Ed Snider Releases Statement on Bryzgalov

I almost feel bad for Ed Snider, having to release a statement in response to a Russian thanking him for getting paid $23 million to go away. It’s like the complete opposite of the Soviet Red Army Game in 1976.

Mr. Snider?

“I fully support Paul Holmgren in his decision to use our final compliance buyout for Ilya Bryzgalov,” Snider said. “It was a very difficult decision from a financial standpoint, but if Bryz remained a Flyer, the dollars would be far greater in a shorter time frame. We now have cap space, which will allow us to improve our team.

“In the meantime, Bryz can try to find a situation where he can achieve true happiness.”

Well, that makes sense. Why pay the guy to play when you can just pay him not to play until after your wife turns 22?

The Flyers are never going to win with Ed Snider.


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  1. Really looking forward to Ilya Bryzgalovs press release to Sniders press release that was released as a press release to Ilya Bryzgalovs press release.

  2. Only way flyers win a cup is if that cheap Jew big nose sexual predator Eddie Snider passes away.

  3. The Flyers won 2 cups under Snider. So to say they will never win with him is not correct. Maybe to say they will never win again with Snider, would be more accurate.

    1. The Flyers won 2 Cups with Ed Snider? Get outta town! Did they have some sort of catchy nickname? Are they commemorated anywhere in the arena?

  4. Paul Holmgren must have pictures of Ed Snider in bed with Lindsay Lohan and a chimpanzee because anyone else would’ve fired the guy after flushing all that money down the drain on a player he had to chop.

  5. I stopped watching when they traded Brind’Amour. They will always slurp nuts as long as dicktwats like Rob Zombie continue to glorify a team from 40 years ago and make Ed’s hydraulic-induced erections last longer in his young cooze’s mouth, eventually leading to the signing of a checking line bruiser who can’t play.

  6. Flyers got to the finals with Lindros, but Hexy was on his downside. Same when they played Oilers in ’87.
    Goaltending will always be the riddle wrapped in a enigma for the Orange and Black.
    Watch “Trouble With The Curve”……old bulls will always win out.

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