Chip Kelly and Some Eagles Joined Kenny Chesney On Stage Last Night at the Linc

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Pic via (@chelscuervo)

Last year, Andy Reid joined Kenny Chesney on stage when the country star played at the Linc. Last night, about a dozen or so Eagles and Chip Kelly joined Chesney on stage for The Boys of Fall. And because he’s just like you (!), Kelly pre-gamed at Paddy Whacks on South Street:

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Pic via Paddywhacks

Look at the spectacular beer gut on that man. That dude knows two things, and he knows them well: beer and football, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Several more grainy pics and one Vine after the jump. [If you have better pics or videos, let us know.]


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  1. He rounded up all the white Eagles and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they’re all from Florida and all enjoy country music about working hard all day, driving a pickup truck, and then drinking beer. I’m sure they had a dandy party with 70,000 people all from South Jersey and Bucks County assembling at the Linc to prove just how trashy they can all be.

    Shortly after arriving home, they all placed their cowboy hats back in the tops of their closets, not to be seen again until Kenny (he doesn’t have a last name, as everyone on Facebook will have you know) comes back next year.

    1. Sounds like you have something against people getting out and having a good time. What’s the matter, no friends fat boy? Get off the computer and just off yourself.

    2. should of been throwing down 10,000 bets like Desean does at every concert he goes to…at 2am in a drug dealers house.

      1. I see you saw the rap battle against meek mills where mike vick voted against desean lol

    3. Looks like someone is butthurt. Yes I’m a resident of South Jersey and yes, my girlfriend and I went to the concert. It was awesome!!!

  2. So, Chip showed up at Wing Bowl, now Kenny Chesney. When The Rolling Stones come to town later this month, will Mick Jagger invite Chip onstage too? Sheesh!

  3. How come when any famous person or musician come to town and work out they always are in a picture with Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce. Those two are in every workout photo with famous douches.

  4. Witnessed Evan Mathis about 5 feet from the stage threatening to kick someone’s ass because they were too close to him. He eventually got the guy kicked out for doing nothing but standing near him. Although it shouldn’t be shocking as this isn’t the first time he’s threatened Eagles fans.

    It’s amazing how easy it is to hate the players on this team.

  5. It will be great one day when we all can go to a kenny chesney or jay z concert and not be distinguished as to whether we are at a black concert or white one……one love people…

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