Cary Williams Said Just Some of the Stupidest Things to Mike Missanelli Today

I kinda liked what Cary Williams said the other day about missing OTAs so he could be around for his daughter, so he could be a good father. It was refreshing. Honest too. But perhaps he should have quit while he was ahead. Because today, Williams was grilled by Mike Missanelli about missing OTAs to go to his daughter’s dance recital and so he could pick out sconces and other modern luxuries for his new house. It quickly became one of the most surreal athlete interviews you will ever hear. Williams, playing the role of the spoiled athlete, didn’t back down, and Missanelli, playing the role of the working-man Eagles fan, kept pressing. To the excerpt machine!

You seem surprised about the fans’ reaction.

“I’m not surprised at all. I really don’t care, truthfully, if you want me to be honest. I feel like the NFL, teams hold player captive over the OTAs. They say it’s not, but it’s mandatory, you know what I’m saying?”

How do you think the organization feels about you feeling that way?

“I really don’t care. I told them what the situation was and we had a communication and that’s what it was.”

You know that your profession is unique, that you don’t have the same leeway to do what other people do…

“Sure I have the same leeway, because it’s still my life.”

“We don’t have a long offseason, sir. So if I sacrificed a couple weeks here or there, to me I don’t see the big deal, because at the end of the day I’m still focused on my family. And at the end of the day, those are the people that make me happy, man. And I’m trying to make my daughter happy.

But you do have a bigger offseason than the regular working man, don’t you think?

“Do you think we take days off?

No, you’re working out, but it’s not like you’re punching the clock and doing eight hours a day and sweatin’ and toilin’, you know what I’m saying?

“So that’s what you’re doing, you sweatin’ and toilin’ for eight hours?”

No, because I have a relaxing job where I don’t do anything. I’m stealing money here being a sports talk host. But I’m talking about the average guy who goes out there and grinds it out for $35,000 a year.

“I’m sorry. I respect those guys. We grind the same way they grind. It’s just a different type of grind.”

You went with the house thing and the sconces, and I don’t think people related to that.

“Well I’m sorry people don’t relate to that either. That’s my personal life and that’s my personal decision. Like I said, I can’t do that during the season. Can you work on a house during the season if you was in the league? No, you can’t. Can you tell a builder what you want there? No, you can’t during the season. You have to go back and forth to look at that. I don’t have off days like that, sir. Like I said, when it’s the offseason and it’s not mandatory, I choose what I want to do and what I don’t want to do.”

Wouldn’t you like to be popular with the fan bases? Does that matter to you at all?

“To be honest with you, no, it don’t matter, at all. You always gonna have people who say something negative about you and feel a negative way about you, whether you do things the right way or you do things the wrong way. You know what I mean? You always going to have critics.”

“If you was in my shoes, I guarantee you people would handle the situation totally different.”

If I was in your shoes, I got to be honest with you, if I was in your shoes I would have come to camp. But that’s just me.

[I hushed silence befell the air. Missanelli has just landed a blow from which I’m not sure Williams can recover.]

“OK, and I’ve done that for the last four years. Like I said, it’s a different point in my life, and that’s just it– either you accept it or you don’t. If people or organizations want to hold non-mandatory things like OTAs over peoples’ heads, I feel it’s not right. Make it mandatory situation so I could come. I’ve been to every mandatory situation, so I’m trying to figure out why am I seen as a bad guy… because I take my family seriously, because of that? Or do I have three or four baby mamas and I don’t have no news for ya’ll to go… it turns into something where oh he’s picking out sconces. No, I just named a few things that I was doing in that home. Those were the first things that came into my head at the time. Then I’m supposed to respect the media and then they come at me like I’m some type of idiot, or say he was looking up sconces. Oh he’s doing this. Like it was something that was so frivolous or something that was not even important, but if you have ever had a house built, you would understand how important it is.”

“I don’t have to explain myself. If it’s not mandatory, I don’t have to be there. That’s it.”

For who? For what?

Must-listen interview.


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  1. But he did say “sir” throughout the interview. That’s gotta count for something.

  2. I dont have a problem at all with what he is saying. Should he have reported to OTAs yea probably, but its not like he was out partying or some bs. Plus if he plays well the fans will like him and if he doesnt we wont. Wont matter if he was at OTAs or not in mid-season. Classic media making a bigger deal about it than it is.

  3. He’s right though…”they say it’s not, but it’s mandatory”.

  4. He’s right though. It’s his private life, as long as he performs on Sunday we have no right to tell him how he should spend the rest of his time. He owes nothing to anyone besides the NFL and the Eagles. If this is what irks people then your lives are pretty pathetic.

