time.

  10. so, andy didnt want reporters sitting on the concrete bleachers because he didn’t want his players to see reporters just sitting around. well, they are bleachers so what else are they to do when practice is going on being as you cant interview players and staff during practice! also, the gold standard can only afford concrete stands? wow.

    1. Well, maybe that was just Andy being a dick. Nothing more complicated than that. As for Chip’s playlist, it certainly was eclectic.

  11. King chip has entered the building to his theme song thunderstruck , bow down NFC east there’s a new bad ass in town You’ve been thunderstruck

  12. Shazam was definitely in full effect. There’s no way that media crew knew an XV song.

  13. Swedish House Mafia!!! Chip knows edm will get the birds going play some Eric prydz, boys noize, hardwell and dyro why don’t ya?

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