Marcus Vick Expresses Sympathy for Aaron Hernandez During His Time of Need, But, Man, FUCK Paula Deen

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33 Responses

  1. It’s disgusting how many athletes get a free education, but can’t use proper english.

    1. Before you try to act smarter than you are and put someone else down, you should probably realize that there is a character limit on twitter which sometimes forces you to remove letters wherever you can. I don’t know if that is what happened here but still what is the point? Why should he have to use proper grammar on twitter? It’s social media, get over it, he’s not writing a formal letter so who cares?

      1. If he was worried about character limit, he should have used proper english when he said “he have to be stressed out”… its “has” u dumb fuck

        1. And, you should use “it’s” for it is, not “its”. Back at you, English major.

          1. “Its” was used properly given that we’re talking about character limit … D is for douche

      2. Kevin, I would bet you a million dollars that if he types like that, he talks like that. And besides, twitter is massively gay.

      3. Dude… “He have to be stressed out” is one more character than the correct “He HAS to be stressed out” you ass.

        I think everyone can understand shortening words for twitter. But using the wrong word makes you sound stupid and uneducated.

        Here would be the correct way to say this (with his shortened spelling for twitter) in the EXACT same amount of characters.

        “Hate to see Hernandez go thru this. He has to be stressed out. It all prolly seems like a bad dream he wishes he could wake up from. Damn.”

        And that would be a comment of someone who sounds like they graduated grade school.

  2. that’s some real N* shit… i can say that ’cause i watched the “Sommore” stand-up last night. please don’t fire me food network

  3. I guess that’s just Marcus being Marcus. Somewhere, Michael is cringing from embarrassment.

    1. right? when do you think mike vick shoulda said enough is enough (or ENUFF is ENUFF) to this clown and ripped his IPad (likely paid for by mike) outta his hands and shattered it on the ground? shut your mouth you fool

    1. Sitting in jail until trial bc TWO judges consider you a threat to society motherfuckers!

  4. Seriously what are the odds Marcus winds up doing some serious time at some point? 70%? 80%? He is both incredibly stupid and has a history of exhibiting violent tendencies. Maybe 90%. So no shock he sympathizes with a probable murderer.

    1. To be honest, I’m surprised Marcus is still drawing breath. I thought sure he would’ve stopped a few bullets outside some nightclub by now. Marcus is proof positive that God loves idiots and does all he can to keep them alive.

  5. Did this guy really just show empathy for Hernandez and say F Paula D in the same sitting. hahahahaha. Oh! Almost forgot about that RACIST AZZ Zimmerman (who’s Mexican, shhhhh) This guy is special.

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