  5. Mike Miss sounded a bit racist in that interview. Much respect for Carey being real!!

  6. The wedding: Great. Congrats.

    The dance recital: Awesome. Be there for your daughter.

    Sconces: WTF is a “sconce”? You called out of work for what now? Mandatory or not, just the fact that you admitted to that, I’d be blasting you in the locker room son. “I’m not coming to camp so I can look at sconces for my house…” Get fitted for a fuggin’ skirt while you’re at it dude.

    It’s not a big deal that he didn’t show up for these voluntary workouts really, but everytime it comes up, somehow the fans get drug into it when it’s the media that seems so upset about it. I couldn’t care less if he was there or not. He’s not Nnamdi Asomugha, so for all I care he could he a fuggin’ trash can and he’ll be an improvement over last season.


      1. lol, well thanks for the education, I own a house but had no idea. I wasn’t looking it up either because frankly I don’t care enough.

        You can’t tell me if someone called out of something that everyone else you work with was attending so they could look at light fixtures, you wouldn’t make fun of them. I don’t care if it’s “voluntary”…if every other co-worker is going, at least come up with a better excuse man…I’d call him “Sconce” right through training camp just to bust his balls.

  7. Now, I totally would have gotten behind it if he had missed OTAs because he was buying scones. THAT’s how I grind.

  8. He goes out there and is the best CB on the team this upcoming season, everyone will be hanging off his left nut, I can give two shits what he’s doing during the offseason as long as he’s ready to play once Training Camp starts…this city and it’s media are like leeches.

  9. Wish Missanelli (who i can tell you from personal experience is a huge jerkoff) would stop speaking for the “fans” when he’s only speaking for a few fans.

  10. Did Mikey Miss try to beat up his producer after this segment? What a douchebag (like Kyle)

  11. Miley Miss really represents the working man. Especially when he’s driving his Beamer, smoking his fancy cigars, and playing golf all week. He’s a real Joe six pack. Funny how one douche who got fired from his last job for punching his producer is criticizing some one else’s work habits

    1. Did he really? I have never cared much for him but I did not know he punched his producer.

  12. Just think of what’s going to happen if the trolls (Philly sports media) ever catches Cary Williams having a beer with dinner at a Center City Restaurant. It will turn into him being a full blown alcoholic who doesn’t care about football.

    Quit trying to chase athletes out of town. Your act has grown thin. At least wait till he screws up ON THE DAMN FIELD!

      1. And you sound like an idiot who thinks trolling someone who just came over from a SB winning team is a smart idea…

  13. Im not sure how anything he said qualified as, “stupidest thing ever”…The only real thing I have a problem with is when he says he doesnt care what the fans think. That never works well…Honestly I think this is just another philly media witch hunt of bullshit.

    9 times out of 10 id agree about the difference in professions point Missanelli makes, but i really cant here…Sure as a fan Id rather see him go to OTAs, but its his decision. And seeing as we dont really know about him or what he brings to the table yet, I dont think its fair to really judge him based on this. Now if he were out getting trashed and going to strip clubs, or had a a history of shitty behavior then all the criticism would be valid.

    If this were Vick or Jackson id agree with Missanelli. And on the opposite side of the coin, if this was a guy like Brian Westbrook or B-Dawk who took time off for family, no one would bat a fuckin eyelash. Its all about perspective, amd right now we have none on Cary Williams..we dont know shit about this guy yet so cool your fuckin jets people.

  14. Sorry, I’m not upset with Cary Williams. This game the NFL plays in the CBA negotiations is ridiculous. OTA’s are not mandatory but you better be there. Then they negotiate limited practices which degrade the product on the field. Restrictions about wearing pads at training camp. The practices become a walk through. I know you have to be careful about concussions but the sport is becoming a farce. Fans are forced to pay full price for regular season tickets for poor play in the first few weeks due to lack of practice.

  15. I agree with him. It wasn’t mandatory so he chose not to go and take care of some personal business for his family. Sorry, the ones with the useless jobs are sports analyst who have to make a story out of nothing to collect a salary. The morning crew on WIP, loudmouth Cataldi and his overpaid bunch of know-nothings, have been raking this guy over the coals. He had done nothing wrong and I like that he stuck to his guns and doesn’t care what people think of his personal business. If he plays well that is all I care about. I only care about the game and what they are getting paid for. I think it was very nice that he put his daughter first.

  16. If most of you don’t have a problem with the stuff this guy says, you can’t have a problem with anyone else saying the same thing. By the way, Jon Runyan built a house and didn’t miss any OTAs. It took him over 2 years to do it, but he did it.

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